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Wealthy & Well Woman
Kat Cynewski
The Wealthy and Well Woman Podcast is a show for growth-obsessed female entrepreneurs ready to build wealth from the inside out and create the life and business of their wildest dreams. Hosted by holistic business coach, founder of Be Well Events, and international yoga teacher, Kat leaves you with implementable tips, thought leadership, mindset shifts, motivation, and must-have wellness hacks to help you break through your next level. If you’re ready to drop excuses and show up for the life and business of your dreams, hit the follow button, press play, and get ready TO BE the wealthy and well-woman you were made to be. Follow Kat on Instagram @katcynewski: https://www.instagram.com/katcynewski/
74 | Create The "I Know What I'm Doing" Effect
I'm sure you can think of at least a couple of experts in their field who give the "I know what I'm doing" vibe and air of confidence. You trust them on the topic they teach on or service they deliver. If you inquire about working with them they are professional and guide you confidently into the right offer. When you work with them you feel supported in the process.  In today's episode I'm breaking down 4 ways (other than real experience and expertise) that you can bake this into your business and support more people through the incredible transformation you offer! EUDAIMONIA waitlist  Instagram  
Aug 29
14 min
73 | Creating Killer Content & Soul Led Marketing with Rebecca Ives
If you’ve been around the coaching block for any amount of time, you’ve probably seen Rebecca's Instagram posts flying around! Raw, totally authentic, and relatable Rebecca aka @the_content_queen spills the tea with us on content creation, soul-led marketing, and her experience in the industry as a "coaching grandma". Rebecca Ives is a psychic marketing coach and self-proclaimed “Content Queen.”  She helps her clients blast open their “hot content channel” and grow their online businesses to 6 figures (and beyond)!  Her work has been featured in Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and the Huffington Post and she currently lives just outside Austin with her husband, Brandon, and their fur baby. In this episode:  Rebecca's REAL coaching journey from growing to 6 figures to landing in 40k of debt & then climbing to millions  Money Making Thoughts   What Makes Killer Copy   Content Systemization, Planning, & Rituals   How to Stay Consistent With Content (even with ADHD)   CONNECT WITH KAT: Instagram Website EUDAIMONIA waitlist 
Aug 22
34 min
72 |  Why I don’t Believe in High Pressure Sales and What to do Instead
Let's talk sales! Because without sales we don't have a business.. but that doesn't mean we have to be cutthroat or high-pressure in our approach. There are many reasons why I've found high-pressure sales ineffective and what I recommend doing instead.   Tune in for: What I define as high pressure sales Tactics that tick me off Reasons why I don't believe the tactics are effective What to do instead to sell with integrity and grace   CONNECT: EUDAIMONIA WAITLIST INSTAGRAM  
Aug 15
22 min
71 | How to Flourish in Your Business (& Life) with Eudaimonia
At the fundamental level, we all want to be happy.  I'm sharing my favorite philosophy on happiness and human flourishing, Eudaimonia, and how it's inspired both my coaching framework and the name of my newly launched core coaching experience!! In this episode: The background and philosophy of Eudaimonia  3 core ways to apply Eudaimonia as a wealthy & well woman for massive business growth Why EUDAIMONIA the coaching experience? Special invitation   CONNECT WITH KAT: Instagram Website EUDAIMONIA WAITLIST  
Aug 8
36 min
70 | Holistic Wealth Creation for Female Entrepreneurs with Kaitlyn Carlson
Join me for a conversation with Kaitlyn Carlson, financial advisor and Founder & CEO of Theory Planning Partners, a boutique wealth creation firm for the top female entrepreneurs in the United States. In this episode: What Kaitlyn has learned from working with some of the wealthiest people in America Why business owners need a financial plan and how to start now The importance of profit over sales  5 habits of the wealthiest people The 2 most important steps to take right now on your wealth journey CONNECT WITH KAITLYN: Website CONNECT WITH KAT: Website Join Eudaimonia Instagram
Aug 1
28 min
69 | Building Market Outliers with Nida Leard
Nida is a serial entrepreneur, top-tier business consultant, self-identity reinvention coach, and former Fortune 500 executive with more than two decades of experience in business, psychology, and personal development. Nida is the founder of Nida Leard Consulting and Coaching, where she advises world-class experts to become legendary market outliers. She works with highly exceptional coaches, consultants, and experts who want to build a truly innovative business that stands out from the rest with a one-of-a-kind solution and market position.   Nida is the author of the One to Millions Entrepreneur and host of the Nida Leard Podcast show. She also has a master’s and bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing. She is a regular contributor to Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Brainz Magazine and has been featured on Business Insider, Fox, ABC, CNBC, USA Today, and other media.  In this episode: Nidas path from working with Fortune 500 companies and top consumer goods companies in cosmetic and skincare brands to building a child development center to working with high-level entrepreneurs and executives   How to find your path as a multi passionate  How your childhood is playing a role into your current limiting beliefs  Building the worlds best solution for your clients Understanding unconscious competency in offer creation How to build mental toughness as an entrepreneur   Creating a customer for life business model    CONNECT WITH NIDA: www.nidaleard.com (Get a free blueprint to grow your business) www.instagram.com/nidaleardofficial  CONNECT WITH KAT: WWW.KATCYNEWSKI.COM  www.instagram.com/katcynewski 
Jul 25
36 min
68 | How to Write a Best-Selling Book in 5 Months with Ruth Klein
If you've had writing a book on your heart and vision board, this episode is for you! Ruth Klein is a brand 360 strategist and sales conversion coach, the author of 7 best-selling books, and works with high-achieving entrepreneurs, coaches, sales professionals, and company founders. In this episode, we cover: 5 critical steps to writing a best selling book 2 questions to ask yourself to help outline your book  to self-publish or not? the truth about writers' block    CONNECT WITH RUTH: WEBSITE CONNECT WITH KAT: Instagram Website
Jul 18
38 min
67 | Doing Good as the Competitive Business Advantage with Bessi Graham
This week I interview Bessi Graham, an award-winning entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience working with business owners, governments, and large funding bodies to bring doing good and making money back together. Bessi works with established business leaders who want to build on their success and align their company with their values but are concerned about the impact of these changes on their bottom line. Showing them that they can do good and make money. In fact, doing good is the competitive advantage their business has been missing. In this episode, Bessi shares with us: - The true roots of business - 3 focus areas for building your business model around doing good - Why self-knowledge is critical for living a satisfying and fulfilling life/business - Why how you actually make money is just as important as what you do with it - How to structure an aligned charity event that makes a true impact CONNECT WITH BESSI: Website: www.bessigraham.com CONNECT WITH KAT: Website: www.katcynewski.com  Instagram: www.instagram.com/katcynewski   
Jul 11
36 min
66 | How to Flip Your Energy When Results You Desire Aren’t Here YET
This is the episode for you if you're feeling like WTF, why hasn't this happened yet?! Here are 4 practices that help me and my clients get out of our own way when the energy or results are in a dip so you can reach those goals faster and with more ease. LINKS Instagram Apply for 1:1 Coaching Mastermind
Jun 22
20 min
65 | From Day Dreaming to Selling Out International Retreats
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May 23
22 min
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