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We Study Billionaires - The Investor’s Podcast Network
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We interview and study famous financial billionaires including Warren Buffett and Howard Marks, and teach you what we learn and how you can apply their investment strategies in the stock market.
TIP320: Negotiations w/ Former FBI Agent Chris Voss (Business Podcast)
On today's show we have former FBI agent, Chris Voss, to talk to us about negotiations. Chris spent 24 years in the FBI’s Crisis negotiation unit and is now an adjunct professor at Georgetown University.
Oct 24
41 min
TIP319: Intrinsic Value Assessment of Charles Schwab w/ Arif Karim (Business Podcast)
On today's show, we talk to financial analyst, Arif Karim, about his intrinsic value assessment for Charles Schwab.
Oct 17
59 min
TIP318: The Passive Investing Impact w/ Mike Green (Business Podcast)
On today's show we have financial expert, Mike Green, to talk about the impact that passive investing strategies are having on the systematic risks in the market.
Oct 10
1 hr 1 min
TIP317: Intrinsic Value Assessment of Fairfax w/ Jake Taylor (Business Podcast)
On today's show we talk with financial investment expert, Jake Taylor. Jake provides an intrinsic value assessment of Fairfax Financial Holdings.
Oct 3
49 min
TIP316: Current Market Conditions w/ Preston & Stig (Business Podcast)
On today’s show, Preston and Stig cover current market conditions. Specifically, they are talking about some of the changes in Warren Buffett’s portfolio, where he’s sold a lot of bank stocks and added to his position in Bank of America. They also talk about different stocks that are good values for the current market conditions.
Sep 26
47 min
TIP315: Gold and Gold Miners w/ Marin Katusa (Business Podcast)
On today's show, we have commodities expert Marin Katusa to talk about gold and gold miners.
Sep 19
45 min
TIP314: Thoughts from Ray Dalio, Eric Schmidt, Peter Thiel, & Sam Zell on the Current Economy (Business Podcast)
During today's show we play important comments from billionaires, Ray Dalio, Sam Zell, Eric Schmidt, and Peter Thiel. The comments cover their thoughts on the current global economy.
Sep 12
46 min
TIP313: Ed Harrison from Real Vision talks about Current Market Conditions (Business Podcast)
On today's show we have Real Vision host, Ed Harrison. Ed talks to us about current market conditions and how investors should be positioning themselves for COVID impacts and changes in the market.
Sep 5
58 min
TIP312: Investing In Businesses w/ Great Fundamentals w/ John Huber (Business Podcast)
On today’s show we have Mr. John Huber, who’s the managing Partner at Saber Captial Management. During the discussion we talk about how to make growth assumptions for companies, how to identify high quality businesses with a competitive advantage, and the impacts COVID-19 is having on businesses.
Aug 29
1 hr 6 min
TIP311: Macro Mastermind w/ Lyn Alden, Luke Gromen, & Jeff Booth (Business Podcast)
On today's show we have our Macro Mastermind discussion for the 3rd Quarter of 2020 w/ Luke Gromen, Lyn Alden, and Jeff Booth.
Aug 22
1 hr 33 min
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