We Need To Talk About Ghosts
We Need To Talk About Ghosts
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Luv The Shows!
Keep waffling on Kevin!! Love love love your cast!! 😘
Kevin is Awesome!
This is a great paranormal podcast! Kevin is super knowledgeable, personable and fun to listen to! The content is real! Not over exaggerated, which is a tell tale sign of validity when it comes to paranormal encounters! Keep it up Kevin! Forever a big fan! Courtney Hennion Smiths Grove, Kentucky USA
Courtney Ky
Can’t get past the caps.
In every place that I have worked, camps were forbidden. They stand for yelling or disrespect.
Great pod
Great podcast! My sister introduced me to this podcast and at first I thought that you were and idiot (which you are) but I have grown to appreciate your humor. Tell Bekah she needs to come on the show more often. You should play music at the end more often and I like it better when you read out the stories because I like it to be straight to the point. I don't come for two hour discussions about religion so don't do that. In every other way the podcast is great. Keep up the good work. Katie
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Katie . O
Liverpudlian Fun
Love the show, fun, with some really good stories.I must say I am so jealous of Kevin and Bekka having the Chinese New Year right on their street!
Freaked out thinking this podcast was no more...
I took a momentary break from listening to scary podcasts, and when I searched for this one, I near freaked out it was no more when I had entered some key words incorrectly. Whew! Thank goodness Kevin is going strong as his podcast his so enjoyable. He’s funny, down to earth, and his voice is animated, making the listening experience a delight. Great music, awesome stories, and terrific host!
Ella S. Stone
Ok wondering about the title? I love how Kevin says moothheerrr when telling a story about his mom. I’m from The same town as the Winchester mystery house, and I love paranormal! I caught up on a pod cast I was listening to A Paranormal Chicks and stumbled across the pond in podcasts and I was hooked. I’ve caught myself using Kevin’s terms when I get scared.His partner Bec (as he calls her for short)Is the skeptic and she chimes in and I love it. If you’re looking for a paranormal storytelling podcast this is the one also during this time it is a breath of fresh air during the we don’t need to talk about ghost! Thanks for the banter With love Emily
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Em B crepper
Favorite ghost podcast!
Absolutely love this podcast! Spooky and hilarious. Hearing “live from Liverghoul” and the amazing midpoint song never fail to make me laugh 😂 The ghost stories are also quite good!
Funny bone
This show hits my funny bone. Love the wit, the humor, and the host. And! The neighbors cat. Highly recommend this show to others looking for a smile and a ghost story.
Love it!! Hilarious
I love this show!!!!👍🏻💛💛💛🤩 🤣😂😁something different and very entertaining!
Funny Guy with Great Stories
I started listening after RLGS interviewed Kev on their Patreon special. Kev doesn’t take himself too seriously, but always respects others stories. Bekah is a lovely antithesis to Kev’s ardent belief in the paranormal. I became a Patreon donor about a month ago and it was an excellent decision. Kev and Bekah are the kind of people you know you’d enjoy a pint with. Thanks for producing great content 😊
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Ramins Angel of Music
Kev really grows on ya.
You know when you bring a cat home that you found in an alley with the express interest of sheltering it until you can find its owner/new home and then you wake up 3 months later and you can’t imagine it ever being away? This podcast is like that. In the best way. Came for the ghost stories stayed for the fun. Kevin really grows on ya. Becca obviously snipes you from the get.
A bright spot in my day!
Love the quick format and how it’s chock full of personality!
Need more donuts
Simply splendid
Heard you on the ghost story guys but didn’t find you until I was out of episodes and your podcast kept popping up in every suggestions and now I can never wait for the next episode.
aew and paranormal
I’d give you a million star review if I could!
(Sorry this is an unnecessarily long review) So I’ve been listening to this podcast for a couple of months now and It’s needless to say I’m a little beyond hooked on it! I’ve been interested in the paranormal for years, at the very least since I was 5 years old (I’m 25 now), so I’ve heard many stories that are repeatedly told and seen throughout history today… So because I’m a little desensitized, sometimes it’s hard to slightly creep me out... But not with ‘We need to talk about ghosts’! The stories told by Kevin and Becca are always interesting and always manages to reel me in and makes me want to leave the lights on at night... (I’m a Paranormal Junkie- I live for the adrenaline). I absolutely adore listening to Kevin and Becca so much, I’ve given myself a weekly ritual to listen to WNTTAG while I do prep work at my job on Sundays to make time go by faster :)! For anyone considering listening to WNTTAG, just DO IT! You will not regret it! Love you both so much! Stay spooky! -Katherine Spencer ❤️
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Great podcast!
I love everything about this podcast. It's been really great during the lockdown to listen to Kevin and Bekah do the 'We DON'T need to talk about ghosts' episodes. Just something different to listen to throughout the week. Thank you so much for doing those for us. Looking forward to the Dark episodes.
Ghouls, ghost and laughs
I love your show and all the stories. I’ll be honest I’ve listened to other podcasts that called themselves paranormal and it’s a sterile voice reading. I love all the funny attempts at accents and the way you and Beckah go back and forth. It reminds me of my boyfriend and I “arguing”. Thank you for your sanity saving podcast.
Episode 140
Sorry that you were hurting with your back. Wonderful episode as usual & keep up the good work. This song was amazing❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️
Love the podcast
But is there anything you can do about the sound on the we don’t need to talk about ghosts podcasts? I have such a hard time hearing Becca that I have to stop listening. I keep trying. I don’t think I have this problem when it’s the 2 of you on the regular podcast. I hate to be a downer but I want to keep listening! I’d appreciate any attention you can give to this matter. Tatty bye! ❤️❤️❤️
Action heights
Love it!!!
I absolutely love this podcast! I was told to give it a try after asking for a new spooky podcast suggestions. It is impossible not to binge! Kevin successfully mixes comedy, music and spooks!! Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!
Love love love
Kevin is such a sweetie, he is so funny and has a fabulous personality. I haven’t heard much of Becca but she is awesome when she is on. This is a delightful show with great spooks and I LOVE that Kevin writes songs for the patron patrons 😂 10/10 give it a listen
Devyn dearie
Like Eddie Izzard telling ghost stories
Great podcast, but don’t expect anything too serious! Well worth a listen and subscribe. Plus, he quotes So I Married an Axe Murderer, fantastic!
Dynamic duo.
Kevin and Becca are a hoot. It’s always a treat and Kev’s reactions during the stories is the best!
Have been listening for at least 6 months love it and love the fact you turned me onto Emma and Dan also. I have been consistently working thru these times and you have made it hilarious. Love the quizzes and your banter. Keep up the amazing work.
My quarantine go-to
I really love the extra episodes (we DONT need to talk about ghosts) that kevin and bekah have recorded during quarantine. I actually listen to those first when I go for a run. It makes me feel like everything is going to be okay. I could listen to you both go about your daily business all day. It really makes me feel a sense of normalcy. You are both so funny and positive, I hope you can continue to share your life on the podcast. Don’t get me wrong I love ghost stories too!
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Quickly became a favorite
I love this podcast! Kevin ticks off so many boxes for me: interest in the paranormal, tells ghost stories every week, very funny and great accent to boot! More and more these days, his skeptical partner Bekah joins to show to balance his believer’s perspective with a logical one. During this time of quarantine, they’ve also been releasing extra episodes which have made me feel that I’m hanging out with friends rather than alone in the house. If you like the paranormal with a dash of humor, this podcast is for you!
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New favorite spooky pod
I think they are pretty funny and love all the spooky stories.
Hey Kevin.. Loved so many of your former episodes!!.. However, You and your girl? .. very sweet.. but abhor reality TV.. not to mention our current administration with trump ..so need a getaway.. please get back to ghost episodes
He’s Kevin
Kevin is funny/wacky/witty multi talented bloke. Need more/longer episodes. More Bekah, less www. No need for it unless you are on an 80’s dos 6.22 system.
Listen to a full ep - you'll love it!
I found this amazing podcast because it was mentioned on TWO of my faves (RLGS & The Ghost Story Guys) - talk about a great recommmendation! I wasn't sure at first if I was going to like this podcast because Kev is very... dare I say PEPPY? and, as it was 5am, I wasn't sure I was ready for quite that level of excited awake-ness. I'm so glad I stuck with it though! This show is so fun, it makes me laugh at least a few time every episode. Becka is such a delightful skeptic and I love that they always end their debates/discussions with a laugh (my husband is SO the Becka and I'm SO the Kev in my own relationship). Keep up the amazing work! I'll definitely be subscribing on Patreon as soon as this pandemic is over and life gets back to normal. :)
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My thanks
You are keeping me sane one episode at a time. Thank you for being you.
Caught on tape...one fantastic podcast!
For you skeptics out there, there does exist a podcast that not only brings attention to paranormal and unexplained activity, it also provides fun and frivolity. Liverpudlian Kevin Eustis provides a fresh and unique platform to read out listeners’ ghostly experiences and offers encouraging and validating reactions. He is often joined by his logical partner, Becka, who challenges every creak and disembodied groan. Check out this show if you like a little “s”cream in your tea!
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I might’ve re-listened to every episode
Hey Kev! Alex Butler here, just wanted to say how much I love your show and really enjoying the changes you made to it. Didn’t think you could make it any better than it already was but HERE WE ARE! Keep up the great work and also I love all your original music as well!
Alexander D Butler
Cheeky Bastid
No other podcast makes me laugh like this one. And the listener stories are creepy A.F.. A Perfect mix.
Thank you!
Thank you Kevin & Bekah for everything you do for this podcast. It makes me SO HAPPY to get my daily/weekly dose of scary stories and also giggle and laugh along the way. I appreciate how genuine you both are, with your thoughts and your reactions to the stories (and sounds in your apartment- by the way HAVE YOU CALLED A PRIEST YET?!?) Please keep up the phenomenal work. I am so thankful for both of you!! NOW CALL A PRIEST KEVIN- call two. A young one and and old one. 😁 -Wendy
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Wendy in Wisconsin US OF A
Entertaining and fun
Love the show, all his reactions and comments are hilarious. I love ghost stories and he puts a light twist on them that I love.
Awesome show
Wait for it each week
Has fast become one of my favorites, both for the stories and also for the self-deprecating and amusing asides; also enjoy the occasional cross cultural insights (as it originates in England, and I live across the pond-)
Great show
I first heard about you on Talk is Jericho, with the Beatles episode subscribed downloaded as many episodes as I could. It's a great show getting to listen to you read others stories. While you are dealing with your own (haunted flat dont tell Becka) . There's two types of podcasts I listen to wrestling podcasts and Paranormal/Haunting podcasts with the occasional comedy podcast thrown in (Trailer Park Boys) I enjoy We Need To Talk About Ghosts greatly and look forward to it every week!
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We need to talk about ghosts
Creepy, funny, and entertaining! My name is Matt from Tennessee! Great show keep it up! LOVE THE MIDPOINT!
Enjoying this podcast immensely! I love ghost stories and people who get so scared by them!(Sorry Kevin) Listen to it now, it’s so much fun!
Love this show. Always keeps me interested and always look forward to new episodes. -Tabby from Your New Best Friends podcast
Fun and Spooky
Fun host(s) and spooky ghosts—what’s not to love?
Quippy, Quirky and Fun!
As a home health nurse I drive all day from patient to patient. I really enjoy the stories, and the quippy way they are presented. It shortens my day, makes me smile and gives me some giggles! Thanks for the great pod-cast Kevin! Looking forward to share some spooky tales soon! 😊
Just amazing spooky fun. Edit, Dear Kevin thanks for making A new section of the show it is really entertaining keep it Up
a amazing name
Painless spookiness, learning and fun
I wish I could show more restraint when bingeing because now I have to wait. Like most Americans I find his accent completely charming. Kev seems sincere in his grapple with things of the paranormal, the explainable and of faith. He’s funny, welcoming and genuine (and a rad musician, it turns out). And Kev, if you read this, I found the Ghost Story Guys through YOU and not the other way. 😉
Lola from NC
Kevin is stocked with not only original, interesting content, but also humor that makes him so lovable and easy to come back to. Listen!!
Funny and some good spooky stuff.
Kevin has a delightful Liverpool accent and clever wit so it's almost like listening to a Beatles cartoon with ghosts thrown in. The Beatles meet Scooby-Do podcast. Spooky listener stories sandwiched between amusing commentary and occasionally his skeptical partner Becca make for ghostly fun.
Di Detroit
One of my favorites
Always entertaining and informative. I’ve learned a lot about ghosts working my way through this podcast and frequently alarm my coworkers with my bursts of laughter as I listen with my earbuds. The stories are scary and well told. I highly recommend it and have been recommending it to everyone I know.
Paul Mathers
A rare talent
There are few people on earth who can host a one-man show well, and Kevin is one! I like the impressions and accents because that’s what one DOES in one-man show! Kevin is so genuine and open toward stories and listeners, I love that. He’s not gimmicky or trying to project a radio persona, he’s just Kev, and he’s great!
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