We Have Ways of Making You Talk
We Have Ways of Making You Talk
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Always Reaching for More and Delivering
A great podcast with historians from a variety of backgrounds bringing greater depths and information to many topics! The OUTSTANDING “End of War” podcast went into great detail of the uncertainty, mass migration of peoples, and the sociology, psychology and many other interesting facets of the “re-integration” of service members and a nation itself after a cataclysmic war. Great Work Al and James!
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Akutan Zero
Chatting at the bar.
Every time I listen to this podcast I find myself imagining I’m at a bar, eavesdropping to the conversation at the table next to mine. There, at their regular table, sit two great friends, they’re talking about warfare and history and they clearly know a lot about it…way more than the average guy. And it’s clear they enjoy bantering about the subject. I find myself enjoying their conversation immensely, to the point where they move their table next to mine and continue their chat without me having to eavesdrop…but rather listen…and learn…and laugh…and cry. Welcome to We Have Ways. It’s brilliant.
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F1 New guy
Start from the beginning
I have no idea how the podcast is at this date (October 2022) but suspect it has only improved. My experience: Episodes aren’t particularly long and I like longer just because I want to turn it on and walk away to the potting bench or kitchen or garage etc. I was initially under joyed by off topic banter. (It is short and now this!). I’m half a dozen or more in and have come to love it. The side chatter is interesting and revealing. This show is not “tight” but it is getting tighter. It is TOTALLY listenable. The subject matter choices are fascinating. One is a scholar and the other is an enthusiast. I frankly can’t keep the voices plus names straight so I don’t know who is talking. Both contribute great stuff. I plan to listen to EVERY episode. So far, the verbiage/info published with the episode is not great. Fine. Not great. Don’t let the titles guide you… many subjects are dealt with in each episode. (I think they keyed in what they “intended” the topic (and therefore title) to be). I am not suggesting that this should be improved. Rather: you need to know It isn’t that kind of podcast. The actual subject matter is always as promised plus other stuff. Sound quality is fine. Volume is fine. Thank you for doing this podcast. I’m thinking about many things from some different perspectives now. Well done. Appreciated.
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Hank in Texas
Life Saver
The yacht went down 2 days ago. Paul, Matt, and I were the only ones to make it into a life raft. Matt has burns over most of his body and cries out in pain constantly. The sun and saltwater is making it so much worse. We all wish he would just die already because there’s nothing we can do for him. My phone is frozen on We Have Ways from newest to oldest. We’re on ep. 315 ….. Great podcast.
James Holland ROCKS!!!
I am a huge fan of James Holland work on documentaries and of his writing. I also love podcasts and thought I wonder and after finding this podcast I am obsessed! A must listen!
Outstanding podcast! Informative, fun, and provocative. Great job mates.
Admiral Chester
James in wonderful…..
Ww2 is a category that Lacks personality on the various podcasts available. These two are not short on that, they do an excellent job of having a natural conversation about a variety of topics surrounding World War II that is both engaging and accurate. The One that fancies himself a comedian doesn’t give the U.S. enough credit for our role in the war. James Holland is outstanding, gives fair credit and criticism to all sides on the topic of the day. One of my favorite shows.
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Greg with one g
Best podcast on WW2
Just a wonderful hour, twice per week, of educational and highly entertaining conversation on the 2nd World War, without the utterly irritating break-for-tea that the British armed forces are known to perform in the middle of serious contact…😂😂🤣🥲🤣🤣🤣
The best
Such a great podcasts. Great hosts, guests, smart takes. Loved James holland as a guest on his brothers podcast too to speak about operation Barbarossa
too much braying
These guys are knowledgeable but they’re not funny. Their constant lame chat undercuts the substance of the show. Listener, keep your finger on your fast-forward button.
Latin teacher
A Fresh Look
If you like the WWII subject in all its books and crannies, this is the show for you. From “chaps with maps” to production rates, this show will get to it. If you like a good thought and good laugh, check this show out.
B E E 1
One of the Best History Podcasts!!
As a mailman who spends many hours of his life driving, and also a passionate history buff, I’m very thankful for James and Al keeping me company and teaching me while I work. I will be listening to every episode. Keep up the good work guys!
Love this Podcast
It’s entertaining, historically accurate & thought provoking all at the same time. What I love most is no nutty political talk! Just very interesting discussions about WW2. I really like and appreciate the work Al and James put into the show. Thanks very much and please keep up the outstanding work!
Difficult to listen to…
The subject matter is riveting and the knowledge of the two broadcasters is limitless but the disjointed and choppy way of talking… (they start at least five sentences before finishing one] is so difficult to listen to that I cannot do it.
A Most Wonderful Podcast
Good job!
Zippy Greff
A favorite
I look forward to WHW every week. A great pod with a great community of followers. I only wish I was back in the UK so I could get to the Fest!
Love this podcast
Each episode is so informative…..most people know about the well established facts about WWII but every time I partake a new pod I’m amazed at how little I know about the tiny details that made this period of history so significant….never stop keeping the world educated Presently listening to pod about Spanish Civil War.As usual so thankful to learn new info about what may be considered side events….however would like to know why Franco was neutral when Germany and Italy provided so much support for him…..
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Saville Boy
Bravo Zulu
Bravo Zulu
Best WWII Clubhouse To Hang Out In!
Very well done! James and Al consistently get this right for a huge spread of diverse WWII topics. Tip top practitioners of preserving the historiography of the Second World War in a very consumable format which leaves you eager to hear more.
Never Boring
I’ll admit, I am fascinated by the Second World War (my dad was on LCTs in theMediterranean) but I love listening to these guys ramble on during the podcast. Also, listening for James Holland to say “absolutely amazing” makes a great drinking game. Cheers boys!
I rated your show 4/5 instead of 5/5. Here’s why Al Murray: “Churchill ignored that America was essentially apartheid” A tone deaf comment that further water’s down the meaning of apartheid and nonchalantly throws it out there. Could blacks in apartheid South Africa hold power? Did they have the quarter of the rights that American blacks did? Now we all realize jimcrow, segregation impeded these rights and infringed on them, but clearly it is not in the same arena as apartheid. I still enjoy your show, as out of the other history pod’s on apple it has been for me the most informative, enjoyable, and engaging. But if the podcast becomes overpopulated with such statements it will not be a joy to listen but a pain. It pains that I might have to drop the show if this very reason was to pass. But for now I don’t have to make such a choice. Keep up the great work
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reprobate joe
Extremely Informative and entertaining !
This is an unabashed WW II nerd fest, a real delight to listen to. Each episode is stand alone, so you can listen in any order.
Cheers from an unlikely fan—ilysm James Holland ♡
I’m a 26 y/o female former college soccer player, 2x lymphoma/stem cell transplant survivor, & now 4th-year medical student coming to y’all all the way from Las Vegas, NV, USA. I’ve been a diehard WW2 history fanatic since my parents let me watch the “Band of Brothers” HBO series when I was only 7 y/o bc they thought it was important I learn about it early. Ever since I’ve maintained that enthusiasm & have always found so much comfort in the stories from the War. During both diagnoses & treatments for lymphoma I’ve received over the past 5 years, James’s work on all of the AHC channel regular shows (Air Aces, Nazi Megastructures, Hubting Nazi Treasure, etc.), & on Netflix/Amazon Prime—yes, I have watched the relatively obscure (at least in the US anyways) one-hour special on the Battle of Britain—got me through both of the fights for my life, the toughest days of medical school, & the entire pandemic. You're the best—Esp. given the absolute insanity over here in the States & around the world, not to mention the dwindling number of veterans & survivors of WW2 & the Holocaust, please keep the memories alive!
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At last a credible podcast on WW2
Been looking for this! Absolutely can’t stop listening to these chaps as the term absolutely goes to the fore! Amazing comes in a close 2nd.
Always Full of Great Info, and Fun!
Great info, banter, and fun
In Love
This is amazing!! It’s not easy finding a podcast that is feeds the appetite of the history buff and is hilarious at the same time. This is the perfect pairing. I’m a huge fan of James Holland and all of his works. And combined with the brilliant Al Murray, this is absolutely spectacular. I’m on episode one and hooked!! Starting at the beginning and can’t wait. This should be oblast.
Absolutely entertaining
While coincidentally learning how we are repeating our own mistakes
Great podcast
Endlessly entertaining!! I listen every chance I get. Cant get enough of these guys.
jared in Tioga, TX
Some interesting facts about war with Japan
For example: the military did not want to surrender. The emperor had to prerecord his message to the people and then leave the palace. The generals went to physically stop him but they were outsmarted. Also we always demanded unconditional surrender. Including removing the emperor but we in the end allowed him to keep his throne. But MacArthur was the man in control of japan during our occupation. The Japanese it’s said learned to respect him. I just wonder if we let emperor stay anyway how much sooner could the war have ended. Not to mention after both atomic bombs they were not ready to surrender I believe Russia came down and they would have had to fight them on that a second front. Thank god we didn’t invade main island. It would have been a blood bath.
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Holland and Murray (lawyers in their spare time?) are phenomenal! Their bit of banter makes this military history flavored podcast absolutely entertaining. If you grew up thinking history was boring, give this a lesson- they’ll set you straight! They’re two of the best in the podcast business!
Great Podcast - Period!
Just binge-listened to this podcast over the past couple of weeks, both presenters are engaging and present their knowledge in such an enthusastic way that you are constantly drawn in. Production values are great, subject matter allows for a considerable difference between podcasts all under the umbrella of the Second World War. Just a great podcast - period. Keep it up!
John Kav
One of the best WWII shows out there!
This show manages to be both informative and entertaining in equal measure. For a subject as well covered as WWII, I wasn’t sure what else could be said, but I have discovered so many things I’d never heard of by listening. Did you know that British troops fought French troops in Madagascar? I certainly didn’t!
Entertaining and Informative!
Have a laugh or two while learning WWII history from one of today’s top historians.
Required listening...
... for any WW2 nut (or aspiring nut). Highly informative and hilariously entertaining. I like to pour a pint and have a beer with Al and James as I listen. Keep on rolling boys! Great work!
Waiting for Tuesday.....
When I wake up on Tuesday morning the latest podcast is available for the morning dog walk. It is one of my weekly highlights - this weeks daily Market Garden series has been a great bonus. Al and James really bring this period of history to life, with a perfect mix of facts and knowledge and they are never afraid to offer an opinion. It is clear they both have a deep respect for the sacrifice and courage of everyone involved in WW2. Best history podcast available!
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Great Insight
Great pod. As an American it helps provide great insight and different perspective into how our gallant Allies fought
Love you pod. However, your recent criticism of Gavin re market garden is unfounded. Browning ordered Gavin to secure all the high ground before going for the bridge. Gavin tried to circumvent the order but gave it to the wrong regimental commander
American Opinion
Al and James give a wonderful European perspective on WW2 that we don’t get in the USA. Also love their regular description of US troops, “All with really great teeth”
Yank Sam
Serious and funny
Wonderful podcast. Serious subject but these guys are marvelously funny. My dad fought in the American First Army, Second Armored, and I have long been fascinated by WWII. Al and James are simply terrific.
Can’t Stop Listening
I’m fascinated by WW2 history and just discovered this podcast. James and Al are fantastic and I’m binging on all the current episodes.
Finally - an entertaining military history podcast
Let's face it: most military history podcasts are dry and - even for those of us who love the subject - unlistenable crap. Not this one. Al and James are a fantastic combination. You get tons of knowledge and passion for the subject of WWII, plus a few laughs in the bargain. Never dull. Never pedantic. I've been reading about WWII for 40 years, and I always learn a little something here. It's like getting together with fellow history geeks over a beer and debating different aspects of the conflict - more of a bull session than a lecture. Can't get enough of this show. Well done, gentlemen.
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Chinese Gordon
Fantastic Combo
As a lover of all things World War II, this combo of James Holland and Al Murray, gives you lots to ponder but with a light conversation style that makes you feel like your a part of the conversation. Thank you for this podcast, best part of my week!
Great Rapport
You pit the most prolific author on World War Two to one of the funniest men you'll ever meet and what do you get? A terrific podcast! Al Murray is a comedian and an historian in his own right with a number of books under his belt and James Holland is a leading authority on the Second World War with scores of books (histories and historical fiction) published. The rapport, the irreverent banter is a joy to listen to. A must-listen for all you WWII buffs out there. Get on Twitter and use #WeHaveWays to ask a question, you may get yours featured in the show. Bravo, gentlemen.
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Chaz Mena
Worth The Time
Already one of my favorites. If the rest are as good as Episode 1, and that will be hard to accomplish, it will be my favorite. Depth of knowledge about WW2 is impressive. Well done, good show
Max Edison
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