Wax Museum: A Basketball Card Podcast
Wax Museum: A Basketball Card Podcast
A basketball card podcast that discusses the hobby's past, present, and future.
Episode 91: I Found 27 Unopened Packs of 2007-08 Topps Chrome!
In this episode, Kyle provides some takeaways from a recent card show, talks about a Dwyane Wade mailday, and shares his experience of finding 27 unopened packs of 2007-08 Topps Chrome basketball.
Nov 24
33 min
Episode 90: 2 BGS Slabs, 1 Cert
In this episode, Kyle discusses the most recent BGS slab scandal.
Nov 18
32 min
Episode 89: Conversation with Evan About Status & 2019-20 Inserts
In this episode, Evan returns to chat about 2018-19 Status, the current state of inserts, and his top inserts from the 2019-20 release calendar.
Nov 11
1 hr 29 min
Episode 88: A Look Back at 2005-06 Topps Products
In this episode, Kyle takes a look back at a fun and eclectic year for Topps basketball products. Among other things, 2005-06 featured athlete exclusives, celebrities, jumbo patches, baseball throwbacks, and...poker chips!
Nov 4
44 min
Episode 87: Conversation with Tom About Next Day Autos & Playoff Buying
In this episode, Kyle chats with Tom (AKA @real_tj_force) about Next Day autos and his playoff buying approach (as originally laid out on the Blowout Forums and Episode 72). Did his matrix work? Would he use it again in the future? Can and should we actually take a scientific approach to buying cards?
Oct 28
51 min
Episode 86: Who Grades the Graders?
In this episode, Kyle discusses a company that plans to essentially...grade graded cards. Is there more to the equation? Is this service needed? Will this become a new "thing?"
Oct 21
25 min
Episode 85: Conversation With Steve AKA @Showley2003
In this episode, Steve AKA @Showley2003 returns to discuss his recent Jae Crowder additions, Mosaic, Illusions, Status (RIP), the NBA Finals, a recent hobby experience, and more!
Oct 14
1 hr 11 min
Episode 84: ESPN Card Article/The Market Cools
In this episode, Kyle recaps a recent card article from ESPN. In doing so, he gives his thoughts on the hobby's wild ride in 2020, the idea that the market is cooling off, and some potential scenarios moving forward.
Oct 7
29 min
Episode 83: Bobby “Slick” Leonard Interview
In this episode, Kyle chats with Hall of Famer Bobby "Slick" Leonard. Topics discussed include George Mikan, the Lakers crash landing in Iowa, 1961 Fleer, Wilt vs. Russell, threatening Red Auerbach, coaching in the ABA, saving the Pacers franchise, the Brawl in Detroit...and more!
Sep 30
49 min
Episode 82: Card Show Adventures Part 2 - A Hobby in Transition
In this episode, Kyle discusses a recent trip to a 100-table show.
Sep 23
27 min
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