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Crown and Caliber
Watch and Listen is a bi-weekly podcast about watches, watchmaking, and the people that make the industry tick. Hosts Michael Senderovich (On Time Podcast & The Road Stories Podcast), and Cameron Weiss, watchmaker and CEO of the Weiss Watch Company (based in Los Angeles, CA) will take you through the history of watches, clocks and watchmaking, showing  you what makes some of the most iconic watches just that. The guys will discuss watch buying, maintaining, investing, and collecting at all price points. The video version of this podcast is available on YouTube.
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New Host Has Ruined the Show
Matt was entertaining and gave perspective from a watch guy who wasn’t a total watch nerd while Cameron provided the technical details. It was fun and helped get me into the hobby. He had a great report with Cameron. Episodes with Matt get 5 stars. Mike has ruined the show. He reeks of “watch snobbery.” His approach is boring and his opinions are tired and make me cringe. His report with Cameron does not work for a PodCast. Episodes with Mike get 1 Star.
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Great show, especially this new season
I love hearing from Cameron (hoping to buy one of his watches soon too) and also hearing from the guests. I felt like the last season was a little bit like a show for guys who like expensive stuff, whereas this new season really is for guys who like watches. They also get down into the details of watches and the watch business more than most other watch podcasts. I still wish we could hear from Cameron a little more, because it is really interesting when he gets the chance to talk about technical details of watches, but I give it 5 stars regardless.
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Finally talking about the industry
I have enjoyed this show through season one. The most recent show on the fate of Basel World was great because finally a watch blog was really talking about the industry and goings on.
Great to have this podcast back.
Excellent first new episode guys. Love the technical details you each got into on your watches. Can’t wait to where you take the show.
Best watch podcast
Love this podcast. Best watch content outside of HODINKEE and their podcast is actually more entertaining. Matt is engaging and Cameron is an amazingly knowledgeable watchmaker and business owner. Great fantastic episodes, could not recommend more to the other watch enthusiasts out there. Need more frequent updates!!! Love this podcast. Best watch one out there. Matt Farrah will be missed. I hope Cameron stays, he’s fantastic
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good subjects, amateur host
the host, Matt, believe is hard to listen to; his is a manic, self-conscious style that would seem amateurish if he were a DJ for a junior college radio station. i like the subject, like the guests, but sadly there's no way to mute the host
Needs a new host
Just some constructive criticism. When you ask your guest a question, let them finish, just once. Matt is incredibly rude and obnoxious to the guests and to Cameron.
This is gonna get expensive to listen to.
Came here from the smoking tire, and it was the last nudge I needed to ditch my Apple Watch and go back to a real watch. Now the hunt for another begins, because, ya know, I needed another expensive hobby like a hole in my head. Great listening material and very informative.
Needs more Cameron
It’s ok; just wished Cameron chimed in more. The history of Rolex episode was disappointing... especially when they started praising blacked out Rolexes. Talk about garbage taste level. I almost 1-starred it for that alone, but decided that I enjoyed most of the other episodes and there are very few podcasts about watches that are even remotely tolerable enough to listen to.
Not a watch guy but....
I am not a watch guy by any stretch. This podcast is engaging however. Great story telling and real people. The volume is always too low though and my radio has to go way up
baddy s
Great Show
Insightful, educational, & fun!
CK Buffalo
Typically I watch the Podcast so I can see what watches they are reviewing. Yes, there is a lot of great information being shared, more so from Cameron and the guests. Matt is a great host, but his personality is a bit too much. Tone it down dude! Let Cam do the more talking or host the show every once in a while. He's the MASTER Watchmaker. Review his watches as often as you can and promote his business so we can promote a US made product. I love Swiss made watches and I own a few. But Matt takes the fun out of collecting. At times he is really funny and entertaining and really liked his Podcast with Joe Rogan. Over the course of time I have found him a bit pompous and dismissive about brands other than Rolex. I swear he must be paid by them than Crown and Caliber! Anyways, I hope he will take some time to review the lower reviews which are few. Nonetheless, It would only take a few minutes to see that they are sincere and well founded.
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So, So...
Overall Good
My only criticism is that Matt overwhelms and interrupts Cameron so much that it can be annoying. Not to knock on Matt, but Cameron is the real expert and it would be nice to consistently hear more from his perspective.
I’d love to hear more from Cam!
This is an good podcast overall, with one big problem. It is accessible, funny, and has great guests. It is a good length and provides tons of information. Maybe I’m in the minority with this complaint, but Matt has such an overwhelming personality that he truly drowns out Cameron and many of the guests. I would love to hear more from Cam, he’s a brilliant guy with a creative mind and engaging personality. That said, Matt often interrupts him right in the middle of some excellent description he might be giving about watches. One example takes place during the episode where they are interviewing Jonathan Ward. Cameron says that he wants to show the viewers and talk to the listeners about what a jump hour function is. Great. But, as he begins to describe it, Matt interrupt him and goes on a long rant about something completely unrelated with Jonathan. Eventually he says something about showing the jump hour function and says that he can’t believe they’ve gone this long without showing that feature. I’ve watched a lot of Matt in the car realm, but he’s uninformed about watches. I like the “fan” and “expert” pairing, it often works, but only if the fan, Matt, lets the expert, Cameron, contribute. Jonathan Ward seemed very aware of it and made several attempts to directly ask Cam about his take on the Icon watches and several aspects of watchmaking, but Matt continued to interrupt and talk over everyone. I listen, because overall I enjoy it, but when a Matt gets all riled up, no one else gets to contribute.
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Fantastic podcast!
Whether you’re a lifetime wristwatch obsessive or new to learning about watches this show is perfect for you!
Bishop Cornelius Thomas
Cool Show, Could Be Made Better
Cool content. Cameron is a wealth of knowledge, but Matt’s profanity is unnecessary and brings the show quality down for me.
Love the guys!
Very entertaining! The host personalities are what sells the show. Farah is the loud and funny Everyman and Weiss is the quiet gentle nerd guru. They are the quintessential unlikely friend pairing that you see in every 80’s movie and it works beautifully! And we learn about watches too.
Best watch podcast around, highly recommended
Excellent podcast that’s informative and remains interesting throughout the episode.
The Godfather 13
Super interesting!
I personally am not a watch guy (yet :-D), but you guys have caught my interests. A lot of great info and cool stuff. Keep up the great work. P.S. Followed you over from TST.
Strong Start
After being a TST fan and watch guy for a while, I was excited to learn about this podcast. Although it's better as a video, it's a great listen as a podcast as well.
Been waiting for this one to drop. Well done Matt and Cameron!
This is truly fantastic
I am enjoying this podcast immensely. Matt and Cameron are doing a great job of describing the various types of watches, time pieces, and history. I highly recommend it.
Dan Mosqueda
I thought that I had nice watches, but now I realize that my watch game is sad. It's like if I thought my Seiko or Citizens were BMW's but they're actually Toyotas. But, I'm learning a lot and one day, I may have awesome watches.
Fun and informative. If you're into cars think of this podcast like a Miata. If you don't know much about watches like me but are interested you can get a lot out of it. I only give it 4 out of five just because it is brand new and I do think there is room for improvement. Good stuff.
Hella Cool!
I’m a fan of both hosts. Weiss watches are the real deal, the Best America has to offer! Matt has been putting out great podcasts and videos for years. Cars and watches are my favorite hobbies, very interested to see where this goes.
This is by far the best watch best podcast I’d ever heard. #HOF #GOAT #overstated
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