Waste Not WHY Not
Waste Not WHY Not
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WHWN is an absolute favorite! It’s obvious that N8 puts extraordinary effort into finding discussing imperative topics with guests that truly care about being a positive force in this world. I learn something from every episode - super grateful for such an awesome show!
Fun and Engaging
You'll learn a lot from N8. The show takes many different approaches to exploring environmental issues and solutions, but they're all a lot of fun. It's a balanced show that considers lots of perspectives and doesn't take itself too seriously. Don't get turned off by the low production value of the first few episodes. There is some great content in there, and things get better and better over time. The most recent episodes are fantastic.
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Environmental insights that easy to digest and won’t make you sleep
Learn straightforward facts
Nate is the best. He provides us insights on where we should address environmental challenges and how we don’t fall in the pits of greenwashing
Love the show!
I feel like I've learned so much about the environment in just a few episodes! I really love how it debunks ways people think they are "helping". Looking forward to seeing where it goes!
Leesa Charlotte
What an insightful show!
Great coverage of environmental topics.