Washed Up Emo
Washed Up Emo
Tom Mullen
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Man, I found this podcast just now after listening to the Ian Metzger episode. What a great episode. I miss that band and love the gentle hits too. Thanks for the nice reminder of one of my favorite bands. You got another fan of the podcast bc of it. Thanks and can’t wait to start listening to all the episodes.
Great show
Great show... keep doing what you’re doing!
I really enjoy listening to your podcast! As a dude who grew up in the 90s emo scene I had the pleasure of seeing most of your guests play in their hay day. It’s great to take a trip down memory lane each episode. In the early 2000s I stopped following emo as it really started taking a turn for the worst with the whole “scene kids” My Chemical Romance garbage. It’s cool to hear what some of the OG emo bands went on to do after I lost interest. I really got into Album Leaf after your episode. If possible please interview Brandon (or whoever if he’s not available) from Boys Life. They were one of my favorite bands.
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My new favorite Podcast
These episodes are definitely binge worthy, I am loving every episode.
Best music podcast if you grew up in the 90s/early 2000’s
Interviews unlock a corner of time that was truly magical. Hearing interviews with Kevin Devine, John Bunch, and Kenny Vasoli really take you back to the scene. Now I just need to track down all of my old band tees.
My favorite podcast!
Absolutely incredible podcast! I’ve spent so many hours listening to nearly every episode and have learned so much about the genre because of Tom and his always great guests. I can’t recommend highly enough.
Do a doc!
Great Show. This guy should do a documentary of the 90’s scene. It’s due time.
Sunken Anchor
Insert Review Title Here
It’s rare that people are TRULY excited and passionate about the music they love these days. Even more so if your favorite music is Emo. Never too apologetic, except for maybe the name of his show, Tom is such a knowledgeable and infectious host. Honestly the best part is he’s a true fan. These interviews, more often than not, sound like old friends catching up. Reminds me of many nights discussing music with my best friends. Bonus points for turning me onto some great “new to me” music.
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Representation please
This podcast would be way better if it were more inclusive and nil on the implicit sexism. It took over 120 episodes to finally get a woman on the podcast. Another didn’t get in for months after that. Comments are littered throughout every episode, implicitly reminding the listener how much of a “boys club” the music scene was/is. If you can find a guitarist from a band that broke up 15 years ago and has been working in finance ever since, how hard can it be to find a woman who is still active in the music community? I really wanted to love this podcast. I just couldn’t listen to it anymore.
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stories of the scene
in-depth information about a music scene so many people love,
Good stuff here!!
Find one guest that you might have any little knowledge of and start there. That’s all I did and I was hooked from there. I’ve learned of a lot of great music from these interviews. I could go on and on.. Just give it a listen already!
Knows His Stuff and It Shows
Not only does Tom get great guests, his knowledge is unparalleled. More please!
Solid podcast
Good podcast. The host gets some solid guests on the show
My new favorite.
I don't know why all these people are saying this is nostalgic. Every artist featured on here is highly relevant with me! Oh god. I wonder if that's a serious problem.
I Wanted The Title Of This Review To Be As Long As A Fall Out Boy Song Title, But It Won't Fit.
This podcast rules. I love that it features guests from all the various eras of emo, but that Tom obviously knows what emo is and is not (unlike most of the other people doing Emo Nights across the US). Check out this podcast, and go to Tom's emo night if you're in the NY metro area.
Is this podcast excellent? Yes
One of the best music podcasts and THE best podcast about emo. Tom Mullen is the man and is the personification of the emo revival
Great Podcast!!
This is such a great podcast to listen to. I love hearing about all these bands that impacted my life so much! Great show!
A Must Listen for 90's to early 00's indie rock, post punk and yes - emo - fans
This podcast toucehs all over the place and in a very good way. To early second wave guys to the gents and gals who hit it big in the emo explosion about 10-15 years ago. Thank you for such a diverse group of guests, from groundbreakers like Sergie Loobkoff to dudes hitting their stride now like James Alex (finally)! Truely impresssive guest and great conversations. Always look forward to this every week - Thanks Tom
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Holy Cow
Was listening to the new TSL ep and searching around and found this pod. Listened to the Kenny V. Interview. I remember being at that skate and surf and watching them on the side stage. Was such an amazing 3 days. During NFG set on the main stage a buddy and me are helping people crowd surf next thing I know Kenny is next to me rocking out and helping us put people up. Looking forward to listen to old interviews and new one. Keep it up
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Trip down memory lane
Can't believe I just found this. It's awesome going back and hearing these interviews with some of my favorite bands from when I was 19
all of my favorite bands in one place
Excellent podcast interviewing excellent people. All episodes have been great, with the exception of the Chris Carrabba episode.
Cooler than XL t-shirts
This is a very cool niche podcast. The guests are people whom I respect and Tom is an excellent interviewer if not perpetual fanboy. But it's a good fanboy-dom, why? Because that's what it takes to make a good podcast, to be a fan first.
so fun. really great content.
total memory lane trip. completely forgot about the emo diaries. dial in the sound quality and its a 5 star experience.
Bradly Jameson
Buried treasure
Please do another buried treasure episode! My friend left a burned cd of miscellaneous emo bands prior to 2004 don't remember what the song sounded like or any of the lyrics but it sounded like something in between mineral and Texas is the reason. I constantly listen to this podcast for old emo bands to check out in hope of finding that band/song
Fantastic and Nostalgic
Remember the days when the label of emo referred to bands like The Get Up Kids, Braid, The Promise Rings, At The Drive-In, and Knapsack? If you answered yes then you should really give this podcast a listen. These guys get members from some of the early emo heavy hitters to talk about they're beginnings, they're break ups, what they're doing these days, and how they feel about the label of "emo" now. Great episodes to check out are the interviews with Blair Shehan (of Knapsack and The Jealous Sound), Josh Berwanger (of The Anniversary), Bob Nanna (of Braid, Hey Mercedes, City on Film…). Now if only they would do an interview with Tim Kinsella of Joan Of Arc.
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This is such a great podcast. Bringing back some bands that carry a lot of memories for us over 30 :). It's inspiring to hear their stories and how almost all of them are still creating music. Rock on!
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