Washed Up Emo
Washed Up Emo
Tom Mullen
#175 - Thomas Barnett (Strike Anywhere, Inquisition)
1 hour 18 minutes Posted Aug 20, 2020 at 12:02 am.
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Show notes

Today on the podcast we welcome Thomas Barnett from Strike Anywhere. A legend in the punk scene and someone that I’ve been following since 1999 when I first heard Strike Anywhere and their brand of political punk from Richmond, VA. 

When Thomas from Strike Anywhere first jumped on the phone with me said he was shy and not really a good talker. Well, he was completely wrong and I just sat back for most of this interview and listened to the master who has been going to shows since the 80s. he talked about learning how to put on shows at a barn on the outskirts of Richmond Virginia, and spoke passionately about what first bands he saw that shaped his life and his previous band Inquisition. I did a lot of editing myself out, yes, even the giggles. It was funny thought listening back to this interview and going, “yea don’t need to hear me talk there.” 

I was absolutely honored to have someone like Thomas take time to chat about the history of the “scene” in quotes and what shapes the scene and yourself. We of course talk about emo, don’t worry, but as you know, my love of hardcore runs deep so to hear him talk about the Richmond, Virginia scene, his life now and the band Strike Anywhere is still around! Their most recent album is out on Pure Noise Records now called “Nightmares of the West.” Definitely go check that out and as we all know and you’ve heard me preach, emo has many tentacles and a long history. A big part of the history that isn’t talked about enough is hardcore and punk. Hardcore intersects with emo so much that having Thomas on to school me on the history was amazing to experience. 

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