Washed Up Emo
Washed Up Emo
Tom Mullen
#170 - A Tribute to Jeff Hanson (Singer, Songwriter, M.I.J)
48 minutes Posted May 6, 2020 at 12:00 am.
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Show notes

When I look back on my life and what albums had an immediate impact on me from the 90s, one jumps out that I felt never got their due. The band was M.I.J and the singer of that band, Jeff Hanson. Jeff tragically died in 2009 and left a wealth of material from three solo albums on Kill Rock Stars to an album and EP on the legendary Caulfield Records. I wanted to find a couple of folks to talk about Jeff and his life, stories, and legacy. Speaking about Jeff in this episode is Bob Nanna from Braid, Hey Mercedes, and many other bands, plus Bernie McGinn who put out the full length, “The Radio Goodnight” and an EP. They speak eloquently about Jeff and you’ll find out more about music but also his humor. 

If this perks your interest, I’ve linked a bunch of articles and content on Washed Up Emo to continue your dive into Jeff’s music. You can also go to JeffHanson.net. This is by no means a complete history and I urge you to dig into Jeff and his life to learn more. 

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