Warcraft Less Traveled : A World of Warcraft Podcast
Warcraft Less Traveled : A World of Warcraft Podcast
WarcraftLessTraveled.com - World of Warcraft Podcast
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Skolnick come back!!
I wish these could continue. I can't tell you how many hours I have spent listening to these or traveling around azeroth looking for these hidden treasures.
The best WoW Podcast ever.
There has been nothing else like this podcast. It was the highlight of my week when it was released and nothing has come close to it since those days. Where ever you are, Scolex, I hope you know how many people still listen to your show and remember it fondly!
Jon Lee Pettimore
Awesome Podcast!
I love every episode of the podcast! The Host is wonderful and each episode is researched in depth. There are so many hidden gems in WOW and this podcasts brings them to light!
Gokk'lok's Shell
Holy moly, such an awesome podcast!! Can hardly wait to listen to more!
Thank you!
I just started this podcast and realized what I've been missing. The lonely turtle episode brought a tear to my eye.
Turned Around
At first I wasn't happy the podcast was so short since I listen to various podcasts at work, but the topics, clarity and information is great. Keep up the good work.
Pure gold!
I just came across this podcast via random searches and literally wow. I'm hooked an will be downloading all the previous & new episodes to come. As I write this I am currently using Gokk'lok's Shell "episode 78" a big Ty btw because I would of never of known this to have existed in game. Can't wait where my journey with your show will take me next! -Vail
let's explore!
i love this show and can't wait to log in & explore the areas talked about in the show!
carmilla D
Wonderful podcast exploring some hidden gems all over Azeroth. Well written travel guide detailing some fun, off the beaten path destinations for players of all types. Thanks!
Fun podcast
This podcast has definitely peaked my interest in exploring WoW. It's led me to places and events in game that I would have never found or looked for by myself. It's definitely spiked a new interest in the game for me. I highly recommend this podcast for anyone looking for some new adventure in Azeroth.
5 Stars for sure
Appreciating the WoW community! Thank you for all the little known things of this game we love. Synnthetic (Bonechewer)
Love your show!
i first heard your show on Darkmoon Herald, and have been to your website to hear all the amazing discoveries you have come acrost. After hearing your stories of the hidden places and NPCs wow just seems somehow more wonderes to me. every little thing i ccome acrost that dosent link to any near by quests now makes me wonder. im a long time player, and was starting to get board with wow, but now i see so much more, and want to thank you for making me fall in love with the game all over again.
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I have absolutely no clue how he finds these places, puts together a perfect podcast, and manages this in 10 minutes!
One of a kind!
This podcast sort of encapsulates exactly what Podcasts were intended to be: short, sweet and chock full of content with real substance. It's clear that Skolnick puts an enormous amount of work into this show. The production quality is top notch and every episode tells a wonderful story about some corner of Azeroth that most players miss while chain running heroics and grinding dailies. I really can't reccomend this podcast enough if you're a fan of Warcraft. Great job and please keep em coming!
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Steve Wilkinson
realy good
Quick and Well put together!!!
Great podcast
Really reminds me that wow has so much to offer. A lot which we tend to ignore but this podcast does an excellent job revealing wows awesome secrets
Absolutely love this podcast! This has reminded me that WoW is a much larger game then just sitting in SW waiting for a que to pop, I really want to find the things you talk about! Keep it up!!
Great Podcast
Interesting, witty, mature, concise podcast. Thank you and so glad I found this.
Really fun!!
Every show tells me something I never new was out there! Thanks:)
So good it is like bacon & spice
Accidentally ran across WLT & loved every minute. I am a rare type of player that completes every zone. This man has shown me vivid detail by eloquent writing and engaging story. I have jealous Real ID friends because of this gem.
When's the next vid???!?!
Skolnick who?
I kid. Skolnick is easily one of the most thoughtful mini-podcasters in the WoW community. His focus on the exploration in WoW reminds me (and all of us) that there is much, much more to WoW than just the end-game content. Each episode is akin to discovering buried treasure, since as the title of the podcast would suggest he highlights the lesser-known areas, easter eggs, and NPCs dedicated to those involved with WoW either directly or indirectly.
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A hidden gem
This podcast reveals the beautiful world that we hardly ever see anymore in wow. I love visiting these arenas on alts I am leveling, or my 85's. I've shared this podcast with my guild, hopefully we will have many more to listen too!
Grates and a good listen
truly amazing and a great podcast. . .
Great but...
Need more Horde adventures.
Bravo bravo my friend, exploration is a fun thing to do and so few people do it. Eeyore
Beautiful, creative, and incredibly inspiring
This is one gem of a podcast - short but beautifully descriptive where host/explorer Skolnick takes the listener to explore hidden, out of the way treasures in WoW. Every time I listen, I am inspired to go and seek out these experiences. Skolnick shows great attention to detail, gives a robust amount of information in a relatively short amount of time, showcasing the tremendous amount of research that must go into each episode. WLT is my favorite podcast of all time, and I look forward to each and every episode. Thanks, Skolnick, for my Westfall chicken and my Jubling frog.
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Unknown Soldier Episode Rocks
The Unknown Solider Episode is great. Love the quality and writing. Excellent. AND now I have something cool to show my guild. THANKS!. Subscribe to this!
Pure gold keep it up
My favorite
This is great for its small bites of information that gets me excited to go explore for myself. This well-researched project shows true passion. Thanks
So great
Truly one of a kind podcast
Words do not describe how wonderful this podcast is. Like many other reviewers I've listended to other WOW 'casts, but this one is special for doing what it does. Skullnick never wavers from his beautifully-crafted little nuggets of Warcraft escapism, never overreaches in trying to create a longer segment or break his format, and when you're least expecting it he'll make you laugh with a crack about bacon or a humorous "leave only footprints" sign-off. I dread the day when you run out of places to visit, this podcast is truly a gift. Are you sick of hosts whining about GS or complaining that cata is too easy? Check out this podcast! Every WoW player should be listening to this!
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Excellent!! 5 Thumbs up!!
This has become one of my favorite WoW related podcasts. Production is excellent, sound quality is superb and it is very well written. I look forward to each and every episode!!
Calm and professional
Focused, informative and fun. This podcast would appeal to any traveler: not simply the ones who traverse WoW. I appreciate that you created this time capsule for lands that once were difficult to locate and for the ones that may be forever changed.
Lion Publications
Love this Podcast
I very much enjoy this podcast. Not only is it just easy to listen to, the content is well organized and presented. I enjoy the light hearted sense of humor of the podcaster. Thanks to him for taking the time to share the interesting and out of the way places in Azeroth. I especially like the parting shot..."leave only footprints." I am looking forward to some of the new locations yet to be discovered after the shattering. I'll be listening!
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Excellent podcast
I really enjoy these podcasts, Warcraft less traveled is perfect timing with the upcoming release of cata. Gives me something to do while wow is in limbo waiting for the expansion. Thanks for your hardwork!!
Barrex the Insane
Unique and Very well done
Love these podcasts. First heard on All things Az. Skolnik creates a superb and unique summary of areas in the game you most likely did not know about. Now I have to find more time to check all of these cool places out!
A must for all wow players
This podcast is delightfully unique. Wile most wow related podcasts deal with the excitement of min-maxing, raiding, and game development rants, Warcraft Less Traveled is concerned with the love of the journey. It's a salute to the game developers who have designed the amazing world we play in and all too often rush through without, dare I say, "stopping to smell the peacebloom". Skolnick, with his kind zen like manner gives us an audio travelog of his explorations in Azeroth. Telling of all the things we might see if we'd just take a moment to look over the next hill or follow that river to its source. Many thanks for all your hard work and please keep it up.
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Steven V
Love it
I listen to a lot of warcraft podcasts...this one is short and sweet...it's a little adventure. I am planning to visits all these places before Cata..you all rock
Skullnick my Favorite Quest giver.
I look forward to your segment like a Tuesday raid reset. As well written and produced your segments are they dont compare to the beauty of the destinations and epic jouneys you send me on each week. pls keep it up.
Shermen on Emerald Dream
This podcast is as rare as the items Skullnick (please excuse the misspell I'm on my iphone) discusses. As an approaching 5 year wow vet and avid adventurer of Azeroth, I find these show to be insightful and intriguing. I've listened to all episodes, and while finding I'd like more... The short overview generally fully explains a topic and takes little out day to day. EPIC podcast!! Keep up the good work!
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Well written, almost "literary" podcast - I will definitively use it as my travel guide for my next vacation trip in azeroth!
Thank you
Thank you for posting this on iTunes! I have heard this on the "All Things Azeroth" podcast and really enjoy the information as well as the presentation.
Exploration in WOW
This is a great little podcast that explores many hidden places within the World of Warcraft landscape. Most people do not know that there are several semi hidden locales which only the most tenacious and daring heroes can reach. Have a listen and then go find these lost places before Cataclysm hits... who knows if they will survive the coming major changes? Good production values and pleasant to listen to. I definitely look forward to each week's episode. -Sheldrake
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