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Bonus Episode: 2020 Wander Quotes
1 seconds Posted Jan 29, 2021 at 6:00 am.
] this isn’t to say that you shouldn’t feel fortunate, you know, don’t, don’t get me wrong, we should all feel fortunate, but,  I think that there is a lot of ways to live happy. And I think there is,  it simple doesn’t necessarily mean lesser. 
] Well, she’s a friend of ours, but she’s the one who introduced us and she’s like this beautiful, tiny, perfectly proportioned Latino woman with a very glorious hair.
] I’ve when I’ve had some hard times and I kind of will equate it to, well, hiking can be really hard too, and you still made it to the top nine times out of 10. So I think you can, you can get past whatever, whatever other obstacle you have in your life, whether it be grades or, you know family issues. Like anything I’ve, I know I can come out in the other side. Yeah. I might have to stop a few times and kind of take a breather. Like, I went on a hike. But I can still make it to the top. 
] I’m so grateful. I’m grateful for the experience to, to watch these surgeries, to learn these different things that I have been able to learn, but what I’m most grateful for  is knowing who I am, knowing what I will and will not put up with, and recognizing my value and my self worth as a woman and as a person.
] I was like in the middle of the nap and I woke up and kind of like wobbled to the, to the bathroom, go to the bathroom, and I somehow managed to drop my phone in the airplane. Toilet. And like without even thinking, I’d just like stuck my hand in this like very blue water. And if I was ever to get COBIT, I think it would have been from that.
] I never would have done that had I not been in that place of of like, I have nothing to lose. I better live my best right now.
] I saw a bunch of people in Italy singing songs or playing your saxophone or like all getting together in their neighborhood just out on their, on their balconies. And I was like, you know what? I’m going to do that. I feel like music. Well just help me. It always does. When I’m in a mood, it always makes me feel better.
] And so when you’re able to appreciate the differences in religion and culture in love in life and every aspect of life, It opens you up and widens your horizons, right? That’s why, when people say like travel was the only thing that you can spend money on, that makes you richer.
] I don’t know what exactly came over me, but fueled with adrenaline. I left the place where I was being cared for and took off on a ride from my life across the country. The mantra that stuck with me was I have to have things to look forward to. So I’ll keep moving forward.
] So being more aware, more compassionate, more understanding of other people and their situations has been something that was very eyeopening 
] instantly, as soon as I checked the weather and saw that like severe thunderstorms rolling in, it just started down pouring. So I just like threw everything in my bag. Just started like running, basically running down the trail.
] it was such a theme of this hospitality of meeting people, where they are in the world and in their situations and just being generous, you know, being generous with what we did have, which was time and a new outlook on life, which was to downsize guys and just hit the road.
] for the most part, it’s a chain reaction. You know, you speak to one person, you have a conversation and for you, it could just be, seem like another day, but for that person, you never know what they take from it. 
] I remember just like going to her room one day and just being like, you know, what. You know what I am, I’m going a little nuts. Like, let’s just go outside, let’s take your cameras. And let’s just like take portraits of each other in the backyard, even if we can’t go anywhere. And that’s exactly what we did.
] I find that traveling in this way allows you to stop. And really feel the, the atmosphere of the place and staying with a local, apart from the fact, you will get all this knowledge that you don’t get from guidebooks. But you also get a, really a sense of the daily life.
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Since Wander By Proxy is officially one-year old, this bonus episode compiles some of the best quotes from each episode that ran in 2020. Having a bad day? This clip is stacked with inspiration and perspective. 
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Lauren Gabel 1. Trekking in Vietnam @theoutofofficegalAutumn Spredemann 2. Love in Bolivia @travellingamazonMaddi Brown 3. Dude Ranching in Montana @maddicbrownCienna Richards 4. Group Travel in Germany @cienna_travelsTaylor Mills 5. Film Festival in the Netherlands @tmillsjAmy Conroy 6. Day of the Dead in Mexico @amysmundoJennifer Parnall 7. Quarantine in Spain @jlynnparnallStephanie James 8. Digital Nomad in Ecuador @justavessel22Jenna Z 9. Chronic Wellness in a Bus @highspiritsjourneySara Lynch 10. Sparks in Chile @planetwithsaraMelissa Miller 11. Running Down Mountains @miss.roverElizabeth Hensley 12. Generosity on the HWY @thelizapproachEstrella Quiroz 13. Strangers on a Plane @estrellaq95Emily Theisen + Jordan Mileski 14. The Adventurous Spirit @emilytheisen_  @jordan.mileskiManupalooza + Sofia 15. Host A Sister @manupalooza  @lamagaa
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Lauren Gabel 1. Trekking in Vietnam: [
Autumn Spredemann 2. Love in Bolivia: [
And when I saw them dancing together at, at the club we were at, I, when I saw them, I like, and I use very good looking of course. And I was like, you know, my, with my luck, that’s his wife. 
Maddi Brown 3. Dude Ranching in Montana: [
Cienna Richards 4. Group Travel in Germany: [
Taylor Mills 5. Film Festival in the Netherlands: [
Amy Conroy 6. Day of the Dead in Mexico: [
Jennifer Parnall 7. Quarantine in Spain: [
Stephanie James 8. Digital Nomad in Ecuador: [
Jenna Z 9. Chronic Wellness in a Bus: [
Sara Lynch 10. Sparks in Chile: [
Melissa Miller 11. Running Down Mountains: [
Elizabeth Hensley 12. Generosity on the HWY: [
Estrella Quiroz 13. Strangers on a Plane: [
Emily Theisen + Jordan Mileski 14. The Adventurous Spirit: [
Manupalooza + Sofia 15. Host A Sister: [