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Brad Nelson – Worry Less Live More
54 minutes Posted Feb 12, 2024 at 3:05 am.
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Brad Nelson is a single dad who has dedicated his life to serving and helping people with their finances. Through The Debt Free Dad Podcast and his online course Roots of Personal Finance, he challenges conventional thinking, helping people save and pay off millions. Beyond finances, Brad values family, outdoor adventures, and creating lasting memories.
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Brad first marriage ended largly due to conflicts surrunding money; this came to a head when he lost his first house during the housing crisis
Now a single dad, Brad committed himself to educate himself about elimating credit card debt and to stop living pay-check to pay-check
Most people today never look at their bank statements or credit card statments; so step 1 is looking at where your money is going after you get your pay check
Conflict in a relationships about money is really stressful and the number 1 reason marriages end in divorce--so getting on the same page with your significant other in critical
When talking about money with your significant other; focus on the why you want to be debt free and where you want to be and do after you become debt free
Cancelling subscriptions to apps, cable, TV, cellphone is nearly impossible for alot of people; never give a reason beyond "I know longer wish to pay for this service"
You can find free education from Brad and anywhere on the internet; what also helps is a community of like-minded folks who are working on the same problem
Website (DebtFreeDad)
Debt Free Dad Episode 169 - How Do I Payoff Debt When I Can Barely Pay my Monthly Bills?