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Darius Wallace – Through Struggles and Adversity to Actor, Speaker, Coach
1 hour Posted Jan 29, 2024 at 3:05 pm.
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Darius is no stranger to stories. He has been in several Hollywood Movies(Nothing But The Truth, Brian Banks and The World We Make). He is a founding company member of Tennessee Shakespeare in Memphis Tennessee and he has performed all over the country in thousands of schools, universities, theaters and libraries as Frederick Douglass. He also has been the TEDx Memphis coach for seven years. He is a practitioner of Tai Chi/Chi Gong and teaches methods of self improvement through meditation.
Darius Wallace Vroom Vroom Veer Stories
Grew up in Flint Michigan in the early 80's and those streets were very mean
Did martial arts as a very tall 13 year old boy; also joined a gang for protection
Was kick boxing for money and probably being exploited by the gym; got caught with a weapon by the vice principle; choice was juvie, dad, or theater
Did a play in high school and then got the lead as a freshman in the school play; his gang member friends let him out of the gang
Took pills in a suicide attempt because his girlfriend didn't return his call; woke up alive but the world was sideways and he parents freaked out
Fell into a deep grief after his mother pass away from cancer; ended up homeless in New York City on a Park Bench
Had his suicide pills in his pocket, had his last meal for $5 at Burger King; still had subway tokens so got on the train; met a yogi who agreed to teach him yoga for free and just happen to save his life
In 2011 after getting married and having children finally went into to rehab to quit drinking; he walk about 7 miles while having a very intimate conversation with his higher power (God)
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