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Bruce Schutter – Mental Health Warrior
Bruce Schutter struggled with Bipolar, Alcoholism and GAD, until he discovered mental health is the key to triumphing over any life challenge! He created the Mental Health Warrior Program, a grass roots approach to Mental Health, a journey of Self-Help and Empowerment. We teach everybody to be Mental Health Warriors. Bruce Schutter Vroom Vroom Veer Stories Volunteered as an EMT while in High School; used CPR on someone; when that person died; naturally Bruce fell into depression but didn't have to tools to deal with grief Bruce leaned into trying to help people and got his EMT certification working as a volunteer; which added to an already stressful life Bruce was feeling many unwanted emotions and didn't know how to process those feeling; so he turned to alcohol to avoid the pain Got a job in IT, but he really struggled with the emotions related to work life, used shopping and alcohol to ease the pain and looked right from the outside After several short stays in jail for drinking, was twice placed on a 3-day psych hold and could barely get through each day as they seemed meaningless One day attempted suicide but survived; this was a turning point where he realized he needed help Desperately seeking answers and relief he went to meetings, doctors, took meds, and tried everything offered but still was left without any control of my life. He realized during this period that his Mental Health was what he need to embrace and nurture instead of avoid He realized he feared "feeling" of his own emotions because would lose control Bruce learned manage his emotions and becoming comfortable with them. This allowed him to stay in control of the day and take the steps needed to triumph over my life’s challenges. Learned there are foods to avoid to improve mental health; processed foods, processed sugar, reduced carbs Connections Website
Mar 25
51 min
Wendy Wright – Shift your Money Mindset
Wendy Wright is a Financial Therapist known for her expertise in merging psychology and finance. With credentials as a licensed therapist, money coach, author, and business owner, Wendy is a trailblazer in her field. Leveraging her diverse background as a former mortgage loan officer, business proprietor, and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, she pioneers transformative financial therapy and money consulting. Wendy’s approach helps clients overcome psychological barriers impeding financial growth.As CEO of Financial Therapy Solutions, LLC, based in Denver, CO, Wendy offers virtual services in the US and internationally. Her impactful teachings shed light on the fusion of psychology and finance, guiding individuals toward financial clarity and empowerment. She is the author and creator behind the transformative Money Mindset Shift©, a program designed to foster healthier relationships with money. Wendy’s contributions mark her as a visionary bridging the gap between emotional well-being and fiscal success. Wendy Wright Vroom Vroom Veer Stories Wendy started her career on the business marketing and mortgage side of life before she got into therapy Why we make a financial plan instead of a budget; budget is a loaded term that carries shame/blame/guilt Journaling is key to start hearing your internal dialog about money; write it down when you start talking to yourself about money Some people come from a culture that says all debt is bad; you might say to yourself; I'm a bad person if I have a mortgage Another way to think about paying taxes is that you are contriuting to the common good; my taxes helped to pay for this freeway…I love this freeway! Why you should not pay down your debt until you make a plan to and learn how to break your debt cycle If you get a big chunk of money you probably want to get some help with that--you may need a team of people to help you deal with a Lotto win Before you talk to your loved ones about money ideas; spend some time journaling and listening to your money self talk first Connections 20% off coupon Website
Mar 18
46 min
Alison Jacobson – Inspiring Resilience and Transformation for Women in Midlife
Alison Jacobson, renowned as the Midlife Maverick, embodies unwavering resilience, having triumphed over profound grief and obstacles. Her journey includes navigating the heart-wrenching loss of her baby to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), weathering the financial upheaval of divorce, and shouldering the role of caregiver for both her son, who has Intellectual Disabilities and her husband, who battles Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. At the remarkable age of 57, having never run more than a mile until the year prior, she conquered the iconic NYC Marathon, serving as a living testament that it is never too late for personal transformation. Alison is a dedicated advocate for women in midlife, helping them overcome self-doubt and fear to achieve their goals and live joyful, successful, kick-ass lives in their second chapter. Through her own tragedies and adversities, she empowers women to find life after loss, regain self-confidence to bravely move forward personally and professionally, and take decisive action to make themselves the center of their own lives. As a highly accomplished coach, speaker, and author, Alison empowers women in midlife to reignite their aspirations, reconstruct self-assurance, magnify happiness, and unlock the abundance they genuinely deserve. Alison’s book Daily Inspirations for Midlife Women: A Guide to Peace, Joy, Confidence, and Abundance was published last year. Alison Jacobson Vroom Vroom Veer Stories Grew up on the East Coast in a small town outside New York City; in her job doing something else--her boss asked her to write a press release; she said yes and that became a PR firm Decided to move to Los Angeles to expand the business and fell in love with the beach; always dreamed of having a food truck on the in Venice Knew from a very young age that she was an entrepreneur; she was not wired to be an employee; not very good at "looking busy" which can be required in a job After her son died of SIDS, she was looking for ways to honor her son Connor; starting working with a non-profit to support parents surviving SIDS; eventually became the CEO (firstcandel.org) Created a PR firm which she eventually sold and then lost everything and had to file bankruptcy after a very tough divorce--forced to start over Decided to run the New York Marathon in part to honor her son Connor; great story about seeing butterflies and sun flowers in November while running the race We discuss how important it is for women to learn about their bank accounts, credit cards, and all the accounts in their lives; your spouse could be unable to help with that any day at any time Connections Website
Mar 11
49 min
John Diggs – Map Your Way to The life You Love
John Diggs Born in the creative hotbed of Pacoima in northern LA, John Diggs played college football at Washington State University and went on to play five years of NFL and CFL football before officially retiring. He then built one of Southern California’s most outstanding mortgage brokerages before the mortgage meltdown of 2008 forced him to lose that business, followed by his home, wife, and family. Going from the highs of success on every front to the low of sleeping on his mom’s couch, however, turned out to provide the backdrop for the life-changing idea of using Mind Mapping on a personal level to put his own life back together and help others do the same. Since sharing this unique idea in his TEDx Talk, John has authored six mind mapping books and designed dozens of mind mapping courses. He delivers mind mapping talks and hosts an online community of Mappineers– ALL to support his mission to help himself and others love life to the fullest by getting clear about who they are while boosting creativity, enhancing memory, collaborating at high levels, increasing productivity, and reducing stress. John Diggs Vroom Vroom Veer Stories Grew up outside Los Angeles and dreamed of playing college football; when he finally ran out of the tunnel as a sophomore starter he starting crying as he lived his dream Played in the NFL and CFL for five years until a knee injury; the doctor told him he could play, but if he injured it again he might have to walk with a cane the rest of this life When we played for the Raiders when they were in Los Angeles he got his real estate license Developed real estate software and used that in his business; rode the bubble until it popped in 2007; that's when he lost everything Stayed on his mom's couch and he had work out clothes and his Big Ass Box of Personal Development; Found a book on mind-mapping and needed a project--so he worked on that box Met a mentor who kept asking him; "Who are you?" John had many answers the mentor would ask "Is that all?"; changed his life 8 months after landing on the his mom's couch; he got a job interview for a software developer gig; the president of the company said "We gotta have you, how much?" John said 10K per month---DONE! This is John Diggs from JohnDiggs.com and you are listening to Vroom Vroom Veer with Jeff Smith, reminding you to Get Out of your Big Ass Box! Connections Website Instagram
Mar 4
47 min
Walker Kimberly Brandt – Transcending Generational Trauma
Los Angeles Headshot Walker Kimberly Brandt has been a working actress appearing in thousands of advertising campaigns, blockbuster films, and primetime TV shows, for over 25 years. Walker is an awarded community builder and leader who has dedicated a significant amount of her time as a volunteer helping others. Her successful marriage of over 20 years reflects her dedication to putting love first. AWAKEN, Discovering Yourself Through the Light of Your Innocence, is her first book and vulnerably shares the intimate story of how at 16 she began her independent journey to make a childhood vision her mission: find or create tools to transcend the challenges of generational trauma and build resilient mental health. After becoming a published author, she was asked to work with global leaders as a speaker and coach in their effort to help others achieve success and happiness. Walker Kimberly Brandt Vroom Vroom Veer Stories Connected with nature at a very young age, running around in the mountains she was not afraid of rattlesnakes and other danergeous animals; she was more afraid of the humans in her life Ran away at age 13, and left home permanently at age 16; At age 18 she moved to Italy to start her modelling career One day she was vrooming, coming home from another successful gig and feeling great; her husband had this look that told her something was wrong Her husband was diagnosed with a life threating cancer; instead of the "standard care" they decided together to get educated about all their available options; her husband survived cancer while learning many valuable life lessons During this very dark and trying time; Lisa Nichols suggested she write a book about her life and her struggles; not for her, but for the people who read it After the book came out she was asked to start coaching and speaking and she loves it; she found a new mission: find or create tools to transcend the challenges of generational trauma and build resilient mental health Connections Website Awaken , Discovering Yourself Through the Light of Your Innocence Link Tree
Feb 26
49 min
Frank King – Mental Health Comedian
Frank King is a Suicide Prevention Speaker and Comedian. Frank was a writer for The Tonight Show for 20 years and, a speaker and comedian for 37.Worked with Jeff Foxworthy, Jerry Seinfeld, Jon Stewart, Steve Harvey, Rosie, Ellen, Randy Travis, and Lou Rawls.Frank fought a lifetime battle with Depression and Suicidality, turning that long dark journey of the soul into 12 TEDx Talks, and sharing my insights on Mental Health with colleges, corporations, and associations. Frank King Vroom Vroom Veer Stories Started as "fax" joke writer for Jay Leno before he took over for Johnny Carson; wrote about 12-14 jokes during the weekends and sent them in via Fax--only got paid if the jokes were used on the show Lives with depression and suidical thoughts to this day; has a very solid self-care plan but suicide is still on the table as a soltion to problems Started body building in sixites, he's intermitment fasting and eating a keto diet, he is definatly in better shape me in my 50's His father died at age 40 because of his aortic valve; Frank had his aortic valve replaced when he was forty first with a donor human vavle and latter with a mechanical valve Can speak with experience about preventing suicide and depression because he lives with it and he loves to write jokes Can write jokes and tag lines "in his sleep"; wakes up at 3 am with his best work and texts his clients immediately Lived on the road with his wife as a road comic; sold he house and went from town to town telling jokes Connections Website LinkedIn
Feb 19
51 min
Brad Nelson – Worry Less Live More
Brad Nelson is a single dad who has dedicated his life to serving and helping people with their finances. Through The Debt Free Dad Podcast and his online course Roots of Personal Finance, he challenges conventional thinking, helping people save and pay off millions. Beyond finances, Brad values family, outdoor adventures, and creating lasting memories. Brad Nelson Vroom Vroom Veer Stories Brad first marriage ended largly due to conflicts surrunding money; this came to a head when he lost his first house during the housing crisis Now a single dad, Brad committed himself to educate himself about elimating credit card debt and to stop living pay-check to pay-check Most people today never look at their bank statements or credit card statments; so step 1 is looking at where your money is going after you get your pay check Conflict in a relationships about money is really stressful and the number 1 reason marriages end in divorce--so getting on the same page with your significant other in critical When talking about money with your significant other; focus on the why you want to be debt free and where you want to be and do after you become debt free Cancelling subscriptions to apps, cable, TV, cellphone is nearly impossible for alot of people; never give a reason beyond "I know longer wish to pay for this service" You can find free education from Brad and anywhere on the internet; what also helps is a community of like-minded folks who are working on the same problem Connections Website (DebtFreeDad) Debt Free Dad Episode 169 - How Do I Payoff Debt When I Can Barely Pay my Monthly Bills?
Feb 12
54 min
Linn Rivers – Childhood Trauma leads to Holistic Health
Linn Rivers is a functional health and wellness expert and educator. She teaches people all over the world how to take their health into their own hands; mind, body and spirit. With over 15 years in the holistic health field and her own arduous past, she is able to guide those who are ready, to a happier and healthier way of living. Linn Rivers Vroom Vroom Veer Stories Lived in El Paso Texas until she was 8 years old and then moved to New Mexico; in the middle of nowwhere with nothing to do She has zero happy memories from childhood, she lived in constant fear of everything When she was a baby in love was expressed to her from a place of fear and panic from her parents trying to keep her alive; she experienced "love" as fear Growing the word love was a fear casuing word; she didn't like people telling her they loved her and she refused to say it to others Her mother died of cancer when she was 15 years old; she told her mother she loved her and her mother died immediately after she said the word; Linn knew she had killed her mother with that word Her father suffered greatly with health issues and addiction to alchohol; Linn now sees that he did his best with the hand he had been dealt Experienced many near death experienced and learned that she was creating her own reality and reapting lessons from her own past Had been sick and depressed her whole life so at age 18 started researhing and holisitic health and working with the body Discovered that most health issues (including mental/emotion health) somehow relate to an issue with your personal microbiome; if you feed the microbiome you feed the body what it needs Connections Website Pre-Launch Sale Only $50
Feb 5
1 hr 8 min
Darius Wallace – Through Struggles and Adversity to Actor, Speaker, Coach
Darius is no stranger to stories. He has been in several Hollywood Movies(Nothing But The Truth, Brian Banks and The World We Make). He is a founding company member of Tennessee Shakespeare in Memphis Tennessee and he has performed all over the country in thousands of schools, universities, theaters and libraries as Frederick Douglass. He also has been the TEDx Memphis coach for seven years. He is a practitioner of Tai Chi/Chi Gong and teaches methods of self improvement through meditation. Darius Wallace Vroom Vroom Veer Stories Grew up in Flint Michigan in the early 80's and those streets were very mean Did martial arts as a very tall 13 year old boy; also joined a gang for protection Was kick boxing for money and probably being exploited by the gym; got caught with a weapon by the vice principle; choice was juvie, dad, or theater Did a play in high school and then got the lead as a freshman in the school play; his gang member friends let him out of the gang Took pills in a suicide attempt because his girlfriend didn't return his call; woke up alive but the world was sideways and he parents freaked out Fell into a deep grief after his mother pass away from cancer; ended up homeless in New York City on a Park Bench Had his suicide pills in his pocket, had his last meal for $5 at Burger King; still had subway tokens so got on the train; met a yogi who agreed to teach him yoga for free and just happen to save his life In 2011 after getting married and having children finally went into to rehab to quit drinking; he walk about 7 miles while having a very intimate conversation with his higher power (God) Connections Website Instagram @dariusactor
Jan 29
1 hr
Lynn Mull – From Wallstreet to Holistic Coach
Lynn Mull offers Clarity through Reiki healing sessions, and Holistic Career Coaching and Facilitating Teams to professional wellness. I use various tools and methods to speak, write, and provide 1.1 counsel to move out of the stuck into the actions that help you or your teams reach their goals. She found her way because she had to create it. As a working parent and a sandwich caregiver in her early 30s, Lynn understands the pressures to keep going, provide for my family and prioritize everyone else’s wellbeing.Lynn looked in many corners and could not find one coach to break into her inner blockages and move her career until Reiki and a Career Coach got me there. We can be all the things to everyone, but first, we must get aligned and intuitively move forward on our own. Lynn Mull Vroom Vroom Veer Stories Studied econ in college and played volleyball until injury took her out of the game--learned great lessons about commitment to excellence, teamwork and leadership Her dad was "obsessed" with teaching her about money; taught her how to invest in stocks when she was still a kid Interned at General Electric and then worked there as well; got into internal audit with sig sigma; found the value of clarity from leadership; everyone knew their job and what GE wanted them to do Moved to San Francisco and worked at several banks staring in internal audit and then getting into mergers Moved to New York city to be closer to family and help take care of her mother who was in a health crisis; the last straw was when her boss (Sue) was murdered by her husband--five years later she was able to step away from that world Yoga let to personal development books, which led to learning Reiki which led to Yoga teacher training which also led to career coaching Connections Website (lynnmull.com) Urban Wellness Mag Article Instagram @_lynnmull
Jan 22
55 min
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