Voices of the Sacred Feminine
Voices of the Sacred Feminine
Karen Tate
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Enlighten us
Love the insights to truth found here!
Listener for life
I searched podcasts that discussed the works of Joseph Campbell, and found one here. It was wonderful! I found the discussion insightful, and inspirational. The section about The Odyssey helped me to see new ways to approach novels that I’ve been teaching for a while. I still dream of attending Pacifica Graduate Institute, and earning a PhD in Mythological Studies. Sigh
Unintentionally Hilarious
Imagine if Alex Jones was on the far left. It's the perfect mix of feminism and spirituality, so far removed from reality it's funny.
#1 Time listener
Loved the message & the energy!
Complete crap
Full of hatred and lies, as well as pure ignorance. Sheep live here.
Mœlon abbé
So much hate
Wow I've never listened to a podcast that hides under a veil of love but spreads hate.
Too judgemental
The idea of the show and the topics would be great if the host didn't insult the values systems of anyone who might feel differently than she does. Blatant insults. It's one thing to agree to disagree, but she just simply insults anyone with differing views. Unsubscribed and deleted.
Amazing show don't miss it
Karen Tate's Voices of the Sacred Feminine radio show changed my life- literally. I started listening to her, streaming online from my blackberry pearl when I was very sick and bed-bound. She stayed with me throughout my illness and now it's two years later and I subscribe to her podcast via iTunes and never miss! It keeps me on my path and connected to a web of the most amazing, important, powerful women alive today.
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Great feminist spirituality resource
Karen always has great guests, interesting and relevant topics, and a well articulated point of view. I come back frequently. Good stuff! Thank you, Karen!
Excellent resource!
I love Voices of the Sacred Feminine and appreciate the availability of the podcasts so very much. I always learn something new from these podcasts. Interesting guests, fascinating topics, informed and engaging hostess. This show is great for anyone interested in women's studies, feminism, goddess studies, feminist spirituality, liberal politics, and the divine feminine. Truly phenomenal!