Voices of the Sacred Feminine
Voices of the Sacred Feminine
Karen Tate
Sex, Power, Religion and Politics! All discussed here with Karen Tate, named one of the Top 13 Most Influential Women in Goddess Spirituality - tune in to find out why! Wednesday nites, hear Dr. Rev. Karen Tate, author, speaker, social justice activist and teacher, discussing global and personal issues with a broad spectrum of advocates, visionaries and forward thinkers, women and men, from a Divine Feminine, or Right Brain, point of view. Some call it the Feminine Consciousness or the shift away from patriarchal values and manifesting a new normal. These are issues that could raise your consciousness or save the world. It's all the stuff Mom taught you to NEVER discuss at the dinner table - sex, religion, power and politics. Fear Not - taste the forbidden fruit! Rethink, reclaim and embrace the age old knowledge that's been denied us for too long. Unlock your female tool kit and empower yourself as you learn long hidden truths from your home altar to the voting booth. Learn what denying the feminine face of god, whether the Great She be deity, archetype or ideal, has cost humanity - particularly women! Karen Tate's 6 published books include: Sacred Places of Goddess: 108 Destinations, Walking An Ancient Path: Rebirthing Goddess on Planet Earth, Goddess Calling - Inspirational Messages & Meditations of Sacred Feminine Liberation Thealogy and the anthology based on this show, Voices of the Sacred Feminine: Conversations to ReShape Our World, Goddess 2.0. and Awaken the Feminine. Please check out my website at karentate.net and "like" my Facebook pages for each book and my personal Facebook page found at http://www.facebook.com/VoicesOfTheSacredFeminine
Uncloaking the Real Mother Mary w/Marguerite Rigoglioso
Marguerite Rigoglioso, founding director of Seven Sisters Mystery School, scholar and practitioner of the ancient Mediterranean mystery traditions is with me today discussing her next book, The Mystery Tradition of Miraculous Conception revealing what she's uncovered about Mary's role in divine conception.  Tune in and learn more about the "real " Mary rather than what patriarchal religion would have you believe because it is just not the whole story.  Learn about "the woman behind the throne," so to speak, who orchestrated the Christ enterprise during Jesus' life and after his death.  Marguerite will reveal little known information about Mary's sister and children and her role in Christianity after Jesus' death.  We'll delve into what Marguerite calls our personal ascension or in-scension and how Mother Mary is the model for this important process today.
Oct 2, 2020
1 hr 18 min
Oneness Collection:  Documentaries for an Awakened Humanity w/Emmanuel Itier
Rescheduled from August 19.....I'm glad to have Emmanuel Itier back on the show.  He's not been with me since we discussed, Femme:  Women Healing the World.  Today we'll discuss his Oneness Collection of films, five films he's made in the last ten years in an attempt to uplift and educate a humanity struggling to evolve.  His latest film, Guns, Bombs and War:  A Love Story will be the focus of our discussion, as well as what he's learned from visionaries and people of wisdom around the globe needs to be done to awaken humanity and move us forward.
Sep 27, 2020
1 hr 14 min
Goddess Notices and Meditation with Karen Tate
Continuing my monthly offerings of insight and inspiration from my book, Goddess Calling; Inspirational Messages & Meditations of Sacred Feminine Liberation Thealogy, meaning Goddess values set us free, recommended by Selena Fox, Isidora Forrest, Barbara Walker, Z Budapest and Jean Houston - foremothers and wayshowers all, today's sharing is Chapter 18, titled Goddess Notices...detailing several real instances where Goddess manifested and showed She noticed what was being done in service to Her.  Whether you recognize Goddess as deity, archetype or ideal, I think these stories of Goddess coming through and showing Herself will be of interest.  For more information on my work and writings, check out my website, karentate.net
Sep 19, 2020
37 min
History and Relevance of the Feraferia Tradition with Jo Carson
On Saturday Jo Carson is with me to discuss the history and relevance of the pagan tradition called Feraferia, about celebrating wildness, with magic, mirth and love.  Jo will tell us about Fred Adams, the founder of Feraferia, and his vision of Goddess.  We'll talk about the controversial Lady Svetlana, the Dancing with Gaia Film, the history of Feraferia as well as some of their work, such as their newsletter, films and work today.
Sep 12, 2020
1 hr 5 min
The Fusion of Tarot & Kaballah - Parallax Oracle w/Heather Mendel
Mystic, author and artist, Heather Mendel is with me today discussing her new book and deck, which is the fusion of Kaballah and Tarot....or the birth of the Parallax Oracle.  Discover more about this pathway to a practice of deepening our intuitive that connects us with the underlying Oneness of all life.  Heather introduces her book and deck to listeners that interweaves both ancient wisdom traditions with contemporary consciousness, as they dance in the embrace of the Sacred Feminine.  Highly original and powerful, this new practice will forever change the way you think about both Kaballah and Tarot.
Sep 2, 2020
1 hr 20 min
Sacred Animals & Their Goddesses w/Judith Shaw
Judith Shaw, author of the Celtic Goddess Oracle Cards and her next oracle deck, Animal Spirit Guides, is with me to discuss mythology, folktales and symbols of Goddess and why they are so important and still relevant today.  We'll delve into animals such as Snake, Butterfly, Bee, Reindeer, Dolphin, Bear and Owl.  Judith will tell us why mythology is important in the modern world and how that influences divination.  Animal spirit guides and their relationship to gods and goddesses - and us - will also be discussed
Aug 26, 2020
1 hr 11 min
Harmony from Chaos w/Karen Tate from Goddess Calling Inspirational Messages
Continuing my monthly series of sharing insights from my book, Goddess Calling: Inspirational Messages & Meditation of Sacred Feminine Liberation Thealogy, recommended by Jean Houston, Z Budapest, Barbara Walker, Isidora Forrest and Selena Fox....today's inspirational message is as relevant today as when it was written....Harmony from Chaos, followed by a meditation.  We do have a path forward and it's a state of mind, not necessarily one gender saving us from the other.  The state of mind is liberation thealogy...values of the Sacred Feminine that can help us save the world and build anew.  In today's troubling times, perhaps these words might give direction or solace.  Please enjoy.
Aug 15, 2020
46 min
Uncloaking the Real Mother Mary w/Marguerite Rigoglioso
RESCHEDULED to 9/30... Uncloaking the Real Mother Mary. INSTEAD Listen to HONORING ISIS on HER BIRTHDAY.  Tune in for the tribute to Isis on Her birthday.  There are no coincidences!  Isis, who passed on her attributes to Mary, the first and original Great Mother, we honor You this day!
Aug 12, 2020
56 min
Re-Emerging Hekate - She is Roaring with Deanne Quarrie
Deanne Quarrie, Priestess of Goddess, author of 6 books, founder of Apple Branch is with me today to discuss Hekate in depth.  We'll delve into who She is, why she became so powerful after the Olympians ruled and how she represents liminality.  We'll discuss what liminality is and how it plays out in our lives and why it is so important.  We'll look at some of the many faces of Hekate and discuss her newest project, Hekate's Tribe, creating group-workings with Hekate holding Center.
Aug 5, 2020
1 hr 13 min
Finding Venerable Mother with Cindy Rasicot
Cindy Rasicot, retired Marriage Family Therapist moved to Bangkok, Thailand for three years where she met her spiritual teacher, Venerable Dhammananda Bhikkhuni, th fully ordained Theravada nun...an encounter that opened her heart and changed her  forever.  We'll hear about this extraordinary adventure which led to her writing her memoir, Finding Venerable Mother: A Daughter's Spiritual Quest to Thailand.
Jul 29, 2020
1 hr 6 min
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