Vitality Radio Podcast with Jared St. Clair
Vitality Radio Podcast with Jared St. Clair
Jared St. Clair
Vitality Radio Podcast is all about health, nutrition, and alternatives to drugs and medical procedures. Jared St. Clair brings honest information so that you can make more informed decisions regarding your health. Vitality Radio is not JUST about health, it is about HEALTH FREEDOM. Through thorough research, 30+ years of experience and a hearty dose of wit and sarcasm, Jared provides needed insight into the current threats to your health as well as the threats coming from government agencies, pharmaceutical companies and modern medicine as a whole. Vitality Radio has been running for 11 years in Salt Lake City, Utah and now the same high energy, entertaining education Utahns have been enjoying is a podcast for everyone.
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Great podcast, even better information!
I have known Jared St Clair now for close to 20 years. It started as me being a gym rat and trying to be more healthy...stopping in at his store because i wasn’t happy with one of the big box nutrition stores. He and his employees were a wealth of knowledge that I quickly learned were there to educate people about a more healthy way to live, not just sell supplements. When I helped run the NSL Fun Run he was a generous sponsor as we promoted a healthy activity. His radio show has proven to be a an amazing resource on a wide range of subjects! I would encourage all to give it a listen as he touches on subjects that affect all of us. Keep up the great work Jared! Rob G.
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Rob Greenburg
Very informative w/o being an infomercial
I’ve loved the show since I once stumbled upon it one Saturday on local fm radio. I appreciate that Jared, like I am, is a skeptic. He takes his research from multiple sources and tells you the benefits so that you can make an informed decision for yourself. Thanks, keep up the good work.
Excellent, beyond powerful!!
Jared is a force to be reckoned with!! His knowledge and insight are invaluable. You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone comparable in wisdom, truth and genuine passion for health. Praise God for his boldness and desire to share such incredible and helpful information! Jared is a blessing and we will be sure to share this gift with everyone we know. Everyone will benefit from this podcast!!
Jared is the best!
There is so much great research that Jared does for this show. He backs up what he says, but also tells us to be our own advocates and educate ourselves. Many of us are putting our health in the hands of those that don’t always have our best interests at heart, or are simply misinformed themselves. I struggled for over a decade with health issues. I found Vitality originally on the radio years ago, and ever since going to see Jared, I have been healthier than ever... even healthier than I was before I started getting sick.
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Great show
I enjoy your radio show everytime I listen to it. It's very educational and informative. It's also filled with rants which are my favorite part of each show. It's nice to stay updated on vitamins and how to improve my health. Keep up the good work Jared.
Great Info!
Jared has more knowledge about health than just about anyone I’ve met. He talks a ton about prevention, which is the best thing we can do for our health. Not afraid to think outside of the box & keeps up to date on the latest research. Really interesting topics!
Vanguard of Access
“ Vanguards of Access” is what the Kanter’s and Cambridge Naturals called a curated selection of the very best dietary supplements in addition to the awesome responsibility of serving humanity and community. That’s what this show is all about access to information and personal empowerment. I am biased having been a guest on Vitality Radio and being friends with Mr. Jared St. Clair for nearly 20 years. Jared knows what he taking about he’s a second generation front lint expert in what works. The families historic natural products shop Vitality Nutrition has been serving humanity for nearly 50 years. The Natural Products industry knows loves and trusts Jared to always be on the edge and in the know. I sincerely recommend you listen and share with loved ones.
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Immunity Booster Podcast
Excellent. I really enjoyed this Podcast. It was very informative.
Healthy Bodies
great info each week, not to be missed. Great nutrition store and products
Great asset to our community!!
I have just recently been listening to Jared’s podcast. Very informative and Jared explains things so it is easy to understand. Also I and my family have been getting vitamins and supplements from Vitality Nutrition. We are very pleased with the products.
Always ahead of the curve
I’ve been frequenting Vitality Nutrition for over a decade. In the last 7 years I’ve been consulting with Jared professionally to look for safe and effective natural supplements for my patients. He is straight forward and honest with them all and never tries to add on or over sale what I have recommended for them. Best nutrition store in The area. Thanks Jared.
Love the knowledge
I am so grateful I started listening to Vitality Radio and Jared. Super knowledgeable guy just wanting to get the word out as a service to his fellow man. I enjoy listening to his passion for what he does and know and have benefited from the knowledge gained from listening. Thanks Jared! SMacias
Life changing.
Thank goodness for Jared St. Clair. I know the amount of time and effort that goes into the research and knowledge for this show. To find a podcast with such passion behind it is what makes it great to listen to. I have learned so much and been able to have an opinion on things because of the facts that Jared supplies. I do get a lot out of this show and applying it to my life has helped my health. I could go on and on here.. this is just a great podcast. Thank you Jared and to everyone behind the scenes on this project! Keep up the good work!
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This guy knows his stuff
We have listened to Vitality Radio for the last 10 years. Jared is extremely knowledgeable on his natural remedies and has helped our family with ailments from anxiety, grief, inflammation and digestive issues. We still have our favorites he has introduced us to and are so grateful for his expertise.
Jared knows his stuff
I have used Jared as a resource on all things natural and holistic for the last 20 years. The podcasts are relevant, helpful and on point. Great job and I look forward to listening to more in the future.
Love the info
I always take time to listen and profit from Jared’s passionate research!
smarties are du bomb
Review of Jared St. Clair
Jared is the most kind, knowledgeable person I have ever met. I first met Jared about 5 years ago, when my daughter-in-law recommended him because my hair was falling out in clumps due to stress (a new Boss). He visited with me and recommended a few vitamins I was deficient in along with Hair ReVive and Breast Gard. Almost immediately my hair stopped falling out and I felt much better. Last year I came down with pneumonia. It hit me really hard. After seeing many doctors and lots of tests I finally got into see a pulmonologist. She was wonderful and recommended more testing. Because my breathing was still labored. One day it dawned on me to go see Jared. I should have seen him first. He tested me, finding out my immune system was about shot due to so many antibiotics. He has put me on many lung and immune pills. In short. I feel he has saved my life. I will be extremely in debt to him forever. Diana Chaston. Almost 60 years
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Saving my life
I know that the title of this review may make one ask the question; what does that mean? Last year I was not feeling well and told my wife to take me to the dentist because my mouth hurt and I was feeling really sick. I went to the dentist and was told there was nothing wrong. The next day I was sicker and was referred to an Endodontist. He took xrays and told me that everything looked good. Now three days into this I had lost my appetite for food. I went to another Endodonist and was again told nothing was wrong. Two weeks later and 20 lbs lighter something was indeed wrong. I remember going with my wife to see Jared St. Clair and how he had saved her from hair loss and helping her get over her pneumonia. By the time I went to see Jared I had waited almost two months. Jared informed me that my teeth were the cause of my sickness and that tooth number 30 had an infection. He also told me that numbers 29 and 31 had an issue as well. By the time I got into see Jared i waited too long. I insisted that the dentist pull tooth number 30; which was indeed infected. It has spread to the other two teeth. I had lost my taste for food and had a constant bad smell in my mouth; stomach and throat. I had lost my desire to eat and continued to lose weight. I had to take time off from work because I was so sick. I had seen several dentist; doctors running all kinds of test. Not to mention the cost of seeing the doctors. With Jared’s help (magic) diagnosis I am Finally getting my taste for back for food. I had this sickness for almost 6 months. One would think that seeing a doctor they should be able to figure out what was wrong. I have to remind you that doctors are in a profession that practices medicine. They practiced on me. The doctors were treating the system and not the symptoms. I can honestly say that had I not made the decision to go see Jared St. Clair I would not be here today. Both my wife and I grateful for Jared. Now whenever we have a health issue we see Jared St. Clair. We have other family members that Jared has helped as well. Health issues that Western medicine could not find. It is my opinion that before you spend thousands going to see doctors; do yourself a favor and go see Jared St. Clair. The only thing you have to gain is your HEALTH.
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Steve FC7
Informative & educational
I have worked with Jared @ vitality with my company, High Energy Labs for many years. Jared is very educated when it comes to health and nutrition. He really loves helping people and making a difference. This is a great informative podcast that you don’t want to miss!
Well Deserved 5 Star Rating
I just started listening to the Vitality Radio podcast and am very impressed with the depth and quality of information provided by Jared and his guests. The time spent listening to this podcast is time well spent!! There is just so much miss-information being promoted on the internet that it’s refreshing to find a source of truth and clarity on topics regarding natural health. Thank you Jared for your commitment to natural health care education!!!
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Austin Christiansen
I have been listening to vitality radio for about a year and a half and and always enjoy all the the insights Jared has to share, and how he cuts through all the lies of corporate medicine. I would highly recommend listening to vitality radio as often as you can and to apply Jared’s insights. Also I would recommend calling into his store anytime you have questions.
Best health advice
I’ve been listening to vitality radio for a couple of years now and love the advice given every week. I’m super excited it’s a podcast now. Now I have to listen to this religiously. A must listen.
Jim Rosenbaugh
Saved me
I have been listening to Jared’s broadcasts for years before I went and met him in person. I have been prescription free from stomach issues and am living a much better life than I ever expected. He has also helped me with many other things in my life as well. I had complete shoulder surgery and he put me on products that accelerated my healing. I was in physical therapy within 3 weeks. 3 months later the doctors are impressed with the results. I give full credit to Jared for the quick healing of my shoulder due to his advise and products he recommended. Corona virus scare had many worried. I was not. Jared’s broadcast talked about elderberry and get well stay well. I went and purchased products. Went to California this week and felt safe and secure with these products in me. Jared’s advise is the “golden rule” for me. He is a very kind, caring man that has put his life into helping others. He does this from the heart and I owe him a lifetime of gratitude for helping me get back on track with my many stomach issues and helping me balance out my life. My mind, body and spirit are stronger today than at anytime of my life with his advise and product recommendations.
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I have known Jared for years and he has successfully helped me and my family with many health issues short and long term both. What I have learned is if he can provide me with the knowledge and I can put it into action with supplements, discipline and a healthy lifestyle, I can make lifelong changes for the better! Jared is very knowledgeable and experienced in many areas and I love listening to what he has to say in person and on radio/podcasts. ALWAYS a great show! Love this guy!
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Hit the Ground Running
Jared St. Clair is to healthy living what Eddie Van Halen is to guitar playing. Have loved his Vitality Radio shows on Saturday mornings for years and am now enjoying tapping into extensive knowledge via podcast. His rants are the content I’m here for (not to mention his good humor and well-honed delivery). Definitely worth checking out.
Fox Coast to Coast
Jared has done the hard work through his 30 years+ of experience to give the best insights to a healthy lifestyle.
Brian Bob Young
Informative !!
Jared gives a ton of health information and helps you discern between big money big Pharma propaganda and what’s really true! Love this podcast
CBD and Magnesium
Just listened to the first 25 minutes of last Saturday’s show on magnesium. Just received my shipment last night excited to see the amazing response my body will have. I’ll share from a show of from a couple years ago. A few years ago the Saturday shows topic was CBD oil. I was just over 250 lbs recovering from Meniscus surgery. Not being able to run to try and lose weight I needed a jump start. I could hear myself getting heavier. I needed something. After the show I bought CBD oil that same day. The CBD started to minimize my knee pain enough I could run. Have been taking it ever since. CBD is amazing I’m just over 180 pounds and I’m able to run over 20 miles weekly. Thank you for show it jump started a new life. Thank you Jared! Orin Allen
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Finally the truth about health
Came across this program a few years ago on the radio in Salt Lake City. First time I heard it, I knew I had to listen regularly. I’m getting important information that I consider necessary for my healthy lifestyle. I love his subjects weekly, he keeps up to date on the latest info that we all need. Tune in!
Excellent Information
Jared knows his stuff! This knowledge comes from the number of years in the industry and constant research he does to keep up to date on healthy natural alternatives to big pharmaceutical. The rants, guests, topics, and recommendations are interesting and timely. He is not afraid of any subject. I highly recommend it. Russ W.
My review
Great information and giver of hope.
I love the information provided. It is on point, meaningful, timely and helpful. We live in a society that largely ignores what is causing our health problems and the turn to profiting Medical bandaids to try and make them. I appreciate the effort that goes into providing listeners with alternatives, information and most of all hope.
JMerrill West Point UT
Dr Watt
As a natural healthcare provider and one who also is in charge of the Be Healthy Utah conference. Jared’s info is spot on. Not only does he know his stuff but he is passionate about getting the info out. I learn stuff every time I listen. Keep up the great work
Dr MS Watt
Saturday Listener
I love listening to Jared and Vitality Radio every Saturday morning. I'm very excited to subscribe ot the podcast. Good stuff fore sure!
Important and Informative
This is an excellent podcast that everyone can get something out of. Whether you subscribe to what Jared has to say or not, you will come out of listening to this show a more free and critical thinker. The information he shares is important and needs to be heard by as many people as possible. Give this podcast a try, you’ll be grateful you did.
Listen Here!
I so appreciate Jared willing to share his extensive knowledge in health/nutrition industry so that we can all be better equipped to make more empowered choices to live our best lives. This is critical information!
night wolf 33725
Jared is the real deal
Love the mix of humor and passion. I learn something new about living a healthier life every time I listen to the show. Great guy & an outstanding podcast.
Health Guru
Jared is one intelligent guy that knows his stuff about health and nutrition. He has studied his whole life and has been immersed in knowledge, literally growing up in a health food store. His fun wit along with valuable info make this podcast one to subscribe to for sure! Listen in. You’ll be happy you did.
Vital Listening for all!
Jared is an informed and engaging host on this long-time radio program turned podcast. He hosts a variety of guests and discusses heath, wellness, physical and mental care. If you are a human and have a body, you should listen in!
Worth every listen
Jared StClair is a well studied practitioner that knows what he’s talking about. Give this a good solid listen and enjoy. You’ll learn more about health and wellness than you possibly have ever before.
Can You Handle the Truth?
With so much media information and misinformation about health and wellness, it’s good to know there is someone looking out for us. Jared has a knack for being able to unravel the complexities of nutrition/health we are bombarded with and feel empowered to make informed choices for better living. Make the investment of time to listen to Vitality and arm yourself with knowledge and simultaneously be entertained, you won’t regret it.
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Awesome podcast
Very informative and a great listen!
kamden thomes jones
Health Freedom for All!
I’ve a long time listener of Vitality Radio! So glad that it’s now a podcast. Jared St. Clair shares so much helpful information. He empowers everyone who listens on how they can better advocate for themselves and their health.
Joy Win
Great information!
I’m so excited this is finally a podcast! He always has awesome information about health and fitness!
Great Pod
Jared is a straight shooter on everything health related. If you want to hear from an experienced nutritional professional, look no further. This show is for you. Enjoy!
Lucas Buck
Great show!
I love this show. Jared is very informative and pretty entertaining at times. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone looking for alternatives to Big Pharma and the status quo of health care in this country.
Best thing on the radio!
Seriously amazing radio. Funny. Informative. Very knowledgeable. Always a great way to learn about all things health and wellness. Plus learn more about how to understand the nuances of pharmaceuticals and government hype.
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