Vitality Radio Podcast with Jared St. Clair
Vitality Radio Podcast with Jared St. Clair
Jared St. Clair
#436: Getting Down to the Roots (or Mycelium) of Mushroom Benefits with Gina Rivers of Host Defense
59 minutes Posted Jun 5, 2024 at 6:17 pm.
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Which is superior, the fruiting body of a mushroom or the mycelium? Should you pick one type of mushroom or a blend? Get answers to these questions and more on this episode of Vitality Radio as Jared delves into the research on mushrooms with Gina Rivers from Host Defense. You’ll learn a little about the history of medicinal mushrooms, the pioneer in the industry - Paul Stamets, and why there is such controversy around which part of the mushroom is “best”.


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Additional Information:

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