Vitality Radio Podcast with Jared St. Clair
Vitality Radio Podcast with Jared St. Clair
Jared St. Clair
#433: Melatonin For More Than Just Sleep - Cutting Through The Controversy with Maria Maroney
55 minutes Posted May 25, 2024 at 2:00 pm.
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Is melatonin good or bad? Does taking melatonin reduce your own production of it? Is there more to melatonin than just sleep? On this episode of Vitality Radio, Jared starts this conversation around melatonin with Maria Maroney from Natural Factors. They bust some of the myths around what has become a controversial supplement. You’ll learn how melatonin works in the body, it’s many benefits beyond sleep, and how you can try it for yourself. There is a lot of exciting information coming on melatonin, mitochondria, and immune function, so stay tuned to Vitality Radio to bring you the latest in a future episode!


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