Vitality Radio Podcast with Jared St. Clair
Vitality Radio Podcast with Jared St. Clair
Jared St. Clair
#431: Are Parasites Part of Your Health Concerns? With Dr. Jay Davidson
1 hour 4 minutes Posted May 18, 2024 at 2:00 pm.
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Why is everyone talking about parasites? How can this be a real problem in our modern world? Could parasites be causing the health conditions you can’t seem to overcome? On this episode of Vitality Radio, Jared interviews Dr. Jay Davidson, cofounder of CellCore Biosciences. You’ll learn the answers to those questions as well as why an overgrowth of parasites may be the reason you have recurrent or lingering health conditions, what tools there are available for reducing your parasite load, how long and how often you should cleanse, and even how to tackle parasite cleansing with kids. This is a great follow up show to episode #359 when Jared interviewed Dr. Jay’s partner, Dr. Todd Watts. These two episodes will give you a foundational understanding of parasites and will be followed by a How To episode where Jared explains exactly how to parasite cleanse on your own, or with a practitioner.


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Parasite User’s Guide Episode - coming soon

#359: Comprehensive Detoxification of Parasites, Lyme, and Other Toxins With Dr. Todd Watts of CellCore Biosciences

#385: Rebalancing and Healing the Body Through Functional Medicine Detoxification With Dr. Stephen Cabral

This Is Your Brain On Parasites book

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