Vinyl Emergency
Vinyl Emergency
Jim Hanke
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Great Podcast
Jim does an amazing job interviewing artists/musicians from all genres. He has a vast background of all types of music and his research for each show is evident. Well done and highly recommended!
A great podcast
Jim does a great job with this podcast. I love hearing his guests talk about their experience with vinyl whether it be stuff in their collection, memories from their childhood, or hearing themselves on a record for the first time. The host has great questions and you can tell he has done his homework on the subjects. Keep up the great work! - CH
For music lovers, not just vinyl lovers!
This podcast is for all fans of music. It’s filled with great stories, great albums and it can really help introduce you to artists you might not have ever heard of. Awesome for music discovery! Keep up the good work and I’ll keep listening!
Great podcast!
Love the variety of guests and the host is very well versed in asking the correct questions. I even like the sponsors, each one makes sense for me as a listener and I plan on supporting at least one in the future. Great show!
Great podcast
Jim seeks out fascinating, engaging guests, and lets them do most of the talking. (A pet peeve of mine is when podcasters make the interview about themselves.) He's clearly passionate and knowledgeable, but doesn't dominate the conversation. I especially love it when interviews can take place in-person/in the subject's listening environment - you really get a sense of being in the room. Keep up the great work!
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randy JM
One of the Best
Jim asks all the right questions. He’s very well spoken and friendly. A lot of vinyl podcasts get record label people on and don’t ask them anything about vinyl. That doesn’t happen here. You get an in-depth review on how vinyl, specifically, is doing at various record labels. Along with samples of music from those labels. Awesome podcast!
A Real Gem
In a sea of podcasts containing questionable production value and even further suspect content, Jim Hanke’s Vinyl Emergency rises above to serve as an ongoing love letter to the vinyl community. While I considered myself someone knowledgeable of vinyl and its ecosystem, Jim’s deep industry understanding and passion for the medium has really expanded my love of the format. Of note, his interviews with Levi Seitz of Blackbelt Mastering and his episodes with featuring folks like U-Turn Audio and Wax Mage highlight the industry by turning a spotlight on those that frame the artist and their work. Please keep up the good work.
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no way
sorry, but this is not a podcast about vinyl. it's a self-congratulatory show featuring guests railing on and on about how great their careers and talents are. more insight into the world of vinyl, vinyl creation, and less autobiographical ramblings would be appreciated.
What a find!
I love this podcast! Almost as much as I love vinyl. The Rosanne Cash interview is SO good!
These just keep getting better!
While I don't catch every episode, Jim's been knocking them out of the park lately. As of this review, the most recent episode is a discussion with Rosanne Cash, and it's fantastic! It's a testament to the quality of the podcast that guests like this sound relaxed and comfortable, sharing anecdotes and memories from their lives. To anyone who may not get the appeal of this podcast, check your pulse.
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Beetlejuice x 3
My Fave
This podcast is very informative and so much fun. If you're a record nerd, this is necessary listening. Jim gets some great guests and is very informed.
Filling A Void
Jim does a great job gathering a wide range of guests related to music. It's not just musicians, it's label owners, record store owners, collectors and other giving unique and personal insight.
Needs more variety
Another interview podcast, sigh. Granted, there have been some excellent guests throughout, but it's missing something from the host. A bit more personality and enthusiasm or even some varying questions would be a big help. Segments, bits, anything?! I wish there would be a bit more variety in guests -- more music podcasters, vinyl experts, something more than just singing the praises of musicians would be more than welcome. Good try, might check back in the future.
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C Lewie 00
Great Music Podcast
So far I really enjoy this podcast. Jim might spend a little bit too much time on his intro's and sponsor announcements, but he's got to cover his costs so I get that. I'm not sure why there is hate on the interviewing, if not for that he would just be talking to himself, which I've found really boring in other podcasts. The subjects not only cover vinyl records but the music business in general, which I've found to be really informative. I think the varying topics are what will give this podcast staying power. Keep up the good work Jim.
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Hipster crap
Great, all podcasting needs one more pretentious hipster
Pop Jesus
Lovely & Informative
I truly enjoy several episodes of this podcast & have even revisited the same episodes several different times (particularly the Vinyl Me, Please episode and the Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers episode. Keep up the Great Work, Jim! - @UnoriginalVinylPhoto
Joe Namath, Seattle, WA
Came for the Vinyl... stayed for everything else!
One of the other reviewers hoped for a little more focus from ths podcast but I have to say that the interviews and introductions to interesting people outside of my current spere are what I find appealing. Jim does a great job curating interviews with people who share a love for vinyl. Sometimes the discussion focuses on some aspect of vinyl collecitng or production and sometimes the vinyl connection is just a launching point for an interesting conversation.
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Nice job
Just getting into this podcast after listening to the great albums podcast and one episode in, I'm hooked. Keep up the good work
Great Podcast for vinyl enthusiasts
Really love the perspective given in this podcast. It's consistent and the interviews are very informative. The interviews are never awkward and the right questions are always asked.
A great listen
Despite the title, this podcast isn't just about vinyl, which can be a good thing. It's not super geeked out on turntables and gear, there's plenty of informed talk about music. A really enjoyable listen!
Instant Nostalgia
I don't know if you're like me, but do you ever find yourself feeling nostalgic from time to time, be it regarding a band, venue, or record shop? I do all the time, and it's usually happiness followed by a sense of sadness as to what once was. Well Vinyl Emergency gives that sense of nostalgia but the best thing is that its relatively new and getting stronger and stronger. Jim gets a nice variety of guests on from other podcast hosts, to vinyl collectors, to people in or who were a part of the music industry. The topics do not stay strictly on collecting vinyl, and to be honest who wants an hour podcast that is the exact same content week after week. The variety of guests and conversation keeps the podcast fresh. Highly recommended!
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Worth Giving a shot
This show is new and isn’t going to be packed full of content just yet. The episode with the gals over at wax mage and the one with Chris Banta are pretty amazing and worth giving this show 5 stars alone. I have learned a lot so far and I will return to listen for more. Great host and awesome guests. Keep up the good work Jim!
Great podcast. Interviews are getting pretty good. Some nice guests lately. Will keep listening
More Hanke, PLEASE!
In a digital world with podcasts in such an abundance to the point of literally having ZERO chance of listening to ALL of them (or at least having to get VERY picky about WHAT you listen to on a regular basis.) "Vinyl Emergency" should be one of those podcasts on your list if you only have time for a select few, Jim Hanke is an extremely personable host with an excellent idea; to bring on artists, musicians, and collectors and not only talk about records ad nauseum, but to dig deep behind what makes each individual tick. It goes so much deeper than “what’s your favorite record” and “how many do you own.” You get to learn even more about the lives of the PEOPLE who collect records, and let me tell you… we can be quite interesting folks!
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Great podcast
Love hearing vinyl guys (like myself) talk about their personal lives and banter about music they love.
Great pod. Vinyl storytelling at it's best.
Love this podcast. Jim loves vinyl and is a great interviewer and host. I love the idea of finding out about people's history/story with vinyl and how they came to love music and the format. Connecting with people through music is what's great about music and vinyl collectors and vinyl are what encompass that the most and Jim and the pod bring that out. Highly recommend.
Fantasy Premier League Geek
Interesting, fun, and so many topics!!
I love that this isn't ONLY about vinyl, but that vinyl and music are discussed somewhere in every single episode.
I hate to turn on a show, but that's precisely what happened here for me. Another reviewer called this sycophantic and it's become that over time. No, it's not because the host has his face on the cover, which I actually find kind of charming, but the focus is less about a love of vinyl and music, and more about "look, I got this great guest and I have these sponsors... me me me, repeat." Even during the conversations, the host seems to make questions and answers about himself. I'm optimistic this show might grow and progress again the way I thought it was initially, and it can just stay more focused on the subject at hand: music and deconstructing the vinyl resurgence.
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Was hoping for more...
The name would lend you to believe that the podcast is predominately about vinyl, but thus far there have only been a few episodes that seem to focus specifically on collecting vinyl/vinyl culture. Much more it seems to be the host interviewing people that he knows/has wanted to interview. There have been several episodes where the guest has mentioned they didn't even have a turntable... Would love to see the podcast focus a bit, might feel a bit less sycophantic and help it find its footing.
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For Fans of Vinyl, Music, and Great Conversation
Other commenters have correctly noted that this is "another interview podcast," but I think there's something far more interesting about what Jim does on Vinyl Emergency. On each episode, he digs around to find really fascinating, relevant guests--some as famous as Josh Caterer, some everyday vinyl lovers--and covers the nature of vinyl and record collecting not as a trend, but as something human that unites people. Jim doesn't get nitty-gritty into vinyl in a way that may alienate people who collect records more casually, but he digs in enough to make all of his guests seem really interesting. I especially enjoyed the episodes on Vinyl Me Please and Gramovox, two companies that seem to be riding vinyl's resurgence; both allowed me to understand these companies and their visions in a new compelling way. The format may not be anything new, but each episode reveals something deeper about the nature of music and the people who love it.
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Wish it were Better
I don't dislike the show entirely. I just wish the quality were better. The interview with the WGN guy was terribly distorted at times, sounded like it was recorded in a tin can. Even the Josh Caterer interview, which is what brought me to this show, was recorded using an IPhone which he says at one point? If this guy wants to get serious about podcasting, best invest in a sound board and some mics with a P-filter. It has good intentions, a nice tone, but doesn't do too much to stand out above the barrage of interview podcasts out there. More vinyl talk with musicians and not friends of friends of friends is also a good route to consider.
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I find Jim to be EXTREMELY relatable and thirsty for the act of sharing knowledge to unfold on his podcasts. VERY easy to listen to and his voice is inviting in what can be a very snobby community. I look forward to more and more episodes.
Why the hype?
It's just another interview podcast where a rather monotone voice talks with dudes in a room. No real insight to vinyl on a universal level, but just guys talking music memories and proclaiming their experience to be so great. In other words, hipsters talking about hipster things ad nauseam. Would love to hear something other than an interview with someone I'm supposed to find interesting and actually learn about vinyl records, from people other than just musicians and music nerds who eventually proclaim the podcast as "great." So sorry but I've become burnt out on interview-based shows like this, and I hope the format becomes a bit more unconventional.
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Excellent podcast for all music fans!
You don't have to be an avid vinyl collector or enthusiast to appreciate the craft that goes into conducting a great interview. There's a real sense of passion and excitement in these conversations, all based around a love of music. Jim goes beyond the central topic of vinyl and really brings out something special with each guest. I am glad to have discovered this podcast, and you will too. A+
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Great show
Really have enjoyed the shows so far
Great start
A lifelong music fan and you can tell by the first few episodes. Guests he selects wouldn’t be on too many other shows, which adds to the charm. Excited to follow.
Great podcast about the peole that love vinyl
So I may be a bit biased as I was a guest on the show, but this is a great podcast. Jim is a great interviewer and I love that they go beyond vinyl and into the lives of the people that collect. In depth and interesting. Highly recommended.
Not just for vinyl lovers, offers great human insights
What a great podcast! Jim seems to have a great talent for knowing what questions to ask, when to let the guest run with a topic, and when to add just the right comment to keep things moving in an interesting direction. He has already found some fascinating souls to listen to, and I’m excited to hear what the future brings for this entertaining podcast! Subscribed!
Well worth listening to
A podcast like this is not only a great intro for those new to collecting, but to those of us that have been around a while. It's packed with the inside baseball knowledge you're looking for, but explained so you can get it.
Great podcast for vinyl and music lovers!
I really like this podcast. It's unique, and is great Vinyl chatter as well as music, bands and funny stories. Very enjoyable, recommended for any music lover.
so far, eh
Okay, it may not be fair to critique early on, but based on two episodes I've come across thus far, this host has a long ways to go despite sounding friendly and fairly enthused. The monotone voice doesn't help sometimes, but I adapted. However, I am a huge fan of music podcasts like Low Times, where insightful interviews are aplenty, but these drag on and sound more like a guy interviewing a buddy rather than a focused discussion on "Vinyl." I typed in "Vinyl podcast" and came across this, but alas, I cannot subscribe based on what I've heard so far. Maybe I'll come back once there's a little bit more to the show or some guests on that spark more interest other than indulgent stories about bands they've met, etc. I know another reviewer on here mentions discussing "vinyl" but other than a few questions up top about their first vinyls, I don't hear a lot else to write home about... yet.
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A must-listen for vinyl collectors
Jim is off to a great start, and I'm looking forward to what future episodes bring.
A Great Podcast that Goes Beyond Vinyl
I became aware of Jim Hanke as a contributing writer of Modern Vinyl and a frequent guest of the Sharing Needles with Friends podcast. Jim brings with him a wealth of experience and credibility as he’s been involved with the music industry for a long time - even being a regular guest on a popular WGN radio show in Chicago. I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting Jim in person. What Vinyl Emergency offers to the listener is a great forum for discussing vinyl, music, the music industry - but moreover, it shines even greater when his unique and “everyday" guests bring stories about their lives and insights not often found in podcasts that simply interview those with higher levels of notoriety. Jim is a fantastic host whose comfort and natural interview style behind the mic can be heard and felt from the first episode. Subscribe.
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