Vinyl Emergency
Vinyl Emergency
Jim Hanke
Episode 135: Ruston Kelly
44 minutes Posted Aug 10, 2020 at 10:00 pm.
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Show notes

Long before his flawless debut album Dying Star in 2018, Ruston Kelly had been loud and clear about metal and punk rock shaping his brand of Americana songwriting. But last year's covers EP, Dirt Emo Vol. 1, cemented that fact and laid out a confessional throughline between Taylor Swift and Saves The Day. On this episode, we’ll hear how vinyl played an important role in Ruston’s childhood, his attraction to authenticity -- be it from Eminem or the Carter Family -- and after overcoming addiction, what event made him realize "the universe is not out to get me, it’s out to show me what things are worth." Ruston’s new album Shape & Destroy is available August 28th, wherever you get physical or digital music. Visit for vinyl pre-orders and more.