Vinyl Emergency
Vinyl Emergency
Jim Hanke
Episode 134: My Morning Jacket's Tom Blankenship
56 minutes Posted Jul 27, 2020 at 11:00 pm.
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Show notes

For more than 20 years, Kentucky quintet My Morning Jacket has continually shifted and grown its sound — embracing folk, soul and psychedelia — leading to three Grammy nominations and a reputation as one of the best live acts working today. Half a decade after releasing their seventh studio album The Waterfall, ten more tracks from those same sessions emerged earlier this month with the surprise announcement of The Waterfall II, giving fans fresh material to digest while concerts are off the table during the current pandemic. On today’s show, bassist and founding MMJ member Tom Blankenship (aka Two-Tone Tommy) chats about thrash metal, playing 1st century coliseums while on tour in Italy, and why now was the right time to let fans know that there was more Waterfall material to be had. Visit for band news and vinyl pre-orders of The Waterfall II, and follow Tom on Instagram and Twitter, @sometomguy.