Vinyl Emergency
Vinyl Emergency
Jim Hanke
Interviews and anecdotes with musicians, album collectors, LP manufacturers and beyond about our connection to vinyl records.
REPOST: Wilco's Pat Sansone (Feb 2019)
This is an encore presentation of our 100th episode with Pat Sansone of Wilco. The band will be reissuing their third album Summerteeth as a 5LP/4CD box set this Friday, Nov. 6th.
Nov 2
1 hr 28 min
REPOST: Daru Jones (Drummer for Jack White, Pete Rock)
Enjoy this encore presentation from January 2020, featuring our conversation with drummer Daru Jones. You may have seen him recently on SNL backing up Jack White, and his latest collaboration with Pete Rock titled PeteStrumentals 3 drops on December 11.
Oct 19
1 hr 15 min
Episode 139: Nathan Ellis of The Casket Lottery
Kansas City native Nathan Ellis joined the pioneering experimental outfit Coalesce in the late 90's, as they made a name across the globe for intricate dynamics partnered with the fervency of hardcore punk and a live show that bordered on chaos. He later formed The Casket Lottery with more dialed-in, yet equally engaging songwriting, pointing to area bands like Boys Life, Kill Creek and Giants Chair as influences. A few years ago saw the vinyl reissue of the band's first three full-lengths, and today's wide-ranging conversation with Nathan takes us from Vincent Price to baseball, as well as obscure Robert Smith side-project The Glove to The Casket Lottery's truly-collaborative split EP with longtime friends Small Brown Bike. The band's new album Short Songs For End Times comes out November 6th, and can be pre-ordered at Visit @thecasketlottery on Instagram for further updates.
Oct 5
57 min
Episode 138: Vance Powell
4x Grammy-winning producer, engineer and mixer Vance Powell has worked with a wide range of artists and bands including Chris Stapleton, Buddy Guy and Phish. For vinyl collectors, he's arguably most known for being a consistent studio go-to for Jack White, not only being involved with proper studio releases from Jack and his various projects (The Dead Weather, The Raconteurs) but Vance is behind the boards of most every Live At Third Man Records LP, where bands record short sets in front of a couple hundred fans, direct-to-acetate. On this episode, Vance points to his favorite Third Man sessions he's recorded (including some Radiohead demos), how Chris Stapleton's famous cover of "Tennessee Whiskey" almost didn't happen, and why Vance's own barbecue kept him from his dream of recording U2. Visit for more info on Vance's work, and follow him on Instagram and Twitter @vancalot. 
Sep 21
1 hr 5 min
Episode 137: Dan Wilson of Semisonic
Early in his musical development, Dan Wilson was sure his true calling was to be a songwriter-for-hire, similar to his heroes like Carole King. And this drive continued despite the rise of his own Minneapolis-based band Semisonic in the late 90's and early 2000's, whose massive hit "Closing Time" remains one of the most recognizable singles of the late 20th century. As the trio's pace slowed, Wilson began accumulating co-writing gigs, eventually leading to a full-on second career behind the scenes, hitting a new peak by partnering with Adele on her smash "Someone Like You," which eerily enough turned out to be one of the most recognizable singles of the next century. On the cusp of a new Semisonic EP titled You're Not Alone dropping September 18th -- featuring their first new music in nearly two decades -- Dan chats about being blown away by the 20th anniversary vinyl pressing of Semisonic's Feeling Strangely Fine, how losing the band's original master tapes in the now-infamous Universal fire actually inspired a recent song, and coming full circle by co-writing with the aforementioned Carole King. Follow @danwilsonmusic as well as @semisonicband on Twitter and Instagram. 
Sep 7
55 min
Episode 136: Emma Swift
From the first time she ever put a Kylie Minogue cassette in her pink Sony stereo, Australia native Emma Swift has been a music obsessive. Her songwriting prowess brought her to Nashville in 2013 and she recently dropped the terrific LP Blonde On The Tracks, an album of Bob Dylan covers ranging from 1965's "Queen Jane Approximately" all the way to this year's "I Contain Multitudes" (which Dylan released as a single only just a few months ago), backed up by partner Robyn Hitchcock and Wilco's Pat Sansone. On this episode, Emma talks about Gram Parsons being a sort of "gateway drug" to country music, splurging on 7" Smiths singles while in Japan and why her dad was "a record collector's worst nightmare." Follow her on socials @emmaswiftsings, and get Blonde On The Tracks digitally or on vinyl from
Aug 24
57 min
Episode 135: Ruston Kelly
Long before his flawless debut album Dying Star in 2018, Ruston Kelly had been loud and clear about metal and punk rock shaping his brand of Americana songwriting. But last year's covers EP, Dirt Emo Vol. 1, cemented that fact and laid out a confessional throughline between Taylor Swift and Saves The Day. On this episode, we’ll hear how vinyl played an important role in Ruston’s childhood, his attraction to authenticity -- be it from Eminem or the Carter Family -- and after overcoming addiction, what event made him realize "the universe is not out to get me, it’s out to show me what things are worth." Ruston’s new album Shape & Destroy is available August 28th, wherever you get physical or digital music. Visit for vinyl pre-orders and more. 
Aug 10
44 min
Episode 134: My Morning Jacket's Tom Blankenship
For more than 20 years, Kentucky quintet My Morning Jacket has continually shifted and grown its sound — embracing folk, soul and psychedelia — leading to three Grammy nominations and a reputation as one of the best live acts working today. Half a decade after releasing their seventh studio album The Waterfall, ten more tracks from those same sessions emerged earlier this month with the surprise announcement of The Waterfall II, giving fans fresh material to digest while concerts are off the table during the current pandemic. On today’s show, bassist and founding MMJ member Tom Blankenship (aka Two-Tone Tommy) chats about thrash metal, playing 1st century coliseums while on tour in Italy, and why now was the right time to let fans know that there was more Waterfall material to be had. Visit for band news and vinyl pre-orders of The Waterfall II, and follow Tom on Instagram and Twitter, @sometomguy.
Jul 27
56 min
Episode 133: Nirvana Art Director Robert Fisher
Los Angeles native Robert Fisher has designed records for some of the most popular acts since the alternative rock boom, including Beck, Weezer and No Doubt. But starting with 'Nevermind' onward -- including all posthumous releases following Kurt Cobain's death -- Robert is most recognized for being Nirvana's sole art director, creating iconic album covers, sleeves for singles, box set packaging and anything else relating to arguably the most important band of the last 30 years. Recently, Robert launched the @NirvanaBucket Instagram feed, dedicated to his body of work for the group and showcasing rare flyers, tapes, scrapped ideas and even items Kurt provided him for inspiration throughout their partnership.  On today's show, Robert discusses how the final version of 'Nevermind' came to be, as well as stories surrounding Beck's 'Odelay' and Urge Overkill's 'Saturation'. HIs latest work for Nirvana is on the 'Live & Loud' 2LP set, released last summer, capturing the band's 1993 performance in Seattle for MTV. Visit to check out more of Robert's work. Music on today's show is from 'Every Sun, Every Moon,' the new album from I'm Glad It's You, available from
Jul 13
51 min
Episode 132: The Jayhawks' Gary Louris
First emerging from Minneapolis in the mid-80's, The Jayhawks have become one of the most noteworthy and influential bands within Americana/folk-rock, releasing a pair of albums between 1992 and 1995 (Hollywood Town Hall and Tomorrow the Green Grass) that are cited by fans and critics alike as touchstones of their genre. Today, lead singer/guitarist Gary Louris dives into his love of Krautrock, touring the Acoustic Sounds pressing plant, hunting for weird Italian or French LP's, and the one record that cost him a speeding ticket. The Jayhawks' new album XOXO comes out July 10th. Visit for social media, Gary's acoustic streaming performances during quarantine and more.
Jun 29
57 min
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