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Vince Russo simply tried to entertain
For years I followed Vince Russo, simply due to him being a great entertainer. Myself being a wrestling fan from way back and being witness to the attitude era, I always found myself to enjoy his podcasts. Lions, tigers, bears and disco was my favorite to watch. His reviews of wwe raw and smack down I also liked to listen to, since his opinions were very truthful. His that’s life segments were also very interesting because what he spoke about came from his heart. The bottom line here is that it is all entertainment. The person responsible in forcing the shutdown of his platform is simply wrong in doing so. You can disagree with him, but no one has a right to attack ones livelihood. I want to wish Vince Russo well, with hopes of being able to rebuild his podcast . I give him a five star rating!!!!! From a loyal listener.
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irv baum
I really try to give Vince benefit of the doubt but I feel uncomfortable because of the hypocrisy. During his one show, That’s Life, he teaches lessons to make our lives and the world a better place, along side of Jesus Christ. But then when I listen to him and his little side kick that laughs and agrees with everything (Jeff) make fun of people it makes me sick. I enjoy the constructive criticism of AEW WWE etc but sometimes they are relentless on Tony Kahn, the booking etc, for which seems like only to be against him. I don’t see how you can treat others how you want to be treated, but then keep burying people for the wag they speak, etc. it goes past difference of opinion. The one episode he’s even making fun of growths on David Meltzers face. Stop preaching Christianity when you don’t act like a Christian on your other shows. I can see having a laughing but it’s NON STOP. I can put up with Vince but Jeff Lane just hates on people because Vince does or if he just doesn’t like a company.
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Mark Madden
Great Podcast
I love all the content, it involves people who have been there and done that, not dirt sheet writers with a disgusting narrative.
This is becoming unlistenable. If disco left I would not unsubscribe.
matt k 518
Jeff Lane is terrible
His co host Jeff Lane is unbearable to listen to he needs to go
Eazy E the conquerer
Superb Podcast
By far the best professional wrestling podcast out there today. Vince Russo maybe controversial to some, but who isn’t today in the world of professional wrestling. I believe he speaks from the heart and is full of honesty and integrity. Kudos to you Vince Russo for keeping the members of The Brand continuously entertained.
Brawl for all was an absolute joke.
Russo is yelling and going on and on about nothing or complaining half the time. This guy clearly puts out quantity of quality. There is no substance in his podcasts.
Do more conspiracy horseman
Video nice trying to preach gods word is unbearable
Pure racism and sexism
All day every days from these folks.
Con Man and Beyond Awful
Between Vince and his obnoxious and whiny host Jeff Lane this stuff is unlistenable material. Vince is a con man and cons his “fans”(marks) for $$$. They are a sick group of people with awful content. Run away and don’t listen!!!!
Must listen to “who is in control of your life”
Recently downloaded the podcast and my first episode was titled “who’s in control of your life”. Vince leaves a powerful message. I liked hearing his takes on wrestling but I’m a bigger fan after hearing a man who is truly trying to help make an impact on the listeners. 5/5
Listened to a few episodes and didn’t mind at first.... got to be annoying .. and the co-host barking out ‘cheers’ from listeners every few minutes makes me stop listening.... . The show was a good listen months ago.
Matt Costigan
Great podcast. Controversial figure in the wrestling business but you can’t deny that he was instrumental to the greatest era in wrestling.
That’s life
Thank you for doing That’s life, it truly is the most important show you do. I can say it has helped me in my walk with Jesus.
Vince Mark
That’s me a little bit
Regular listener
I’m glad Vince is doing this podcast. Everyone should hear it.
Boring racist liar
Having a patreon is one thing but...
Charging listeners each week to get full content is ridiculous. You buried yourself because you got greedy. Even the best in the podcast game’s (Prichard/Conrad) Friday show remains FREE. That’s how you do it. Not this B.S. with short clips of random excerpts.
Stu Dubb
Those guys at super ugly are great and everyone should be listening to them
Great podcast
Great podcast and the Twitch channel is truly revolutionizing the fan experience. Very insightful, informative and entertaining content with Vince and the team.
Premium Acct
Hello new to the realm network i recently subscribe to the vince russo podcast n paided the premium service but can find the vip episodes on my iphone podcast app. Can some1 help?? What am i doing wrong?? Thanks
Southern Justice
They’ve pulled all the good shows that were free and put them on the realm network, which is fine, he’s gotta pay the bills and Jeff Lane at the listeners expense. There are a lot of podcasts out there for us wrestling fans just as good if not better.
Vince is pure genius! His work is never ending! 8 shows a week! Who else even does that? NOBODY!! He’s podcast Gold and anyone who isn’t a mark needs to listen and rate and follow Vince on iTunes!
The truth
Big fan of Russo after hearing him on stone cold. Man speaks the cold hard truth every episode. Some people don’t like that, but it’s their loss. This show makes me laugh out loud more than anything.
Check facts
I’m just a fan but but what qualify you to judge someone who did something with life and change the wrestling business ...Russo is a open minded man that is allowed to have a opinion
Vince is a creepy old man who has no business talking about “teen mom og” or “teen mom 2” yet still does to stay relevant. No one likes you pal
Noel thinks she is the queen.. always playing the pity card
Dropped the good stuff
Well this pod was great until they took away the good shows. LTBD was the best... so they decided to make you pay for it.... Castrations was great... so they decided to make you pay for it.... Review show is okay.... but they make you pay for it. Vito puts himself over 91% of his speaking. I understand they want to make money... but in my state, it is against the law to watch video and drive... I don’t need the show on video.. I just need the cast... but now I got to pay the same price as those who watch and enjoy every show when I only need to hear it and only like 2 shows...
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PodcastOne’s loss
Just found the new podcast feed. I’m a paid subscriber but listening on iTunes is easier. Still relm paid sub is worth it just for castrating the marks.
Thank you for putting Superugly Show on. Yesssssssssssssssssssssss
Sgt Peppers Russo Club Lives
Vince vanished, no podcasts? I had to hear about what Ryan Satan did from a wrestler buddy of mine. The Brand Lives and so does Mr. 8 Days himself. If your not down with that I have two words for you “yellow submarine”.
Michael 99004
The truth about Vince Russo
Best podcast in WRESTLING. Thank God!!
Adrian Montanez
That’s life!!
Love the brand!!!!
Vince...the voice of the voiceless!
That was ludicrous what went down with podcast one, but as they say you can never keep a good man down! Keep giving the raw truth that we ALL need to hear! Keep the faith!
Love it!
Castrating the marks is straight up hilarious!
Fetty Rob
The best!
Nothing better then good ole Vinnie Ru!
the mac life
Best podcast if you want to know FACTS
HIGHLY recommended for any wrestling fan
Great listen
The entire Brand Family of hosts are unbelievably good. There’s a great mix of insight, humor, etc from everyone. Vince Russo and Jeff Lane are the best guys on podcasts
Always entertaining
Vince Russo and his cast of characters always deliver entertaining content about multiple topics not just wrestling
Robert Wiesman
BRO! It’s Grandpa Vince!!
Huge fan of Russo’s shows and a member of the Brand - Glad that RELM finally has a way to get the podcasts on iTunes. Getting Color and That’s Life are the best!
Welcome Back
Excellent Podcast. Glad you found a new home. Love how you keep it real.
Love Vince
Sorry the way u were treated on that other network... I deleted them!! I followed you here. Love listening to you!
Welcome back
Welcome back to iTunes.
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