VIEWS with David Dobrik & Jason Nash
VIEWS with David Dobrik & Jason Nash
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Miss you
I miss you two please come back
i am begging
please come back. these used to get me through the day and i’m literally restarting it for the third or fourth time and i need more 🥺😔
Please come back!
Please come back!
Man I really miss David and these podcast..
((Fx)) Bart
Come back
Everyone misses you guys! Come back
Come Back Ducking ?ussies
Come back
I miss this podcast
Please come back
It has been long enough for me please come back and do more episodes.🙏🙏 I would listen when I would do homework and I miss it. You guys made me laugh so much.❤️
Please come back
David please man you have to bring these feeling and stories out to the people that don’t blame you and miss your energy. You have to start somewhere so please start back here
I just crapes my self
ronal swanson
Need more
Podcast episodes. Thanks
Come back
Always listen to these in the morning on my way to work and when I go to sleep, best podcast ever.
I farted lol
Ew David ur disgusting
Come baaaaaack!
Hope you’re doing well 😞 miss these, listening to the old ones over and over again.
missing you
still waiting for another podcast to drop
I have only been listening for a couple weeks and it is great!!! I love it but when every one is the (I mostly like Natalie and ilia)!!😀 keep doing what you doing. Plzzzzz keep doing the podcast just no ADDISON OR MADDISON.SO ANNOYING
kaylee peasha
WE MISS YOU DAVID (and jason)
David (and jason)your the only thing that gets me through my school days I can’t wait for you to come back love you David and yes ig you too Jason
Views podcast
The Views podcast is one of the best! If you are familiar with YouTube and social media star David Dobrik you are guaranteed to enjoy it. As someone who has followed David for years, it was interesting to see a behind the scenes view of the life of young millionaire Dobrik, along with his older friend Jason Nash. The unexpected duo does an excellent job of keeping it interesting. Not one episode is like the next. It seems as if they have an unlimited supply of stories from their childhood, all the way up until the last vlog they made. In one episode specifically, David recounts the time when he threw a surprise party for Jason in the middle of the night. Some of their other friends like Todd, Scott, and Natalie, made guest appearances on the show and all gave the story from their point of view. Another great aspect of the Views podcast is that it's not only an audio show, but David and Jason also upload a video recording of each episode, so you get to see them interact in real life. It'sawesome! If I could ask David and Jason a question, I would like to know how they met. They have such an unlikely friendship given that David is in his 20’s and Jason is in his 40’s. I think it would make for such an interesting podcast episode for all listeners to find out how this friendship came to be. In the future I would like to see Jason and David discuss the topics of cryptocurrency and online dating. Given that both Dobrik and Nash are social media influencers, it seems appropriate for them to talk about apps like tinder. Im curious as to what their point of view is when it comes to online dating given that they meet many people through social media already. Also, I think cryptocurrency would be fitting for these two knowing that David is into stocks and investing and I would like to see his point of view on the future of money. I would 100% recommend this podcast to a friend. If you’re interested at all, I encourage you to give it a listen.
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Hannah Renner
Come back.
I miss you! I love you! Everyone makes mistakes and a lot of people have to make dumb choices before they grow up. You are better than your mistakes.
Not good.
Just another podcast with 2 awful people. These men are awful. Thats it , lol.
Neil Ange
How do you live with yourself?
So greedy. So selfish. So careless. You’re a bully. Being charming is only going to get you so far. You hurt so many people, including “friends” and fans. Get help dude. And to your fans: you don’t see the red flags when you’re wearing rose colored glasses.
Melby G
I miss the podcast
This podcast is what gets me through work, I need it back🥲😭🤌🏻
I just started to watch you like in feb and I genuinely enjoy your content, you all are such entertaining, funny human beings . Especially Jason mf Nash ! David Julian dobrik ! stop calling Jason old, you’re going to get old too you dummy ! I wuvv you though jejeje . Jason, I saw you was in New Jersey . I live in New Jersey and I wanted to meet you but it was far from where I live so I couldn’t go . I hope you had fun ! Anyway, I wrote too much . Sowieee . david Ik you’re a good person, I can feel it . I hope you can come back hopefully sooner then later :{ . I’m a big fan of your content which is really rare for me honestly, you should be honored that I even like you at all jejeje jk ♡
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your future solmate :) dd
Come back
I miss your podcasts they kept me going each week. Please come back 🥺
The app lover ❤️
This guy sus
Get him voted out, Jeff said he was sus, he pulled a knife out and nearly killed him.
disappointed in them
get some help david
barn girl emily
Love the podcast ❤️❤️ but plz come back I have heard the podcast over and over again…
angi 🤍
Love it !!! ❤️❤️ Please come back !!!
swag2006 Martinez
Need More views episodes
We love you guys and understand you made some mistakes. Just glad you took accountability and pls come back 😩
vlog camera
Miss them
Come back!!!!!
Come back we miss you
It’s been long enough!!
Don’t come back
We don’t miss you
We miss you Dave!
I don’t know if you guys look at these comments but I just wanted to say we miss you a lot. Hope you’re taking care of yourselves and doing better.
The only good part about this is that we don’t have to hear Natalie and Ella’s annoying voices
Where did you go?
I can only give you 3 stars right now. Haven’t had a podcast from you in a while! I’ll change my stars when we get more podcast.
Come back
We miss you
sexist raccon
Baby come back!
Yoooooo come back I miss this podcast!!
Everyone makes mistakes
I wish ‘normal’ people who made mistakes were scrutinized as much as you guys have been. This is enough. Cancel culture acts like no one makes mistakes and everyone is perfect. Come back boys! We miss you and love you.
boneless willy
Miss you guys
I miss listening so much.
Stop forgiving them and respect the victims
If you haven’t been personally harmed by them, it’s not your place to forgive them or say it’s ok
Man come back it is enough
I miss the weekly podcast as when I workout, sleep , or during work listened to these podcast but now I’m pretty sure I’ve listened to all the podcast and I miss the episodes. Don’t listen to the haters, people make mistakes and learn from them people saying you guys have done wrong aren’t perfect either if they say they have never made mistakes their lying. Hope y’all don’t take the negative comments to bad. yes of course I’m not proud of the actions y’all took but I also know people grow from mistakes and learn from them and I will always be a fan. Love y’all ❤️❤️❤️
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Cancel these creeps
Everyone defending David and Jason in these reviews are sick. They are both 100% at fault for sexually assaulting Seth. And letting dom sexually assault a drunk girl. If you think otherwise, you are not mentally right in the head. Plus David almost killed Jeff ( and “Jonah” when jumping over a pool on a scooter) cause he was illegally driving the excavator. A lisenced driver would have known if you spin too fast, it emergency stops cause it’s not suppose to go fast. Shame on anyone defending them.
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Great show
So funny. I wish they would do the show some more.
69,420 reviews!!!!!!!
69,420 reviews let’s gooooo!!!!!
Jason Nash is the real star
Jason Nash should continue the podcast
Have whatever opinions you want but they make hilarious and entertaining content. Please come back I miss the podcast.
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