VIEWS with David Dobrik & Jason Nash
VIEWS with David Dobrik & Jason Nash
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So happy Views is back!
Love the energy of the podcast! It’s the best when Natalie and Ilya join. I always forget how long you guys have been friends.
my favorite podcast !!
i never go an episode without laughing so hard! i really hope weekly podcasts come back soon
Finally back!
More of just David and Jason ONLY!
No more natalie.
A fun listen
Most recent episode that was posted was a half repost of a previous story but otherwise it’s always a good listen if you just need to relax
papi ganoosh
Happy to hear the pod is back
Kyerstin Lawhon
taylor is this shows only hope
literally why is taylor, the most likable person in this group other than suzy, never on the pod now? also david I hate the stupid smiley face hat im sorry
Ur canceled David and we don’t like you SCUM
Lovely Peaches 18
Yo bring this podcast back !!! Break was too long im losing my mind listening to music at work. I want to laugh or here some interesting stories
Bring the show back
Show is great and it should return asap. But please finish stories or go more into details. Seems like you guys jump around too much
A Var
Love y’all camera or not
You guys are the best and either way if David stops recording or keeps recording y’all are the best🖤🖤
R y e n n
A positive listen
life’s been super rough lately and have gone through a lot of hardships. I discovered this podcast not too long ago and now it’s my go to podcast. I love how light, and funny it is. Really has been getting me through this hard time
Podcast with just Jason and david
I heard their latest podcast. I thought he finally listened to his viewers and kept the pod simple with just them… I actually liked the 1st half. Then david friends came in. Makes the podcast horrible. People overly laughing into a mic is so annoying. This needs to be with just Jason and david. The others bring zero substance . Natalie’s voice is annoying. If david is going to continue bringing all his friends. Why can’t Jason bring someone ? Like Have one friend each. That’ll bring a better balance Instead of hearing david and his friends talk about their memories.
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Comeback, bring back Ilya also your teacher coming back for an episode would be great
Yes, Get Rid of Natalie. Please
Well, that’s for when you actually start posting. I thought the podcast was coming back? But there’s been nothing for a month. Anyways, Natalie adds no value to this podcast and isn’t even supposed to be a co host. All she does is complain and make extremely rude comments. I don’t know why you guys want want that energy around. We certainly don’t!
daddy dobrik
upload more please 😎😎😎😎😎🥺
David always sounds like he doesn’t wanna do this
David if you hate to podcast. Just don’t do it. It’s not always just about the money.
Bring back the JTWP
Upload more
Love it, but you guys need to post more!!!
Worlds best people and podcast FR
missin you -ur biggest fan
See ser
Love nash and DOBRIK
started watching from the beginning so I have enough to listen to for work!
Milo add me on snap emilio_rj
Great Uplift
Listen as I go to sleep. Fun, sometimes insightful and reminds that there is joy to living. Amazing that they can juggle so much to share with us. Fills my soul.
Love you guys!
Glad to have the crew back at it! Love the channel, love the podcast, and I can’t wait for your new show on Discovery. Hope you guys have a never ending adventure out there!
Emo Crab
the haters can just not listen, i love that the podcast is back but i would just love more consistent uploads!!😎
Love the podcast but...
I love the podcast but they’re always inconsistent when uploading, I was really looking forward for a podcast this week but nothing 😔.
Deez Nutz
Bad people
Should be cancelled.
Literally stay mad
Lol at all the mad alt girls in the reviews. I love his podcast this is hilarious
So Glade You guys are back highlight of my week
Being self aware
One thing I say when I realize a joke didn’t land, is “tough crowd” an that one usually gets em’ lol. Glad you’re back in the states! An so glad Views is back!
David I can’t believe that after everything you did you still act like you did nothing wrong it’s sad how men get away with everything you have disappointed me so much
Angie Krystina
to all the hate
i understand that people could be mad at david, but you guys seem to look past all the good he did and all the families and friends lives that he’s changed. some people won’t agree but he’s done more good for others than bad.
the best !!!
idc idc idc I love David and all his videos !! I’m so happy he is uploading podcasts now.
Love this podcast so much
Listening for the 5th time. This podcast is so funny and entertaining
So happy ❤️
SO HAOPY YALL ARE BACK !!!!! Missed you guys so much
Who thought this was a good idea?!
After all the terrible things that went down and we’re publicized for everyone to see why would anyone support a podcast with a man (David Dobrik) who ignored the trauma committed by a fellow member of his group to young women for a long period of time, among other allegations that came to light. An apology video on the internet does not make everything better. It can’t fix the damage that has been done or fix David’s “image”. Bringing back this podcast with David Dobrik is not only wrong but lowers my respect for him even more. The people who were hurt because of events that David Dobrik was connected to in some way can’t just wake up one day and pick up their old life like nothing happened because it takes time to heal from trauma. The fact that David Dobrik has the privilege to just wait back into his social media presence like nothing happened is disgusting and it makes me wonder if he truly is or ever was sorry as he claimed in his apology videos. How anyone can support this podcast is appalling.
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My opinion
Look I don’t agree with what happened but no hate I looked up to these guys for all the good they did for there friends and strangers and I still do, I’m willing to let them prove that they can move past the problems but with that aside I missed them and all the times they got me to laugh and smile.
It’s ok
The only reason I don’t watch/ listen to this podcast is cause of Jason.
How does this loser still have fans?
David Dobrik is a piece of garbage who almost got his friend killed, among other terrible stuff. Shouldn’t have a platform at all and all the preteens fawning over him should be ashamed of themselves
Sounds Manic
Was happy to see it back but I really don’t like the added female host. David is a grown man, get past your school days.
My weeks are back to normal
I am so glad you guys are back dont ever leave us again
Terrible person
Your a monster
Why did I just now find out y’all were in Wisconsin and so close to my hometown 😭 no one ever comes to Wisconsin. Also did you get some cheese curds while you were here?!
Glad you guys are back!
How about instead of a paywall y’all do more ads and sponsorships on the second podcast episode so that way us broke people can listen too🥺 if you see this pls think about it. Also, it’d be great if you guys filmed this podcast. The new studio is beautiful, you could just post your regular banter (with or without guests) on YouTube. It’s more fun and accessible to watch that way. Hope this helps☺️ love you David and Jason💙💙
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Get off the internet r4p3 enablers.
All I’m saying is WELCOME BACK WOOOO aaaand Natalie is the way she is because she’s a Sagittarius and y’all have a connection because David’s a Leo 🔥❤️ Missed you guys!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Second podcast
No I don’t think we need another podcast somewhere else we will miss a lunch if content then you guys will bring it up here and we will be lost !!! Forcing people to pay and I listen to every single episode and I personally wouldn’t pay. Love the podcast I missed it so much I would just go back listen to old ones !!! Glad your guys are back.
Yeah now you have to make 2 podcasts to make up for the HIATUS you guys took
I missed this podcast so much!
Please do 2 a week.
No Paywall
2 Podcast, but no paywall!!!
iCyAn x
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