VIEWS with David Dobrik and Jason Nash
VIEWS with David Dobrik and Jason Nash
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pretty legit show guys
More ilyaaa plzzzz, he’s the most fun out of everyone.
Jason’s old
I work at a morgue if you need a discount in the near future. Jsyk
brandon curtits
jason is literally the most annoying mf on the planet. the deuce I dropped this morning would make for a better podcast partner
I just noticed more than half the reviews on this podcast are made by 6 yr olds.
Favorite podcast!!
I’m a big podcast listener ... this one is the best by far! This most recent episode released on 1/12. It’s so interesting to hear about Jason’s Hollywood and SNL history. I love the BTS of how everyone got started in their careers and how everyone met etc. Would love to hear more about the BTS and thought process behind the vlogs. The best duo ever! I love the ying and yang of Jason and David- and simultaneously their similarities in harmony. Keep up the great work!! I’m looking forward to what you guys create in the future.
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Noreen :)
Mike sheffer sucksssss
Never have that idiot back on..
Justin Mays
Davey I love you boo boo, but if you ain’t going to give us the vlogs at least give us longer pods. Please and thank you :-) ‘94 baby. Ps. I’m not a “cool, but where’s the vlogs Tik Tok commenter” just need a little more of you in my life.
So great
The airline idea in the last podcast sounds AMAZING
Fan since day 1
I have been listening to this podcast since the beginning and I don’t know what people are talking about. This past year has had the best episodes. I like the addition of Natalie, Ilya and Ella. Gives it a new dynamic and different point of views. Seems like people just want to hate for no reason.
We need more of the vlog squad in the podcasts, and more behind the scenes
Wow. Just wow. Idk how these guys r so entertaining by just talking. Great podcast 😊
I mean it’s not bad
It’s a great podcast don’t get me wrong but I personally think the podcast used to be better when it was just Jason and David It just ran smoother but it’s still really entertaining
What I look forward to every Thursday
I love the crazy conversations you guys have, love listening to the podcast in the car. I seriously laugh by myself listening to this and others think I’m crazy. But I don’t care. Lol. Keep it up guys! 💙
Sad how things changed
I miss when it was just David and Jason. Everyone else annoys me 🥲
good podcast, would be great if the teeny weeny came back. joe really carried the podcast so i guess david decided to have him killed
Dave plz listen to your fans
David, the whole point of this podcast is the dynamic between you and Jason. Quite frankly, I think you’re losing that by adding more people. you really don’t need to bring all three of your assistance on the podcast, specially Natalie and Ella because they sound bratty and spoiled and honestly, I think they forget that YOU are their boss. Taylor on the other hand is sweet. but please keep it only you and Jason, or maybe Ilya from time to time. every time Ilya was in the vlogs he made them more fun and he does the same thing to the podcast. he’s just genuinely entertaining, so if you want to bring someone on the podcast Ilya is a good choice. but don’t bring 8 people at once. also remove Natalie completely. she completely ruins your humble image.
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Love it !!! ❤️❤️
swag2006 Martinez
Bring back joe’s tinie Winnie podcasts!!
Please read this and take it into consideration. Thank you.
You talk about money a lot, 20 episodes have money in the title. Don’t get me wrong I love you but are you really in it for us. I mean 40 mins, 1 podcast a week and 5-10 minutes are ads. Are your really in it for the money or is? How much do you make for ad revenue? I would do 5 star but there is to much ads and it’s so short. How can you talk about stuff on the podcast and not have ideas for the vlogs, you probably get a lot of crap about this but I have gone to YouTube videos called dd best moments this guy is making bank bro of you best moment’s?
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I love these wish there were more podcasts like this and longer like 3 hours
Only bad part is Ella
Cant stand when she’s on the podcast. Entire time is just constant screaming into the microphone
I think this is so wired I mean I’m 6 so I mean maybe grown ups think it’s better but I saw dodge ball thunder dom in josh gates tonight bc me and my brother watch it all the time and I saw ur YouTube channel so i type in ur name at the podcast.........I think you should make it better bc I think it’s inappropriate
Elyse the egirl
Taylor STAN
Just give Taylor a mic next week hahaha
i’m out lol
just bunch of white ppl talking, boring after a while
Podcast lost its charm
I hate to say that Trisha was right, but it’s true. The beginning of this podcast was so fun because we got to hear about the bts of the vlogs, and everyone was genuinely excited about podcasting. Now there’s no video recording, there’s no teeny weeny, and the whole thing just seems like a way to get paid. The stories are boring and played out. Sad to take this podcast out of my subscriptions :(
Stop drop and roll
David and Jason are so funny and honest about behind the scenes and what actually goes on! Not something every influencer does. They are not afraid to be embarrassed! :)
segsy lexi
This podcast man
I listen to it every week right when it comes out. Recently I was going back and listening to old podcasts and all I have to say is I loved the parts when they would read the emails from fans and give them advice or answer questions. Can we get that back again? Also, I used to never listen to podcasts, but this podcast makes me laugh every Tuesday when it comes out.
Great work
Been a big fan of David’s for a while and the podcast is always something I look forward to every week. Though it’d be cool if they could make the episodes longer and bring back the JTWP. Also, the bickering between David and Natalie is sometimes brings the whole mood of the podcast down (but that’s just my opinion) other than that, great work. 👍🏼
Nice podcast
Interesting podcast, quite funny, We need more Taylor she sounds sweet.
Only one...
Ok I have only one complaint why do you keep releasing on Tuesday it said Thursday other than that good job🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Love the podcast keep it up... O I paid 35 for my marriage it was called a Quaker wedding at our house with family and friends it was awesome
less jason more assistants
what i said period
more nat ella and tay
I LOVE THOSE GIRLS!!!!! they keep y’all in check
I used to love this podcast
With the addition of the roommates/assistants Jason literally doesn’t fit in anymore. It used to be so good with just David and Jason and now it’s boring and all over the place. PLEASE get rid of Taylor laughing in the background, it’s so terribly annoying.
I hope you get your advanced parole soon!
Too much shouting and arguing about stuff that doesn't matter. it’s annoying and the assistants can sometimes come off as bratty and they complain tooooo much, sorry guys! I have noticed that you guys are trying to step up your podcasting though! It seemed like at the beginning, the podcast was annoying you to do, but I hope you guys step up your game for 2021
It’s not what it use to be anymore. Just let it be David and Jason. The rest really ruin pod
How can people say LESS ELLA,ILYA they are amazing love them all,all of them are amazing. Views podcast make me laugh every time I listen big fan 🤍🤍.
Can you please stop talking about money and all the random things ur achieving?? I mean its fine when its just a little segment but when the whole podcast you’re talking about how ur sister deserves more money just cuz she’s ur sister so she has followers I just have to stop... also the times that i listen to this arent the proudest moments of my life so i really dont wanna hear about somebody elses ever gowing wealth.... i just wanna laugh... but i mean im just one person so who cares
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Posting dates
i love the potcast keep it up🙌🏼 if yall could ACTUALLY post around the same day every time would be great thanks.😊
This was the first podcast I clicked on and I made the right decision
john rewey
fave podcast
fave podcast but wish it could go back to just david and jason 🥺
More tequila Taylor stories
More tequila Taylor stories!!👏👏👏
Love you guys❤️
Honestly just love listening to you guys! Nothing to complain (like others😒) just happy to hear you guys & all your friends! ❤️
Listen here..
Listen to these at work and I just crack up!! You guys are hilarious.
I don’t listen to podcasts
I really don’t listen to people talk but I listen to music and when I remembered that I had the podcast app on my iPhone I was like let’s listen to ur podcast and then your podcasts are the best they make me laugh and I really like them make more please
Marco Arztse
Super Hero
David is a already a super hero and doesn’t even know it 😔
Omgaaah did you really say “spah-no”
love this podcast
nat tells the BEST stories.
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