StoryCub - Video Stories for Kids 2-8 - Children's Video Picture Books
StoryCub - Video Stories for Kids 2-8 - Children's Video Picture Books
StoryCub - Video Picture Books
Hey! You’re watching StoryCub - that’s awesome! Could you please do us a BIG favor and give it a 5-star rating on Apple Podcasts and Write a Review! It would help us spread the word and boost our motivation! StoryCub is bridging the gap between the traditional and digital storytime experience. Storytime that is both fun and educational, your child will enjoy and learn from our online Video Picture Books. It’s Storytime, Anytime! - 
Viewed in more than 150 countries, our early childhood mission is to promote reading while enhancing skills needed to be successful in life. StoryCub™ - Video Picture Books™ take on issues such as problem-solving, decision-making, responsibility, and getting along with others. StoryCub has been recognized by the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) for the way it connects parents and educators with authors and publishers o in today’s digital world. Perfect for Bedtime or Anytime!
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I like it but...
Hi my name is Alexa and I like it but it’s a little bit to short and I disagree that it is not that good I,m sorry but my child disagrees to I sometimes listen to it to although I,m 31 ye that’s it
Hi my name is Katelyn and today I’m reviewing story cub And I’m talking about the wonderful of how it is when you’re reading this book or the podcast like you have to read it’s like they’re reading to you and I’m 22 years old about four years old when years old baby I would love this thing it just like the song baby shark do do do do do baby shark do do do do do do baby shark do do do do baby shark mommy shark do do do do do do mommy shark do do do do do mommy shark do do do do do mommy shark safe at last do do do do do do safe at last do do do do do I think it’s for that reason like that like this thank you and baby
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Emma Balingit
So educational I love it !!
Tuji Abdulaya
Vary good I like it a lot for a forth grader and I am glad that I cep it.
Carolyn's iPhone 7
Wish the stories were better but my kid still loves it
Honestly the stories they read on here are...not great literature by any means. Unfortunately my kid disagrees. I do like that they are very appropriate for young kids. I can let him listen to them during quiet time and I don’t have to listen to them, so we both win. I do wish the video wasn’t included because I have to put the iPad where he can’t reach or he will just stare at a screen...not something helpful to encourage reading.
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kids lit snob
Wow! Amazing!
So fun and informational. My kid loves this. So do i
The real Mr. Right
Totally Awesome!!!
*****StoryCub has become a nightly ritual in our family. Highly recommend from a picky family.
This book is very nice.
my 5 year old loves this!
the content is short but fun
This is one of, if not the best ways I've found to get children interested in reading. More importantly, it contains a message that every lazy parent needs to be reminded actually read books with their kids. I'm using it in my early child development program. It doesn't push an agenda, but rather encourages the importance of reading, in a cleaver, entertaining way. Highly recommended.
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Dr. Trian
Great for kids!
My kids love it. They would sit and listen to me read stories all day if they could. Now they can discover new stories anytime! I love that it promotes parents reading to their kids and provides info on where to buy the real book. Great job!
Christopher Kozicky
Free AND Good
Alot of the free podcasts are not so good. I am always looking for something interesting for my Toddler to look at in the car. I love that this promotes real reading-- Bravo for StoryCub.
Kareem Indaeye
Great mix of digital and real world books
Finally someone gets it! A great mix betweeen books and podcasts. As parents we really get it. This is a creative introduction to real books.
zoe booker
Lets be honest.......
We have 2 little kids. Life is good, but challenging. We can go out to eat, but often bring the kids with us. Thank goodness for the ipad. We let the kids watch at the resturant sometimes. I feel so much better having them watch stories like this with a real person reading. We actually bought 2 of the books after seeing the videos. Thanks!
A truly imaginative site with brand new stories and characters for our kids to enjoy! I especially love the Hairy Dogmother story by Julia Dweck! Keep up the great content!
Delfin Barral
This is GREAT!!!!!!
My son loves the stories. Thank you StoryCub!
Can't wait for more
Story Cub is our new bedtime ritual - the kids LOVE it! Thanks and keep em coming!
A delighted Grandmother
I stumbled across Story Cub while looking at what was available for children. This podcast is absolutely delightful! I'm a new grandmother and feel a child is never too young or too old to be read stories. Now I don't have to stand in the book store, confused, I can preview the books I want to purchase on Story Cub. I'll be sharing this with the rest of my family and friends!
Grandma Kari
My kid could not get enough...
Last night I found this and had my 31/2 year old watch some stories with me. I had to fake that the computer unplugged itself to get him to bed. This morning my nick name was BOB BEETLE! I guess I'll have to buy that book this weekend. Keep up the great work Story Cub! we'll be back.
Interaction feature doesn't work
I like the story but the interaction feature doesn't work...😞
Mrs. Culata
Great stuff!
I can't believe this is free! My kids absolutely love it. A great way for them to pass the hours and learn at the same time.
Record Hound
Amazing! So touching!
I love it! So great to connect parents and children through stories inspired with love, education and tenderness. Let's all build a legacy for a better world!
I shared this with some little ones. We ( including myself!) thoroughly enjoyed it! What a great concept.
Nancy Early
Great Idea!
A really good way to expose my daughter to more books on a device she's obsessed with, my iPhone and iPad! A great way to expose her to more reason out loud that we can watch together.
Before it's time to say goodnight
We just loved this. My 6 year old and I got this first story and listened to it. After the young man that red the book was done, my daughter asked can we buy this book? So I guess i need to go find it now. it was kind of cool to be able to preview the book before we buy it. Can't wait till tonight when we will see another one...
My daughters daddy
Grandchildren love it
I just found these stories and played them for my granddaughter. She loves it. She wants me to play it again and again.
Grandpa sig
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