VHS Bandits
VHS Bandits
KevBot, Topher Hansson, Dane
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The Review Show I Have Been Looking For!
These guys are great and the movies they choose are amazing. A little horror, a little Sci-fi, a little action, loads of nostalgia. Some of these tapes I have long forgot about and some I have had on the tip of my tongue for years but just couldn't remeber the title.
The most extreme review show ever!
Covering great movies on a great format!
These guys are hilarious and they cover some wild movies that you may not have heard of, but will definitely want to watch after hearing this show cover them! Most movie podcasts are great when you know the films they cover, but for the most part I'll skip episodes of films I haven't seen, but VHS Bandits is so fun to listen to that it really doesn't matter if I've seen the movie or not! In fact, I've watched a couple movies I never would have thought of just from hearing these guys talk about them! As a fellow VHS collector I appreciate their interest in the nostaglic awesomeness of tapes and love the vibe of the show!
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Dan Ali Sr
VHS Bandits Stole my Heart and my Free time!
{{Burp}} The VHS Bandits are Wicked Pissah!! I listen to this podcast solely for their accents alone. The fact that they talk about awesomely bad movies on VHS is just icing on the cake. Pro tip - Fun idea for a drinking game. Take a drink every time The Dane Train says “Any Who” lol Sincerely @videovore
Captain Maximum!
Could be so cool, but it’s not
Potential is there
Brings me back
The days where I had a huge VHS collection were fun days. Finding weird cult films at Suncoast and Blockbuster. The podcast is solid and worth your time if you lived through Reganomics or wish you had (spoiler: no you don't). ALL HAIL PODTRON!
If Winston Churchill hadn't died before they invented the internet, this would've been his favorite
I can't really back that up. But I can say that this show is hilarious. Great rapport, great chemistry between the hosts, and they are funny enough to carry the weight of 1.5 hr episodes. Great choices in movies, too.
These are the movies I grew up with and the banter between the hosts is what makes this podcast work!
Great show!
I love the nostalgia I get from listening to VHS Bandits. If you grew up in the 80s and 90s, you'll appreciate this podcast. Keep up the good work!
VHS awesomeness
Love this podcast . VHS all day. Takes me back to my childhood
Amazing Podcast!!
Huge fan of this hilarious podcast of three buddies, and an occasional guest talk about old vhs movies after watching them. Very funny and filled with episodes of movies that you may not know but will most likely want to check out after listening to them chat about it.
5 stars
Love these guys !
Love this podcast!!!!
This podcast is what How Did This Get Made would be if they entirely focused on movies from the VHS era. In one word, amazing. Its fun to listen to 3 close friends review ridiculous, unintentionally funny movies from the 80s and 90s. Highly recommended!!!
Jim Alicata