VHS Bandits
VHS Bandits
KevBot, Topher Hansson, Dane
Ep. 111 "Vitsie Video Sitter, Space: A Music Video For Children"
57 minutes Posted Sep 21, 2020 at 1:01 am.
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Grab your space-backpack and space-belt because we're taking a trip with Vitsie the video sitter... to space! And boy is it a trip. This video was made as a babysitter substitute for deadbeat parents who were sick of their whining kids and wished that they could blast them off into out space and spend a romantic evening by themselves at the Moon Motel in a coin-operated anti-gravity bed. Back in the day, Vitsie made that wish come true, for 30 or so minutes anyway. Who is Vitsie? Well, she is a cracked out cyborg in a mustard robo-suit with glowing eyes, ya know, someone you can really trust with your children. What are we waiting for? Let's blast off!

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