VHS Bandits
VHS Bandits
KevBot, Topher Hansson, Dane
Ep. 110 "Smart House"
1 hour 29 minutes Posted Sep 7, 2020 at 1:01 am.
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Are you tired of living in a stupid, dumb, stupid house? Us too! That's why we went back to the past to see the future of home intelligence by watching the Disney Channel original movie Smart House! Take away the bright colors and goofy sound effects and this movie is a straight-up horror flick. It's basically about a sentient home A.I. that becomes obsessed with its residents and eventually tries to murder everybody that gets in between them, needless to say, its rad! So turn off your virtual assistants, pour a bowl of creme of breakfast pasta soup, and pick up your universal remote because it's time to watch Smart House!

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