VHS Bandits
VHS Bandits
KevBot, Topher Hansson, Dane
Ep. 109 "Eight Days a Week"
1 hour 23 minutes Posted Aug 24, 2020 at 1:01 am.
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If you're anything like us in high school then you loved 100 Girls... the movie that is. Not nearly as many in real life, which is exactly why you probably loved that movie. Well, this week we bring you it's predecessor: Eight Days a Week. They're essentially the same film: A dude who's watched Clerks one too many times pines over/stalks a girl while his friend has sex with a watermelon. Need we say more? Joining us this episode is VHS Bandit alum Jonster Monster! So bring your VCR out on the lawn, pull up a patch of grass, and get ready for Eight Days a Week!
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