VHS Bandits
VHS Bandits
KevBot, Topher Hansson, Dane
Ep. 107 "The Misery Brothers Y2K"
1 hour 31 minutes Posted Jul 27, 2020 at 2:59 pm.
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This week we bring you one of Dane Train's favorite movies (spoiler: not one of KevBot's favorite movies) The Misery Brothers Y2K! What the heck is this movie? Great question, we're not sure the writers even knew. However, it does have a star-studded cast including Lou Ferrigno, Abe Vigoda, Roddy Piper, Erik Estrada as an Elvis impersonator, and a bunch of other actors who presumably owed someone a favor. This movie has it all, musical numbers, mafiosos in drag, flying plastic babies, goofball Italian goons, and lots of inexplicable chickens. If that doesn't sell you on this flick I don't know what will. So sit back, don't ask too many questions, and pop in The Misery Brothers Y2K!


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