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Ep. 106 "Deep Rising" with Kevin James
1 hour 35 minutes Posted Jul 13, 2020 at 1:01 am.
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It's officially time for summer blockbusters! But we watched Deep Rising instead. For this episode, we are joined by the ultra talented filmmaker and podcaster, from Guaranteed Audio, Kevin James! Luckily for us, Kevin happens to be the official VHS Bandits Deep Rising expert.

If you think watching Harrison Ford kick some aquatic alien ass on a cruise ship sounds awesome then you're in for a treat! Treat Williams that is, because Harrison Ford isn't in this movie. But hey, Dead Heat rules so there's that. With a plot that has about as many holes as the sinking ship, it takes place on Deep Rising will keep you on the edge of your crap-trap until you're sucked in by a toilet tremor!

Check out all of Kevin's work and more that we mention in the episode because, seriously, everything this dude makes is gold and right up any VHS Bandit's alley.

Kevin's latest video game documentary "Not for Resale" is available now and a must for physical media lovers like us! "Not For Resale examines the sea change in video gaming from physical media to the digitally distributed future, featuring interviews with store owners, game developers, journalists, and  preservationists about what lies ahead for the world of physical media  and how it affects more than just video games."

Check it out: www.gamestoredoc.com

Follow Kevin James on Twitter: @KevinTheJames  

Check out Kevin's other work: www.kevinthejames.com


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