Vermont Dog Trainer Show
Vermont Dog Trainer Show
Ian Grant
Ian Grant, owner of Vermont Dog Boarding & Behavior brings you a podcast dedicated to interviewing a dog trainer from every state. Also included will be his Facebook Live Streams, his "Talking Dogs" radio show, and interviews with influential people in the dog business. We hope you enjoy the show and please leave a review for Ian in iTunes.
Vermont Dog Trainer - Positive Reinforcement & Balanced Training - Chit Chat
One of our viewers asked which training philosophy do we practice.  This is one of the most popular questions there is when it comes to dog trainers.  However I think our answer will surprise you.
Nov 30
33 min
Vermont Dog Trainer - Business Name Change - Talking Dogs Radio Show
I thought it was important to stick to my roots which is why I went back to the original name of my business.  We do more than just train dogs here and I think Vermont Dog Boarding & Behavior explains more of what we do.  Courtesy 93.9 WLVB
Nov 26
8 min
Vermont Dog Trainer - Retractable Leashes & Building Trust - Chit Chat
Matt and I discussed how I used a retractable leash during one of my lessons last week.  We also answered a Facebook question that had to deal with building trust between 2 dogs around food.
Nov 23
28 min
Vermont Dog Trainer - Nutritional Variety - Talking Dogs Radio
I wouldn't consider myself an expert in canine nutrition, but I do have some knowledge of it.  And variety is the spice of life right?  Well it's quite important for our dogs too when it comes to their nutrition.  Don't be afraid to add/change things with your dog's food.  But if you aren't sure, consult with your veterinarian.  Courtesy 93.9 WLVB
Nov 19
8 min
Vermont Dog Trainer - In Homes & Renae - Chit Chat
Matt and I went to do an in-home consultation yesterday for one of our regular clients last week.  You may not know Renae that well, but she is an awesome employee that does a ton of work around here.  Her cleaning was out of this world last week and she always gives 110%.
Nov 16
18 min
Vermont Dog Trainer - @nobonesaboutitpetcare Instagram Interview
***There is a silence/delay at the start of this interview, you can fast forward to 1:40 mark which is when we get started*** A little bit of a role reversal as it was my turn to get interviewed in this episode.  This was from an Instagram Live with Abir from No Bones About it Pet Care.  We talked a lot about my start in the business, socialization, and dog daycares.
Nov 13
1 hr
Vermont Dog Trainer - Play Dates - Talking Dogs Radio Show
I see a lot of mistakes made when it comes to doggie play dates.  If you have play dates with your dog on a regular basis, this is and episode you don't want to miss. Courtesy 93.9 WLVB
Nov 12
8 min
Vermont Dog Trainer - Kennel Cough & My Basement Days - Chit Chat
I'm hoping we have gotten through our Kennel Cough situation last week as this week we are back open again.  In the mean time Matt and I discussed how I ran some of the business out of my home in the early days.
Nov 9
18 min
Vermont Dog Trainer - Medicating Dogs - Talking Dog's Radio Show
Prozac is one of the most popular medications for dogs.  It is prescribed for many different behavioral issues, but I have a prediction and I'm praying I'm wrong.  Tune in to hear it.  Courtesy 93.9 WLVB
Nov 5
8 min
Vermont Dog Trainer - Sheriff Dogs & Pack Walk Strategies
In this episode Matt and I discuss the Sheriff dogs that want to control group play.  We also touch on how we each have our own strategy when it comes to pack walks, but end with the same result.
Nov 2
31 min
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