Verge of Discovery
Verge of Discovery
Evgeniy Shishkin - interviews with the experts in science and technology fields.
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Hear About the Latest Discoveries
If you love science and tech, this is the podcast for you! Hear from fascinating people who are deep in the world of tech in the form of interviews--learn something new by listening to this podcast!
WOAH!! Love this ☺️
If science and technology interests you, this is a must listen. You can learn so much. I got sucked into the episodes myself.
Kristianne @ Create Your Now
Awesome science based information
Being a business owner I understand completely that, in the world we live in, moving forward and discovering more is key to success. I highly recommend this show to anyone looking to expand their mind and learn more about the world we live in.
Danny Johnson -Flipping Junkie
I love technology!
Thanks for creating this show!
Must Listen
Great show. Excellent content and perspectives on science and technology.
Out of body quantum reality
Wow, I love this show! Anyone who wants a wide variety of exciting discoveries in their podcast inbox will like this too. I'm fascinated by the topics - which are seldom, seldom addressed in the mainstream knowledge.
Trigg Ehr
Well done!
One of my favorite podcasts on iTunes!
Mother Jen
Great show!
I love learning, and this podcast has a lot of great info!
For My Son
My son is going to love it! He is really interest in science and I want to support him in his interest. This podcast is very well produced and Evgeniy invites very interesting guests.
Olena Centeno
Love this focus of emerging technologies, as well as rethinking current processes (like how we use resources). Overall very interesting and very well done!
Alexandra B-P
Science just became fun to learn about
Evgeniy takes the drab and boring gout of science. I even had my 16 year old listen to an episode with me and she seems more engaged in her physics class now. I never thought I’d enjoy science but now I know where to go when I need help getting into it.
Rick @ The Coming Out Lounge
Yes, Yes, Yes
Ok, so I'm a neuroscience geek. Yep! That means I love reading, talking and listening to everything good about it and other sciences. This show is soooo good at talking about the sciences in a way that everyone can not only understand but also apply to make your life even better!
Rick Petry
Diverse Guests and a Well of Knowledge
I love learning new things and you get that experience in every episode.
Discover Awesomeness!
Discovery Nation! Start with you Passion you can Discover great things! Love the theme of this podcast and how it will evolve. Get ready to Discover!
Not intimidating in the least -- a good listen even for those who aren't well-versed in the sciences. Fun to listen to, interesting, and i would definitely recommend for anyone looking to learn more!
Science is awesome!
If you are into Science and Tech, then this is Sci&Tech heaven!
Great Interviews with Experts
Nice clean interviews with experts. Enjoyed the discussion with Martin Lang on Anxiety. Keep it up!
Stay on top of new technology and scientific developments
Great show. Evgeniy delves into cutting edge technology and scientific discoveries by interviewing those who know. This is a great way to keep yourself informed of the next big thing around the corner. Check it out!
Great podcast! Full of great information about so many great topics that I wonder so much about! Love it!
Stay on top of new science & technology!
If you want to stay on top of what is new with science and technology this is your podcast! Every episode is so interesting and I love learning the latest about tech! So good!
I learned something today!
Evgenly has taught me so much today my head is about to explode. This is awesome. Really enjoyed your interview with physicist Dr. Farooq. My ten year old who loves science is going to love this podcast. Keep up the good work. Adam Farmer - CoHost of Getting Started Right Podcast
A Look Into What's Coming...
Great content delivered in an interesting manor by Evgeniy. Feels like all the batteries are included with this podcast. Good work that has paid off BIG!
ArJay the Digital Professor
Anxiety Rituals and Religion: Martin Lang
In an illuminating and fascinating interview, Martin Lang talks about the role of ritualization and religion in our every day lives. Great show by Evgeny Shishkin who is a fine host. Well done and wish you all the best!
Don Hutcheson
Very Influential!
Interesting things being discussed on every episode and its very important to apply it to our day to day life and we’ll surely see results. Keep it up!
Simon W Chan
Super interesting and very educational
This podcast is a must-subscribe! The show brings on a bunch of inspirational guests who really get you thinking about the bigger things in life. The host himself is very articulate, asks great questions and has the uncommon ability to not interrupt his guests as they talk. Five stars and can't wait for more content!!!
Good stuff. The host allows the guests to do overwhelmingly most of the talking. We gain more knowledge this way!
brilliant show
Love tuning in, glad I discovered this, it’s mind-bending and fantastic.
Shaolin Soprano
Phenomenal Perspectives
This is not your average podcast. Evgeniy interviews an incredible cross section of guests on some truly fascinating topics. You’ll never be bored. He’s somehow gained access to a cadre of guests that you’d never typically hear from. Genius discussing genius!
Vincent Polisi
Awesome Podcast!
Great and approachable podcast. As a person who doesn’t deal with science much in my day to day, I find it super approachable and very informative. I have a son who’s super into science so these topics and conversations are things that could add a layer of insight and discovery for my relationship with him.
Stoked steve
Great Science Based Information
As an engineer I love people that give science based information on life and growth. There is a little bit about everything here. Some is about culture and others is more about what I can apply in my life. I am loving it so far.
Benjamin Tyler
If you love science & tech you’re gonna love this podcast
If you love science & technology you’re going to love this podcast. Evgeniy dives deep on topics with his guests. Always eye-opening, always thought-provoking. Must listen if this is your space.
Glenn Leibowitz
I love science and I love this show!
Absolutely awesome that I can get my science on anywhere with this show. I am a science addict and I am addicted to this show!
Dr. Mark C.
Great stuff!
Great new podcast, I can’t wait for more!
I am loving science now. Thank you for producing this show. Making science cool and top of mind!
Slapshot Jay
Very good listen
Great episodes and will be tuning in for more
Verge of Discovery
This podcast has a lot of potential!!
Ev is my boy
I'm only giving this 4 stars because Ev has a ton of potential this podcast is just going to get better and better. Just wait, Elon Musk is going to be on here and you can say you were a follower since the beginning.
Good information of Science and Tech
provides useful and pertinent information on the field of discovery - Good to listen to and learned from
Verge of Discovery
Enjoyed the first episode. Looking forward to more!
Not stuffy at all
I am enjoying this podcast and looking forward to a few more. It makes science fun again, like that favorite teacher you had once. Interesting things being worked on and discoveries being made. The interview is at a level that is enjoyable to everyone.
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