Value Adds Value: Helping You Become The Teacher Your Kids Deserve!
Value Adds Value: Helping You Become The Teacher Your Kids Deserve!
Kyle and Wilkie
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Welcome to the VALUE ADDS VALUE Podcast where we want to help you become the teachers your kids deserve. Over the course of the last six years we've found a process for adding value to your teaching craft. Here's what we want to help you do: Build your craft through experience! Sharpening your skills through reflection! Leverage your unique gifts as an educator to change lives! On this podcast we share the experiences of teachers from around the globe to help you BUILD, SHARPEN, and LEVERAGE your teaching craft! Join our PLC at Support this podcast:
#38: Real Rap With Reynolds!
48 minutes Posted Mar 21, 2018 at 3:21 pm.
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    Episode #38 is one of our best yet as we were joined by CJ Reynolds (@realrapwithreynolds)! CJ teaches 9th grade English at Latin Boys High School in West Philly... INSERT THE FRESH PRINCE THEME HERE and has an incredible YouTube channel with which he puts out videos on teaching. During our conversation we talked about the value of both authenticity and vulnerability and how we models them for his boys. CJ also discussed how to "find the you" among your students meaning that if we are struggling to connect with our students we should seek out kids who were like us at that age because we can easily relate. And among other things made the point in conclusion that our job as teachers is to make sure kids feel seen and heard and challenges us to strive at that goal. It was a powerful conversation and you're going to want to follow CJ wherever you can!
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