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James 2 | Your Sanity Is In Your Serving | Pastor Mike Signorelli
Follow along with the Book of James reading plan and notes! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yfs20KPo-KXCV3AEoVVxlT3yTIF7J-2a9LZxP1Ucs8g/edit?usp=sharing
Jan 22
52 min
How Your Struggle Is Your Next Level In Disguise | James 1 | Refresh | Pastor Mike Signorelli
In this sermon, Pastor Mike dives into the introduction of the book of James, exploring the profound wisdom shared by James. The emphasis on humility, acknowledging the hierarchical levels in the Kingdom, and the significance of facing tests and challenges with gratitude are highlighted. James encourages bold and timely prayer, emphasizing the role of tests in developing a deeper relationship with the Father. The call to cheer when others succeed underscores a belief in God's ultimate control over outcomes. Life's challenges are viewed as opportunities for growth, and the importance of guarding against internal temptations is emphasized. James reminds us that every good gift comes from heaven, urging listeners to desire gifts from that divine source. Practical advice on reacting to news and the transformative power of aligning with God's Word is explored. The sermon concludes with a reflection on true religion, emphasizing reaching out to the needy and guarding against corruption. Join us as we uncover the timeless wisdom of James and its relevance to our lives today.
Jan 15
1 hr 11 min
Vision Sunday | Pastor Mike Signorelli
Vision Sunday | Pastor Mike Signorelli by Mike Signorelli
Jan 7
50 min
2024 V1 Church Prophetic Service
2024 V1 Church Prophetic Service by Mike Signorelli
Jan 7
49 min
Wild and Wise | Matthew 2 | Family Matters | Pastor Mike Signorelli
The wise men: Stopped Observed Understood what they observed Moved on what they understood Went on a journey to Christ. They were WISE + WILD. Wild without wisdom = foolish Wisdom with being wild= cowardly God is looking for those who will stop and see what He’s doing and move. Take a journey
Dec 24, 2023
32 min
Imperfect Yet Chosen | Family Matters | Pastor Mike Signorelli
In this sermon, we delve into the profound narrative of Jesus' genealogy, birth in humility, and the transformative power of prayer. Matthew 1:1-17 traces the lineage of Jesus, showcasing unexpected figures and emphasizing that God's plan transcends boundaries. Join us as we uncover the richness of this heritage, the unexpected characters, and the overarching theme of divine strength found in humility and prayer. Segment 1: Unexpected Inclusions in Jesus' Genealogy Matthew's genealogy challenges conventions by including women and non-Jewish figures. Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, and Bathsheba, all with diverse backgrounds, demonstrate that God's promises are for everyone, regardless of lineage. Matthew underscores that belonging to God's family is about belief, not solely about blood ties. Segment 2: Symbolism of Fourteen and Divine Rest Matthew's use of the number fourteen symbolizes completeness in God's redemptive plan. The sets of fourteen generations imply that Jesus is our Sabbath rest, emphasizing the culmination of God's work. The lineage, filled with flawed individuals, illustrates God's ability to work through weaknesses to fulfill His will. Segment 3: Born in Poverty, Crowned in Humility Exploring Luke 2:1-7, we witness the humility of Jesus' birth in a stable, challenging worldly expectations. Even in poverty, Jesus embodies divine strength. His birth becomes a testament to strength flourishing in humility, inspiring us to reevaluate our own measures of strength. Segment 4: The Power of Prayer and Divine Dependence Luke 5:15-16 reveals Jesus' practice of withdrawing to pray, showcasing not weakness but a powerful acknowledgment of divine dependence. In prayer, Jesus found strength, guidance, and a profound connection with God. We discuss the transformative power of prayer and how it can be a source of strength in our lives. Embracing Divine Strength in Vulnerability As we reflect on Jesus' imperfect lineage, humble birth, and prayerful dependence, let's recognize that our weaknesses are gateways for God's strength. May this truth resonate in our hearts, empowering us to navigate our journeys with humility and reliance on divine strength. Tune in to discover the profound stories behind Jesus' lineage, the significance of his humble birth, and the enduring power of prayer in shaping His journey on Earth. Keywords: Jesus genealogy, divine strength, humility, prayer, unexpected inclusions, Matthew 1:1-17, Luke 2:1-7, redemptive plan, completeness, vulnerability, strength in weakness.
Dec 17, 2023
48 min
Don't Become Bitter And Resentful | Family Matters | Pastor Mike Signorelli
Point 1: The Weight of Unmet Expectations Scripture: 2 Samuel 13:22 (ESV) "Absalom spoke to Amnon neither good nor bad, for Absalom hated Amnon, because he had violated his sister Tamar." Absalom's silence echoes the weight of unfulfilled expectations. Discover the dangers of harboring resentment and hatred when expectations go unmet. Learn from Absalom's failure to address issues directly, emphasizing the importance of open communication and resolution aligned with God's principles. Point 2: Consequences of Unexpressed Emotions Scripture: Proverbs 14:30 (ESV) "A tranquil heart gives life to the flesh, but envy makes the bones rot." Explore how Absalom's unexpressed emotions led to envy and inner decay. Understand the danger of unspoken feelings and the call to express emotions in healthy ways. Gain insights into handling shattered expectations with reliance on God's guidance. Point 3: Finding Redemption Through God's Grace Scripture: Psalm 34:18 (ESV) "The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit." Absalom's tragic story unfolds, but it's not without hope. Discover the abundant grace available in times of brokenness. Learn to turn to the Lord with a contrite heart, finding solace and redemption amid the consequences of unmet expectations. Conclusion: Reflect on Absalom's journey and examine your own heart and relationships. Uncover the dangers of unmet and unexpressed expectations, choosing a path of open communication and reliance on God's grace. Navigate life's challenges with resilience, knowing that hope rests in the One who is near to the brokenhearted. May God bless you abundantly as you navigate the complexities of expectations, cultivating a life rooted in love, communication, and reliance on Him. Amen. Additional Insight: Resentment leads to avoidance. Explore the biblical context of Talmai, king of Geshur, and his daughter Maacah's marriage to David. Understand the political alliances of that time and the implications for Absalom's mixed heritage, influencing his actions in the biblical narrative.
Dec 11, 2023
1 hr 20 min
Help! I Have A Toxic Family | Family Matters | Pastor Mike Signorelli
Help! I Have A Toxic Family | Family Matters | Pastor Mike Signorelli by Mike Signorelli
Dec 4, 2023
1 hr 3 min
The True Meaning Of Jesus Blood | I Have Decided | Pastor Mike Signorelli
Embark on a profound journey through faith as we conclude our series, delving into the decision to follow Christ with an unwavering commitment. Unraveling the tapestry of belief, we explore the historical significance of blood— from the Old Testament's sacrificial system to the transformative power of Christ's blood in the New Testament. Old Testament Sacrificial System: Leviticus 17:11 reveals the atoning power of blood, symbolizing life offered in lieu of the sinner's. We journey back to Passover, where the blood of the lamb foreshadowed a vital principle: being covered by the blood as a shield. Exposition: The Historical Connection Exodus 12:13 portrays blood as a sign, protecting those covered. This exchange, blood for blood, initiates a concept of grace—questioning who bears the cost. Tension: From Old to New In the New Testament, a shift from animal sacrifices to Christ's blood is evident. Hebrews 9 emphasizes the necessity of blood for forgiveness, drawing a powerful parallel between the Old and New Covenants. Resolution: A Personal Decision— It’s a SOUND Revelation 7:9-16 depicts a multitude, redeemed by the Lamb's blood. The conclusion emphasizes a personal decision to accept Christ—a conscious choice echoing the sound of protection in times of trouble. Conclusion: The Sound of Trouble Passes The series concludes with the blood as a sign, a sound, and a sanctifier. It marks our covenant with God, echoes through history as a reminder of sacrifice and love, and sanctifies us for a purpose beyond ourselves. Join us as we exit with the assurance that the decision to follow Christ, sealed with His blood, covers, protects, and transforms. This truth, a sign, a sound, and a sanctifier, resonates in our hearts as we step into the world.
Nov 27, 2023
40 min
You WILL Move Forward NOW | I Have Decided | Pastor Mike Signorelli
You WILL Move Forward NOW | I Have Decided | Pastor Mike Signorelli by Mike Signorelli
Nov 20, 2023
56 min
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