Coach and Coordinator Podcast
Coach and Coordinator Podcast
Keith Grabowski
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Great Content
The content the podcast brings is great and probably the best of any football podcast especially in the way that Keith seeks information from coaches and has a plan.
What a great resource
If you are looking for good coaching schemes, drills, or technical information it is in these podcasts. All levels great stuff
Hollywood 74
Great information
The information received from the interviews are amazing. The only way we can get better as coaches is to learn from each other. Glad I was able to find this podcast
Always has great information to help coaches become more effective and successful at positively impacting young men!
Great for coaches
Jam packed full of insights from coaches who really know what they’re doing. Keith doesn’t feel the need to tell you how smart he is, he really facilitates getting the knowledge out of very smart football minds.
Very Informative
It is great to be able to hear directly from coaches on a wide variety of topics ranging from game strategy to developing relationships the athletes that we coach.
Advancing the Game
No one promotes the sanctity of the game more than Coach Grabowski. He is a cutting edge offensive mind in his own right. We are fortunate to have his eyes on the game at every level.
Great Listen
Coach Grabowski is doing a great job of bringing on some really intelligent guests with a variety of experiences. I have become a daily listener — and the show has helped me develop professionally and network with the right people. - Coach Jordan Irsik
Great variety
Coach always changes up the topics and gives us new and varied content. Just really appreciate and can hear his passion for the game coming through.
Great guests and convo
New listener after hearing Coach Joe Davis episode. Great football talk!
Love the Episode with Coach Callahan (MN)
Great insight! Coach Callahan gives great insight on the Gopher’s team culture and on the technique on outside zone.
jim smith tolliver
Great resource of philosophies, tactics, and techniques
Great one stop shop for pointed discussion on every side of the ball. Big fan of the conversations and tips... the guests are top notch and provide insight for coaches all levels
One of the best football pods, if not the best. Always take a lot of notes. Great content. Appreciate the work you do.
Not a Coach - still the best podcast I listen to
Even if you are not a football coach, the principals of building a team and a culture are applicable to developing any number of well running organizations. Coaching is management and listening to this podcast has added a number of tools to my management toolbox.
Old dog & new tricks
Entering my 52nd year as player, official, or high school/college coach and find something to help me get better in the Coach and Coordinator podcasts. As a QB Coach, I can find much to learn from coaches on either side of the ball. I especially enjoy hearing the young, passionate voices of guys on their way up as well as the “old guys.” If you are a serious football coach, this podcast needs to be at the top of your playlist.
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Coach WJMoon
Great Podcast
Coach Vass and guests have brought an incredible amount of knowledge. They really dig into nuts and bolts of each concept.
Nick Davis
Nick Davis is the best! His enthusiasm that he displays through the interview can be seen in his work. He does a wonderful job at Rose😊 it was really nice to hear more of his story through the podcast! Go Rose!
Always great info
Great podcast Especially liking the deep dive on defense episodes
Great Information
I’ve recently started listening to this podcast and it’s amazing. It has a variety of topics that are as relatable as it gets to the game of football. Really thankful I’ve found this podcast!
Koach Kent
High Level Learning
I started listening a little over a year ago and listen daily if possible. The volume, variety and quality of what Coach Keith Grabowski has built on the Coach & Coordinator podcast is an unparalleled football resource for coaches at all levels. Offense, Defense, Special Teams, Culture, Program Building, Personal Improvement and more. If you enjoy learning about football, improving your program or building the capacity of your coaching staff- START LISTENING NOW!
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Coach P, Wayzata Football
Great Coaching Resource
Coaches, I stumbled upon Keith’s work in January of this year and have since listened to the majority of what he is putting out on a weekly basis. Keith does a great job getting phenomenal speakers from all levels of football. Their topics cover all three phases of the game as well as team building/culture. If you’re wavering on whether or not to listen to his work start off by finding Trent Dilfer’s USA Football Conference, “Coach Says”. From there you’ll a plethora of quality topics that will help you improve as a coach, I know that it has helped me greatly this off season!
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Justin Stigler
Great resource
This is a great tool to hear ideas of some great Coaches. It has enhanced my perspective of the game and changed some of my thoughts. One necessary improvement would be the audio quality.
Best Resource
This podcast is awesome! I have listened to this since last December (2018) and have already saved 10 or more podcasts and taken numerous notes. Not only will you be a better X’s and O’s Coach, but a better program and culture coach when listening to this. Thanks Coach Grabowski for making coaches across the country better everyday!
Possibly best coaching podcast ever
Seriously, this podcast has anything and everything you need to learn more about the game of football. X and O’s, organization,drills, culture, wide variety of guests,etc. This podcast is fantastic and one you can listen to over and over!!
coach struck
Every Coach should listen
I am a regular listener to the Coach & Coordinator podcast. It is an excellent way to have a daily professional development while you drive, work out, or listening at home. Coach Grabowski does an excellent job of bringing us diverse topics, and a line up of experienced coaches from all levels of football. The C & C podcast is a must for all coaches at all levels of experience.
Coach Chad Stadem
One of the best football podcasts around
Not blowing smoke, honestly a great pod and love all the work that is put into it. Lots of great info that has helped me learn and grow as a coach.
Coach Mahoney
Insightful and practical
Coach’s podcast has guests from all parts of the country at all different levels. He asks great questions that allow coaches to give actual information that is applicable. From ideas to promote your program and recruit the halls of your campus to practice planning or play-calls. I highly recommend for coaches at all levels.
A must for any coach
As a high school football coach my mission is to use my platform to positively impact the world through love, effort, attitude and discipline (#LEAD). While my primary goal is to develop these character traits in those under my supervision I also strive to win. This podcast is perfect for the growth and development of any coach as coach Grabowski uses this medium to introduce listeners to a wide range of coaches from all sorts of backgrounds and experience to help coaches from both a tactical and philisophical level. It is like going to coaching clinic every single day. I teach the class "coaching football" at a Division I University and this is the only podcast I suggest to my students. I also recceomend it to my assistant coaches.
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Diverse Perspectives
Most of the coaching pods I listen to are single host style, which I enjoy, but Keith’s interview/guest format works really well too. I enjoy hearing from the diverse voices on the show, always come away with a new idea to consider implementing in our team and program! @scotttappa
Valuable Resource
This podcast is such a valuable resource to help any coach at any level. Thanks to Keith and all coaches who share their expertise.
Co-OC/QB Coach Massillon Washington Ohio
This podcast is great for any coach at any level. I really enjoy listening to this podcast during the offseason whenever I have free time. Coach Grabowski does a tremendous job with the content and guest he has on.
Jarrett Troxler
Excellent Learning Resource
I'm a young coach and this podcast has been tremendously helpful in teaching me new things from schematics to program building and culture. Coach Grabowski's interviews are always very organized and his questions are well thoguht out. I would highly recommened this podcast for coaches. - Jake Timmerman
Coach Timmerman
Listen to it!
Tons of great topics, and in-depth coverage of the topics! Very good stuff!
Top notch coaches podcast
The coach & coordinator podcasts are great for coaches of all levels and ages. I have implemented several of the ideas shared on the podcasts and feel like it has impacted not only myself, but my players.
coach patterson
A Great Learning Resource
Prior to Keith teaming up with USA Football I listened regularly to his coach and coordinator podcast. Keith does and excellent job covering all phases and all levels of football! The coaches he interviews always share great thoughts, ideas and insights on the game. Highly recommended for coaches at all experience levels!
Podcast is Top-Notch!!
This podcast is fantastic! Living in TN and commuting an hour to the school I teach and coach at gives me the opportunity to listen while driving! I love listening and getting ideas on wide variety of topics and schemes. Really enjoy the Leadership Podcasts with Brian Kight! I would highly recommend every coach to listen to Coach Grabowski and this Podcast!!
The Real Deal
Coach Grabowski is the epitome of solid in our industry. His ability to attack the issues with class and dignity is second to none. I always enjoy interacting with Keith and appreciate his out-of-the-box mindset. This is a must subscribe.
Incredible content
Have been so impressed with the content put out in these podcasts. Keith does a great job of putting stuff out that relates to scheme and program development. I have had the opportunity to be on the show a few times and always enjoy talking ball with Keith.
Coach Steiny
Great Podcast For All Coaches At All Levels
Any coach at any level has something to gain from this podcast. They do a great job of staying on point and providing in depth content while keeping it entertaining. If you’re a young coach looking to get detailed content in a quick manner, or a seasoned coach looking to stay up with new content, this is the source you need.
Coach G is a student of the game
Coach G is a student of the game in all aspects - technical, tactical, physical preparation, and mental side of the game. And the Coach and Coordinator is an extension of his holistic view of the game. Most importantly, Coach brings his passion to each episode.
Joe Eisenmann
Great Resource
I have been a consistent listener to Keith’s programs for a long time. The variety of podcast are outstanding resources. It can be an everyday clinic, and as they said if you can find one thing. Keep up the great work!
Coach and Coordinator Pod
I have known Keith for many years and his passion for the game, and for the profession, are as strong today as they were 20 years ago. The great thing about the podcast is that Keith is taking what he loves to do -- talk football -- and expanding it to a world-wide audience. USA Football continues to lead the way in promoting this great game. Many thanks!
Extremely informative and great way to connect with coaches across the country
These podcasts are a phenomenal way to let coaches across the country here multiple ideas and solutions to problems they are facing before and after the season. Also it is a great resource to hear different opinions for issues that you may be facing during the season depending on what offense and defense you run. USA Football and Coach Keith do a phenomenal job allowing coaches from all over the country and all levels to discuss what works for their program and how we can help your program. This is just another reason to listen to this podcast consistently and connect with those coaches via social media and conferences that USA Football has throughout the year.
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Coach Gibbs FL
Absolutely awesome resource!
I have found this podcast to be absolutely awesome!! A free resource you can use to become a better coach!! Keith does an outstanding job in picking some of the best coaches and some of he best speakers out there!! The series with Brian Kight has been exceptional! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to grow and become a better coach!! Many thanks!!
Nov. 7 Episode is a Game Changer!!!
I have been listening to Keith for a little over a year and have used many of the ideas presented. This podcast (Nov. 7 episode on Deliberate Practice) may be the biggest "game changer" for us to date. Simply put, this episode details the difference between fundamental and skill. Fundamental is defined as the movement pattern a player needs to perform for his position (i.e. a LB striking and locking out against a blocker) while a skill is the decision making process a player needs to make to execute the fundamental and make the play (i.e a LB striking and locking out AND shedding in the correct direction to tackle the ball carrier). As coaches, we get caught up doing drills that mimic movement patterns but are devoid of decision making. While these movement patterns are important, it may be equally if not more important that the player make the correct decision to make the play. This review is not giving the episode it's due respect so please, listen to it. I would also highly recommend reading the article related to this topic titled, FUNDAMENTALS, TECHNIQUE AND SKILL IN AMERICAN FOOTBALL, A WORKING DEFINITION, PART I by Andy Ryland on USA Football website. Jason Bornn, HFC Saugus H.S., CA
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Great tool for football coaches at all levels
I’ve been a regular listener for about a year and a half, and Coach Grabowski, the staff at USA football, and their guests do an excellent job. Whether you’re a new coach or a seasoned veteran, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better learning resource than this podcast.
Coach and Coordinator PodCast
This podcast has been a key piece in becoming a better head coach. As a first year head coach, I am absorbing information and experience. The podcasts offers a real and honest perspective of what I am experiencing on the day to day business of high school football. I most appreciate the big focus on developing programs in the areas of culture and character development. Thanks Coach Grabowski
Best coaching resource available!
Best topics and coaches you could ask for. Always find things in every episode that can help improve our program.
Coach Lian
My daily listen
USA Football’s Coach and Coordinator Podcast is a game changer for me. It’s my daily listen. I go back and listen various times to certain episodes. Keith does a great job putting together a variety of different guests with different backgrounds. For a football coach there is not a better podcast in my opinion. Great work Keith!
wamego red raiders
The BEST. The guests are always SO impressive/helpful.
Old Willy Tho45
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