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Coach and Coordinator Podcast
Keith Grabowski
Creating Apex Predators - Tony Holler, Feed The Cats
42 minutes Posted Nov 30, 2021 at 4:16 am.
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Show notes
On today’s podcast, host Keith Grabowski is joined again by Tony Holler, creator of the Feed the Cats speed workout program. Holler has over 40 years of experience coaching football, basketball and track in the state of Illinois. Holler joined the podcast today to talk about the pursuit of speed and power and how coaches can set up their off seasons now to create "apex predators."
-The current situation
-Changing the Mindset
-Working for 90 seconds of an hour (work to rest ration)
-The need for speed in all positions
-Data on top 10 NFL tackles
-Slow does not age well and it doesn’t play well
-The average measurables of the sack leaders in the NFL
-Issue with the “let’s grind” mentality
-Asking the right questions
-Record, rank, and publish
-Seeking fatigue instead of seeing fatigue as the enemy
-Getting buy-in from players and coaches and parents
-Joey Garuacio
-You can’t argue with the numbers
-Measuring what matters
-Creating apex predators
-Baseline measurements
-When is more strength detrimental?
-Brian Kula - Christian McCaffery’s trainer
-No single lift translates to being fast
-What to measure and how
-Calculating MPH
-You have to run fast to get fast
-Testing is training and training is testing
Measuring jumps twice per week
-How to record, rank and publish
-The numbers tell you so much
-Treating entire team as athletes
-Speed workouts and X-Factor workouts
-Become like fast people and do what fast people do
-Recovery is pronounced
-Don’t crush them on Monday
-Track and Field Consortium
-Change comes from the fringe
-The Feed the Cats network of coaches
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