Coach and Coordinator Podcast
Coach and Coordinator Podcast
Keith Grabowski
Thank You Coach - Angus Reid
1 hour 1 minutes Posted Nov 25, 2021 at 4:45 am.
Reid’s TED Talk
Reid’s relationship with Dan Dorazio
Football is a people business
Are you impacting players beyond the game?
Coach Dorazio’s player to coach relationship
You must know people and treat them individually
Coaches must maximize what’s in front them
You’re not going to rise to the occasion, you’re going to sink to your training
Coach Dorazio’s use of humor
Excelling at the game with skill and technique
Practice: focus and frequency
If something matters you do it every single day
Make your standard crystal clear
How Dorazio looked at film
Dorazio’s personal letters
The “Thank you”
Keith’s thank you from a former player
Where to get “Thank You Coach”
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Show notes
Today’s guest on the Coach and Coordinator podcast is Angus Reid. Reid is a former CFL offensive lineman whose 13-year career brought championships and multiple awards of accomplishment. Keith Grabowski brings Reid on to discuss his TED talk on why kids need high school football and his book “Thank You Coach: Learning How to Live, by Being Taught How to Play”. In this podcast Reid highlights what the game of football does for young people, and the everlasting impact he received from his coach in the CFL which Keith believes should be a coach’s ultimate goal.
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