Coach and Coordinator Podcast
Coach and Coordinator Podcast
Keith Grabowski
Looking Back At The Season With Terry Shea, Retired NFL And College Coach
31 minutes Posted Nov 19, 2021 at 4:13 am.
Looking back at memorable seasons
How to build loyalty within a staff
Taking accountability
What makes a team special?
Players’ definition of roles
Developing the passing game
Play action mechanics
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Show notes
Today’s Coach and Coordinator podcast, The Game Plan, features former coach Terry Shea, who does consulting work for future NFL Draft prospects. Shea was offensive coordinator for the Chicago Bears and quarterbacks coach for the Kansas City Chiefs, Miami Dolphins and Los Angeles Rams. The Game Plan is a weekly in-season feature that shares thematic ideas that can help coaches and teams once the season begins. Today’s discussion will be focused a look back at a season after it’s complete.
Show notes
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