Coach and Coordinator Podcast
Coach and Coordinator Podcast
Keith Grabowski
Keith Grabowski interviews the most knowledgeable head coaches, coordinators, and position coaches from professional, college, and high school football. Keith and his guests discuss the philosophy, concepts, schemes, and strategies that they have learned throughout their careers. Each show includes a specific idea that can be applied to help coaches at every level find the winning edge.
Branding And Building Identity Within A Culture - John Weaver & John Torrey, The Culture Classroom
On today's podcast, we discuss building a brand and identity for your units within the bigger umbrella of culture within a program. John Weaver is the Receivers Coach, Head Track Coach, and Director of Athletic Advancement at Madison Ridgeland Academy (MRA) in Mississippi. Coach has won State Championships in both football & track. He has created some excellent courses on CoachTube. He is Co-Host of the Culture Classroom Podcast with John Torrey, a former NFL, and College coach and currently running back and head wrestling coach and author of "More than the Game" Shownotes: -Having a strong brand starts with the culture -Culture can’t be replicated -Culture is about taking care of people -The word “intentional” is overused and underutilized -You can’t fake it. It has to be who you are -Coaching is not a copy-past function -When getting a great idea - how can I make it fit my coaching? -John Madden -Build on the things that stick -If you find an idea you like, explore it and find more like it -Start small -Know your how and your why -Culture isn’t soft -HTHL high truth and high love -The head coach sets the culture but you own a piece of it -Put your unique fingerprint on it -The subculture builds identity in a part of the bigger culture -You are the head coach of your position group -Branding is your style of how you are living the culture -Bronco Mendenhall -Dealing with internal conflict inside the culture -your identity has to be exclusive -Identity cannot become a counterculture -Every year that team has a unique way of presenting itself within the culture -“ARB” - The Air Raid Brigade - developing a group identity -Core values - LED -There are times for tough love and yelling -You have to meet the standards -Coaching points on creating identity and branding -Purple cows -Evolution is essential for any kind of strength in your program -When you find something that works, it’s easier to find what’s next -Find advice and perspective from those outside your organization -Bum Phillips - “Bitching isn’t coaching” -Four years for forty years -When you get into coaching, it’s not about you anymore -Randy Jackson - “The easiest part is putting the whistle around your neck” -Your identity comes from who you are, not what you do -The experience you create for someone is your culture -Your coaching should be done in a way that doesn’t become white noise -It’s ok to listen -You don’t always have to have the last word Related: Angus Reid - Thank You, Coach Follow Coach on Twitter @mistertorrey Follow Coach on Twitter @CoachWeaverMRA
Jan 25
54 min
Using Data to Enhance Your Coaching - Kratik Malhotra, Dir. of Sports Science & Analytics, Texas A&M
Kratik Malhotra is the director of sports science and analytics for the Texas A&M football team. He has a diverse background in artificial intelligence, sports analytics and sports science. Malhotra has been an integral part of Jimbo Fisher’s staff since 2013, leading Florida State’s sports science testing, research and implementation. After moving to the United States and graduating with a master’s in sport management from Florida State in 2012, Malhotra worked with the NFL and NBA combine programs at IMG Academy and consulted a number of NFL, NBA and MLS teams during his stint with STATSports Technolgies. He sat down with at the Catapult Sports Coaches Lounge to share insight into what data has to offer coaches to improve their approach to how they develop athletes. Shownotes: -His start in football -Getting to Florida state with Jimbo Fischer and a National Championship -Player load and fatigue -Building a team with data -Developing scheme by better understanding what you have via data -Coaches using data to their advantage -Working together and getting on the same page -What coaches look for -Developing substitution plans -Dalvin Cook -Trust that this will help me be successful Related Episodes: Using Technology and Data to Better Develop Your Athletes Speed - Bill Parisi, Parisi Speed School Actionable Data For Winning And Developing Athletes - Jamie Hepner, Dir. Sports Science, Catapult Learn how Catapult Sports can help you enhance your coaching:
Jan 23
30 min
Using Technology and Data to Better Develop Your Athletes Speed - Bill Parisi, Parisi Speed School
Bill Parisi, Parisi Speed School We sat down with Speed Expert Bill Parisi at the Catapult Coaches Lounge at AFCA. Bill Parisi has served as a consultant and/or featured lecturer for several sports-related organizations, including the NFL, USA Football, Nike, Reebok, and numerous sports industry associations such as the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), the American Council on Exercise (ACE), and International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA). In addition to speaking, writing, and consulting, Parisi has been featured on Fox Sports, ESPN, The Today Show, CNBC, ESPN the Magazine, Sporting News, The New York Times, U.S.A. Today, CBI, Men’s Health and Running magazine. Shownotes: -Sports science behind speed development -Understanding volume -Acceleration - Force/Velocity profiles -Understanding deficiencies for development -Individualizing plans -“Mailboxing” the athletes -Cheetahs and Rhinos -Understanding how players fatigue -Advancement in understanding fascia and connective tissue -Takeaways from the data -Don Bosco HS practices and modification -HS athletes reaching 20mph in game -Building a practice -The numbers don’t lie - who is working hard? -Evaluation equals motivation -Catapult motivates players to work harder -Catapult in recruiting -Getting reliable, trusted data -The eye in the sky doesn’t lie -Recommendations to get started with the technology -Determining how many reps a player have in-game -Use 3-4 data points to get started Catapult One: Parisi Speed School Related Speed Development Episodes: Tony Holler - Creating Apex Predators Feed the Cats - Get Your Team Fast and Explosive Dr. Speed - Ken Clark: Resources for Football Speed Development:
Jan 20
21 min
Clinics And Conventions - What Are You Bringing Back For Your Players, Steve Hauser, Teach Tapes
We spent each week of the season with Steve Hauser, former special teams coach with Iowa State and Oklahoma State and the creator of the popular TeachTapes on Twitter. We sat down with him at the Catapult Coaches Lounge at AFCA to catch up and discuss learning the game and what we bring back from conventions and clinics to our players in order to create a better experience for them. -Never know where you will be a year from now -Bowl games - and how they are affected -Opportunities through change -Technology has changed things for the better -The experience you create for a player -How technology fine tunes your coaching -Clinics and conventions - what are you bringing back for your players -Examples to share with players through Twitter -Same but different -Chiefs “snow globe” -Using Catapult data -Dialing intensity up and down in drills -Opportunity for tech like Catapult One at HS level -It’s full-time care for players -Understanding what is happening with players -Working smart -Connection between strength staff and coaches Catapult Sports: TeachTapes Series:
Jan 19
19 min
Recruiting, NIL, Building Culture - John Pennington, Head Coach, West Virginia State
John Pennington enters his seventh year as the Head Coach at West Virginia State University in 2023. Pennington was named head coach in the Spring of 2017 and promptly proceeded to lead the program to its first winning season in a decade. Today we talk about recruiting in the portal, how the focus has changed, tools to help find the right student-athletes for your program, building culture in a constantly changing roster, and NIL. Shownotes: -Small College recruiting -Finding ways to be efficient -Changes - the transfer portal -Catapult Recruit -How changes have affected the focus -Bringing new players into the system -How portal affects culture -Focus on developing players and building relationships -Best features of the technology -Developing as a coach -Being intentional in development as a coach -Keeping things simple -Dealing with losses -Process of Simplifying - Reverse engineer -NIL in Division II -Be Sports -NIL as an education opportunity Related Episodes: John Pennington - Small Wins = Big Gains John Pennington - Six Keys for Red Zone Success John Pennington’s RPO Course: Catapult Sports Thunder Cloud Recruiting Service:
Jan 18
18 min
QB And WR Timing and Evolving as a Coach - Jordan Hogan, WR Coach, Colgate
Jordan Hogan We sat down with Jordan Hogan at the Coach’s Lounge at the Catapult Sports booth at AFCA to discuss what he’s done since we last talked at the NYSHSFCA Clinic in 2019 while he was the receivers coach at Cornell. During the pandemic, which was a shutdown of the Ivy League season, Coach Hogan was able to attain the Bill Bidwill Coaching Fellowship, a program started by the Arizona Cardinals in 2015 to help increase diversity in the coaching ranks and provide more opportunity for experience on the NFL level. Recently named to FootballScoop's Minority Watch List, Hogan worked with the offensive staff and served as an assistant in the quarterback room during his time with the Cardinals. He helped with the creation of install tapes, game breakdowns, play drawings, and assisted with game and practice data input among other duties.  Prior to his time in the NFL, Hogan spent three seasons at nearby Cornell. During his time with the Big Red, Hogan served as the wide receivers coach where he developed several record-setting players at that position.  Along with his role with the Arizona Cardinals, Hogan has served in similar NFL capacities in the Bill Walsh Diversity Coaching Fellowship with the Baltimore Ravens in 2019, Indianapolis Colts in 2017, and the Buffalo Bills in 2016.  Hogan has had previous wide receiver coaching stops at Division II Stonehill College (2017) and Division III Buffalo State College (2013-2017). He also served as the wide receivers coach for the US National Team development game in Canton, Ohio, in 2016.  A standout wide receiver at Brockport, Hogan at the time of graduation ranked fifth in school history in career receiving yards (1,546) and eighth in catches (108). He earned All-League honors as a junior and was a preseason All-American as a senior captain. Shownotes: -Coach Hogan over the last three years -What he learned with the Cardinals and is applying now in his own room -QB/WR timing -Networking as a young coach NYSHSFCA Clinic Info: Coach Hogan’s Course - “Simple WR Drills for Indy”: Coach Hogan’s first episode on Coach and Coordinator - “Win Your Now”:
Jan 17
19 min
Actionable Data For Winning And Developing Athletes - Jamie Hepner, Dir. Sports Science, Catapult
Jamie Hepner - Director of Applied Sport Science - Football Performance at Catapult We sit down with Jamie Hepner, Director of Applied Sport Science - Football Performance at Catapult to discuss technology analytics and data that helps win games and develop our athletes. Translate data into actionable. -Jamie Hepner’s background -The gap closing between on field coaches and sports science -Progression for a team starting with analytics -“Interesting data is for fans. Actionable data is for coaches.” -Ask questions of the data -Physically peaking for the first game -Camp usually is a regression of intensity -How much is too much? There is no magic number -How position coaches are using data -Broad guidelines with understanding of risks -Reinforcing non-maximal effort can have an effect on maximal output -You can compromise intensity or compromise how you do it -Competitive advantage is in quality not quantity -Team periods - what do I want to be? -A marathon runner doesn’t run a marathon every day to prepare for the race -Considering intensity and rest -Special Teams consideration - what does it cost me? -Standardizing data for recruiting -Understanding the type of athletes I need for my offense or defense -Find an opponent’s weakness and exploit it -Doing more with well engineered practices - Learn more about Catapult Sports: Twitter: @catapultsports
Jan 16
30 min
Looking At How 2022 Played Out And Trends For 2023 - Cody Alexander, Match Quarters
Cody Alexander AFCA We caught up with Cody Alexander at AFCA and sat down with hit at the Catapult booth to recap what we saw in 2022 as well as what he expects to trend in 2023. Cody Alexander is the creator of MatchQuarters & the author of five books on defense. A former Texas HS Football Coach & FBS Defensive GA, Coach A. has a vast amount of experience at all levels of football. Before returning to the high school ranks, Coach A. was the Defensive Graduate Assistant at Baylor University under current North Texas Defensive Coordinator, Phil Bennett. During Coach’s tenure at Baylor, he assisted with the development of the corners. In addition, he was placed in charge of opponent breakdowns while overseeing and assisting with defensive recruiting, discovering All-Big 12 LB Eddie Lackey. While at Baylor, Coach A. was on staff for three bowl appearances (Fiesta, Holiday, & Alamo) and a Big XII Championship (2013). High School Trends: -Move to the 3-3-5 -Wing-T and Power type concepts -Pin & Pull -Getting bigger O personnel on the field -The Odd Stack -Using “Spread” defense to defend bigger personnel -Bigger Sam linebackers -Slice/Inverted Sky to boundary -Less emphasis on Pressures more on Coverage -Benefits 7 on 7 College Trends: -Uptick on 5-man pressures -More internal pressures to collapse pocket -Zone-it and Match-it sides -Internal pressures vs. protection help -Early down pressures structures that are good vs. run -BOSS front/overloads NFL Trends: -Coverage rotations -5-man pressures - hugging the back -Will we see more pistol? -Nickel with the passing strengths -Advantages of back in sidecar Tools and technology for coaches: -Emphasis on analytics -Win rate data -Creating objective look at what you are doing real-time -Understanding efficiencies -Analytics for practice planning Related: Cody Alexander - Trends at all Levels in 2022 Match Quarters and Hybrid Defenders:
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User-804678956 – Systematic-blitzes-cody-alexander Self Scouting - Cody Alexander:
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Positionless Defense
User-804678956 – Positionless-defense-with-south-dakota-defensive-coordinator-travis-johansen Match-Quarters in 2023 Match Quarters SubStack Twitter: @the_Coach_A
Jan 13
28 min
Developing Relationships, Networking and the Pin and Pull - Anthony Shiffman, Hog Football Chat
We sat down with the creator of Hog FB Chat Anthony Shiffman to talk about how the chat came about, learning and developing as a coach, the networking, the pin-and-pull scheme, and developing relationships with your players. This episode was recorded at AFCA with special thanks to Catapult for giving us a space to sit down and talk with coaches. Shownotes: -Journey into coaching -How Hog FB Chat Developed -Learning through the Hog FB Chat -Building relationships -Creating a unit identity -The Pin and Pull -Play to personnel -Why it’s become part of the wide zone team’s run game -Techniques for Pin and Pull -Professional development advice -Don’t be intimidated by logos -Build relationships to build your career -Bob Wylie and Jim McNally -How technology advances the game -It’s always about the player -Hog FB Chat in 2023 -Winning edge - relationships Twitter: @CoachShiffman Related: Chris Fischer Texas HS FB Chat on Coach and Coordinator: Catapult Sports on Coach and Coordinator: About Coach Shiffman: Shiffman served as the OL coach at Elmhurst after spending three seasons at Lake Forest College. He coached the offensive line for the Foresters and also served as Run-Game Coordinator in 2021. Lake Forest posted an impressive 20-4 overall record in the three years Shiffman served as an assistant. The Foresters captured a Midwest Conference Championship and qualified for the NCAA Division III Championship during the 2021 campaign. Lake Forest averaged 41.5 points per game while rushing for an average of 180 yards per game and scoring 32 total rushing touchdowns. Shiffman also made coaching stops at Rossview High School in Tennessee (2015-17), and Roanoke Rapids High School in North Carolina (2014-15) and he began his coaching career at Springfield High School (2007-13). He served as the offensive line coach and strength and conditioning coordinator at all three stops while also serving as the Run Game Coordinator at Rossview. 
Shiffman played collegiate football at Illinois College where he was a three-year letter-winner. He earned his master's degree from Greenville College.
Jan 12
33 min
Networking at Conventions and Clinics - Jeremy Hawkins, DL Coach/Run Game Coordinator, EKU
Jeremy Hawkins is the Defensive Line Coach and Run Game Coordinator for Eastern Kentucky. He sat down with us at the Catapult booth at AFCA to share some tips for networking at conventions, clinics, and conferences. Shownotes: -Be casual and comfortable -Build genuine relationships -Be yourself -Make relationships real -It’s about establishing trust -It’s like recruiting -Prepare yourself - know about the person you want to talk to - Learn more about Catapult’s solution-based products: Related: Game Plan For Your Next Job Series (14 episodes): Jeremy Hawkins - Professional Development and Career Enhancement Jeremy Hawkins - Good Eyes and Fanatical Effort Defensive Line Fundamentals & Techniques - Jeremy Hawkins Coach Hawkins runs a Twitter space for defensive line coaches as well and you can follow him on twitter @CoachJHawkins
Jan 11
11 min
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