Coach and Coordinator Podcast
Coach and Coordinator Podcast
Keith Grabowski
Keith Grabowski interviews the most knowledgeable head coaches, coordinators, and position coaches from professional, college, and high school football. Keith and his guests discuss the philosophy, concepts, schemes, and strategies that they have learned throughout their careers. Each show includes a specific idea that can be applied to help coaches at every level find the winning edge.
A Thinking Man's Game - Part 2
In part 2 of this podcast, host Keith Grabowski shares thoughts on how the game is becoming a thinking man's game and uses an interview from Bill Walsh to point out important philosophies and tactics that helped Coach Walsh bring his teams to the top. Evaluating Players in Training Camp: Ideas for Actionable Film Grading: The Edge Week 2 -Evaluating players, units, team and scheme throughout the season Deliberate Practice Series: Enter the Sweepstakes: Link to the Article in Harvard Business Review:
Dec 9, 2021
33 min
A Thinking Man's Game - Part 1
On this podcast, host Keith Grabowski shares thoughts on how the game is becoming a thinking man's game and uses an interview from Bill Walsh to point out important philosophies and tactics that helped Coach Walsh bring his teams to the top. Enter the Sweepstakes: Link to the Article in Harvard Business Review:…head-coach-bill-walsh
Dec 8, 2021
37 min
Defining Practice Tempos And Finishes For Better Performance - Vince DiGaetano, Fordham
On today's podcast, Fordham assistant coach Vince DiGaetano shares the system which defines the tempo and finishes of their practices and how these definition create a synergy within different periods of practice and most importantly how it translates to game day. Shownotes: -Vertical alignment with the head coach/program -Tempo and finish carrying over to drill periods -Being a better Thud team -Keeping players off the ground -Meeting "on demand" player needs -Using acronyms -TAG: Tackle Grass and Angles -Eating up space -Translating to game reps -If you don't bend knees you are not making a tackle -TUC Tackle Under Control -Redistributing weight -Ball carrying hop into air = strike on the rise -Dig -Translate TUC into speed and power -Designing drills to work in the content of game/11 v 11 -Back to the vertical alignment to head coach on top -Staying off the ground -THUD Tackle High Until Domination -Tightening from the Grips to the Hips -If you are good enough to keep him up, you are definitely good enough to put him down -Not having text book tackles -70% of all plays end in a tackle -BALL Be At Leverage and Learn -How non-contact periods are like shadow boxing -Walk-thru periods -The results Sharing concepts and learning - Clayton Kendrick-Holmes, "I don't want to see someone else's drill tape. I want to see what meaningful for our players."
Dec 6, 2021
36 min
Personnel Evaluation, Organization And Loyalty - Rich Massaro - Hamilton Tigercats
On today's podcast Keith is joined by Rich Massaro, a former player who is now the Assistant Personnel Director for the Hamilton Tigercats. Rich talks about the mindset that allowed him to break into the industry and the skill set that he has developed to continue growing as a professional.
Dec 1, 2021
34 min
Creating Apex Predators - Tony Holler, Feed The Cats
On today’s podcast, host Keith Grabowski is joined again by Tony Holler, creator of the Feed the Cats speed workout program. Holler has over 40 years of experience coaching football, basketball and track in the state of Illinois. Holler joined the podcast today to talk about the pursuit of speed and power and how coaches can set up their off seasons now to create "apex predators." Shownotes: -The current situation -Changing the Mindset -Working for 90 seconds of an hour (work to rest ration) -The need for speed in all positions -Data on top 10 NFL tackles -Slow does not age well and it doesn’t play well -The average measurables of the sack leaders in the NFL -Issue with the “let’s grind” mentality -Asking the right questions -Record, rank, and publish -Seeking fatigue instead of seeing fatigue as the enemy -Getting buy-in from players and coaches and parents -Joey Garuacio -You can’t argue with the numbers -Measuring what matters -Creating apex predators -Baseline measurements -When is more strength detrimental? -Brian Kula - Christian McCaffery’s trainer -No single lift translates to being fast -What to measure and how -Calculating MPH -You have to run fast to get fast -Testing is training and training is testing
Measuring jumps twice per week -How to record, rank and publish -The numbers tell you so much -Treating entire team as athletes -Speed workouts and X-Factor workouts -Become like fast people and do what fast people do -Recovery is pronounced -Don’t crush them on Monday -Track and Field Consortium -Change comes from the fringe -The Feed the Cats network of coaches Twitter @pntrack Feed the Cats Football Bundle: Track Football Consortium
Nov 30, 2021
41 min
For The Kids, Flexibility, Simplicity - 3 State Champs From Alaska Share What They Learned In 2021
On today's episode. Keith is joined by the three state champion head coaches from Alaska, Mathias Weinberger from Redington HS, Luke Balash from Lathrop HS, and Jeff Trotter from East Anchorage HS. The share the challenges of coaching in Alaska, what went into winning a state championship, and their approach moving forward. Shownotes: -Mathias - coming to Alaska -Luke & Jeff growing up in Alaska -Exposure and recruiting for Alaska -Systems utilized -Developing the system to fit players -Getting speed on defense -Take away what they do best -Basing from a 3-4 -Lessons learned from 2021 and how it’s changed the coach -Covid forcing to learn how to adjust better -Changing practice style -Keeping the kids up -Tightest team because they leaned on each other -Season end - starting connected -Social/emotional development -Did it to keep kids healthy -The need to keep it simple -Season rewarded simplicity -Consistency in staff as a component of success -Mantra - “Stay in the game” -Commonalities and things that led to a state championship -What makes a season special -It’s ok to do it for yourself - enjoy the experience and the ride -Handling 40% turnover -Next steps to move forward after a championship -Code & the Keys: EMAL - Every Man a Leader -Winning Edge - Coach Win - Don’t force a system on your players; they have to buy in -Coach Balash - Focus on the state of your heart -Coach Trotter - keep learning Rehgister to win the Coach and Coordinator 5 Year Anniversary Sweepstakes:
Nov 29, 2021
1 hr 3 min
Thank You Coach - Angus Reid
Today’s guest on the Coach and Coordinator podcast is Angus Reid. Reid is a former CFL offensive lineman whose 13-year career brought championships and multiple awards of accomplishment. Keith Grabowski brings Reid on to discuss his TED talk on why kids need high school football and his book “Thank You Coach: Learning How to Live, by Being Taught How to Play”. In this podcast Reid highlights what the game of football does for young people, and the everlasting impact he received from his coach in the CFL which Keith believes should be a coach’s ultimate goal. 01:53 Reid’s TED Talk 08:35 Reid’s relationship with Dan Dorazio 11:39 Football is a people business 14:56 Are you impacting players beyond the game? 16:12 Coach Dorazio’s player to coach relationship 18:50 You must know people and treat them individually 22:05 Coaches must maximize what’s in front them 25:19 You’re not going to rise to the occasion, you’re going to sink to your training 28:28 Coach Dorazio’s use of humor 33:20 Excelling at the game with skill and technique 34:45 Practice: focus and frequency 36:15 If something matters you do it every single day 37:45 Make your standard crystal clear 41:25 How Dorazio looked at film 45:45 Dorazio’s personal letters 49:20 Trust 54:47 The “Thank you” 55:48 Keith’s thank you from a former player 57:35 Where to get “Thank You Coach” Win flight, hotel, rental car and Glazier staff pass: Reid's Ted Talk: Episode with Coach D'Orazio:
Nov 25, 2021
1 hr 1 min
Season Wrap - Up With Noel Mazzone - Where Do You Go From Here?
On this season wrap-up episode with Noel Mazzone we talk about the approach taken when a season ends in order to get your offense ready for the next season. We talk about emphasizing strengths, solving problems, understanding what answers you will need in the future. We talk about gathering information and making decisions for the next season as well as methods of improving in practice, in meeting rooms, and as an individual. Enter to win the flight for 2, hotel, rental car and Glazier Season Staff Pass:
Nov 24, 2021
42 min
Training Athlete Movement With Shawn Myszka And Dr. Joe Eisenmann
Today’s Coach and Coordinator podcast, part of the High Performance Series, features Shawn Myszka, the pro performance director of Explosive Edge Athletics in Minneapolis, where he consults several NFL athletes. Myszka and USA Football’s Dr. Joe Eisenmann discuss movement and agility in football with host Keith Grabowski. 1:49 How Myszka got his start in studying football player movement 7:26 How you teach agility and reaction on the field 12:38 How to teach agility concepts to high school players 20:33 How to teach fundamental agility drills to youth players 24:51 Myszka’s views on “The Agility Ladder” 31:20 Tips that will improve player agility drills Register to win the staff pass, flight for two, hotel and rental car (awarded 12/12/21): Playlist with Shawn Myszka:
Nov 23, 2021
43 min
The Season Is Over - Do An Autopsy On It
On today's podcast Keith discusses the importance of digging through the data of the just ended season to better understand strengths and weaknesses as well as a plan for the future. Keith discusses how evaluation is a key component of a strong culture, shares an example of what evaluation can do for a team, and gives suggestions on where to start the process. Win the sweepstakes for a trip for two plus a Glazier Clinic pass:
Nov 22, 2021
29 min
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