US Modernist Radio - Architecture You Love
US Modernist Radio - Architecture You Love
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I drive a lot between homes in LA and Las Vegas and because I know that I will have at least 4 hours each way to listen to these podcasts, I now so look forward to those drives. This podcast is a must listen to for anyone interested in Modernist architecture in the US. I previously considered myself pretty well versed in Modernist architecture until I started to listen to this podcast. From further exploring the great and well known architects (often through intensely interesting interviews with their adult kids) to illuminating lesser known regional Modernist architects - this podcast has it all. But I am getting nervous that I am going to soon run out of episodes in this podcast. And it’s always great to then use their extensive documentation for further research on their website. Bravo!
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Adictivley wonderful!
I’m listening to previous years episodes, waiting for each new week!
2 Easy 2
US Modernist Radio
This is my Favorite podcast of all time. Enjoy the interviews from Modernism week and Sarasota Modern. Hope to get to Modernism Week some time.
Slick Tumick
Professional Speaker and Impact Entrepreneur
I love Frank King's humor and approach to sharing important messages. Who knew architecture could be funny?!
Sally Spencer-Thomas
Fun, funny and informative
It's not how you usually hear about architecture, but don't be put off by the hokey song at the beginning; every episode has tons of interesting information about modernist architecture, and every guest is extremely well informed. Have fun with it!
IK in Brooklyn
US Modernist Radio
Great podcast!
Modern Love
Entertaining and informative!
Finally a podcast my husband and I can both listen to (and enjoy) on road trips.
Love this series!
The juxtaposition of the guests and the hosts is entertaining! Every time I tune in, I learn something new and interesting- and not just about architecture. Looking forward to upcoming shows! Keep up the fantastic programming!
Alegna Sekots
Good information presented in a humorous and educational format.
US Modernist Radio
Excellent, Frank, people will never figure out you're commenting on our own show. Our evil plan is working!
Not The Host
US Modernist Radio
Best thing to happen to architecture since the Modernist Movement. There's no other podcast like it.
Bootie D.