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Join Mr. Modernism George Smart and crew as they talk and laugh with people who enjoy, own, create, dream about, preserve, love, and hate Modernist architecture, the most exciting and controversial buildings in the world. USModernist Radio is backed by the nonprofit educational archive USModernist, the largest open digital archive for Modernist residential architecture in America.
#200/Return to Bertie County: Emily Piloton-Lam + Ron Wesson + Musical Guest Linda Eder
Bertie County, North Carolina, has only about 19,000 people, about 62% Black. That's fewer than in most city zip codes. It’s one of the poorest county in the state, and the population is down about 10% over the last decade. Black farmers lost much of their land as subsidies and credit by the USDA heavily favored white farmers. In 2007, the schools were in terrible shape, as you might expect. Then, an innovative school superintendent came to town, did a great job, and got fired. One of the programs he sponsored was Project H, teaching design and construction skills to high school students. There was a documentary about this called If You Build It. Nearly 10 years later, we talk to Emily Piloton-Lam, cofounder of Project H and executive director of Girls Garage; and Ron Wesson, a Bertie County Commissioner. Later on, music with Star Search champion and Broadway star Linda Eder. This show is dedicated to that school superintendent, Chip Zullinger, who died in 2014.
Jun 14
58 min
#199/Architecture Teen Style: Danielle Willkens + Louisa Whitmore + Musical Guest Sophie Milman
Tomorrow's architects and their architecture critics are today's teenagers. Joining us are Danielle Willkens, author of the new book, Architecture for Teens: A Beginner Book for Aspiring Architects, and an actual teen critic, Louisa Whitmore, a TikTok sensation from our favorite jazz nation, Canada. Later on, surprise, surprise - Canadian jazz with Sophie Milman.
Jun 7
1 hr 1 min
#198/Yolanda's Little Black Book: James McClain + Special Music by Dave and Darius Brubeck
Every industry has insiders, and no city other than perhaps New York attracts more attention from residential architecture than Los Angeles.  Joining us is James McClain, co-founder and editor-at-large at, which tracks significant celebrity houses. He's James now, but previously he had a secret identity. Later on, music from legendary jazz musician, Dave Brubeck, and his son, Darius Brubeck.
May 31
1 hr 4 min
#197/Children of Genius: Gary Wexler + Erik Williams + Peter Exley + Musical Guest Connie Evingson
In our ongoing series Children of Genius, we’ve spoken with Raymond and Dion Neutra, sons of Richard Neutra; Guilliame Schindler, great-grandson of Rudolph Schindler; Randy Koenig, son of Pierre Koenig; Susan and Eric Saarinen, children of Eero Saarinen; Eric Lloyd Wright, grandson of Frank Lloyd Wright; Emily Ain, daughter of Gregory Ain; Celia Bertoia, daughter of Harry Bertoia, Eames Demetrios and Carla Hartman, grandchildren of Charles and Ray Eames, Erika Pfammatter, granddaughter of Walter Gropius, and Annie Gwathmey, daughter of Charles Gwathmey. Today we reach out to Palm Springs to talk with graphic designer Gary Wexler, son of architect Donald Wexler, and ophthalmologist Erik Williams, son of architect E. Stewart Williams. George chats with the new national AIA president, Peter Exley of Architecture is Fun, and later on, jazz with the lovely Connie Evingson.
May 24
1 hr 7 min
#196/Gabriella the Billionaire:  Andi Schmied + Musical Guest Bobbie Eakes
Have you ever wondered what’s it’s like to live in a $5M apartment in the New York skyline?  What about a $10 million coop?  A $25 million penthouse?  Joining us is Andi Schmied, aka Gabriella, a visual artist who pretty much became a performance artist, talking her way into some of these very posh residences. Later on, jazz with Bobbie Eakes, a face you know from Days of our Lives, The Bold and the Beautiful, and even the very last episode of Laverne and Shirley – but a voice you might not. 
May 17
56 min
#195/Adam Štěch + Victor Lundy + Donna Kacmar + Musical Guest Diana Panton
From an author who’s created a worldwide book of mostly Modernist buildings to a master Modernist who created beautiful buildings across the world, we’ve got a great show today. Joining us first is Adam Štěch, author of the new book Modern Architecture and Interiors, an atlas of more than one thousand Modernist architectural masterpieces;  next a true master, architect Victor Lundy, along with Lundy author Donna Kacmar, and later on from Canada, our favorite jazz country, musical guest Diana Panton.
May 10
1 hr 1 min
#194/Architectural Record at 130:  Alex Bachrach + Aaron Prinz + Phoebus Panigyrakis + Musical Guest Bria Skonberg
Way before there was an internet, the way people learned about buildings outside of their city was in architecture magazines. Initially in black and white, which still has a certain allure, and later in color, magazines such as Architectural Record, Progressive Architecture, Art and Architecture, Architecture Forum, House and Home, and Architecture Plus chronicled new construction.  All of these publications, sadly, are gone – except for one.  At 130 years old and still wild and frisky, Architectural Record continues to bring readers stories of amazing buildings and architects around the world – and we do love their annual Record Houses issue.  We’ll talk today with Architectural Record publisher Alex Bachrach, host Aaron Prinz of the magazine’s podcast Design:ED, and all the way from the Netherlands, Phoebus Panigyrakis who did his PhD on Record's midcentury Modernist heyday. Later on, double trouble jazz with singer and trumpeter Bria Skonberg.  
May 3
1 hr 22 min
#193/Photographing the Late Modern: Wayne Thom + Emily Bills
We love visiting great architecture and Modernist architecture does get visited – a lot – but nothing compares to the number of people who enjoy it through photography.  Especially this last year, when we’ve all been hunkered down awaiting vaccinations, we’re reading and streaming visions of amazing homes, offices, and urban planning.  Join us today is Wayne Thom, a photographer famous for capturing Late Modern architecture in the western US, and returning podcast guest Emily Bills, an educator and writer who just published a new book on Wayne’s work.
Apr 26
32 min
#192/Researching Modernism: Alan Hess + Bill Storrer + A Few Minutes with Frank Harmon
Researching Modernist architecture hasn't always been easy, particularly before the internet, if anyone remembers back that far. Before our phones were full of Cardi B, Tik Tok, and $32 million inheritance offers, pending a $1200 processing fee, of course, researching Modernism meant spending time in real life deep in a major library. Fortunately, the web brings incredible research resources and tools without leaving the comfort of your cool ranch Dorito-covered couch. Those are delicious, aren't they? Today we visit with two giants of Modernism research, Bill Storrer, creator of the Storrer system for Frank Lloyd Wright projects, and one of our favorite podcast guests, the Maestro of Modernism, the jolly green giant of Googie, the Samuel L. Jackson of architecture documentaries; the Ryan Seacrest of Modernism Week hosting dozens of events, author and speaker Alan Hess. Later on, a few minutes with architect Frank Harmon, reading from his book Native Places.
Apr 19
39 min
#191/Bjarke Ingels Makes a Mountain: Kaspar Astrup Schroder + Rikke Selin Fokdal + Special Musical Guest Nneena Freelon
2020 was the fourth year USModernist Radio has been part of the New York Architecture and Design Film Festival, if by festival you mean online and by New York you mean anywhere on earth. Every fall, the authors, producers, experts, stars, and creators gather to premiere their latest architecture and design documentaries.  Today we talk with Rikke Selin Fokdal and Kaspar Astrup Schröde, producers of the new documentary Making A Mountain, Bjarke Ingels flat-out brilliant solution to the unsavory task of burning trash in Denmark, a country with no mountains. Later we welcome the incomparable singer Nneena Freelon as we remember her husband, architect Phil Freelon.
Apr 12
57 min
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