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US Immigration Podcast
Mark Deal
The US Immigration Podcast dives into the business of US Immigration and the impact of Immigration on US business. Through interviews with leading Immigration Attorneys as well as those impacted by US Immigration, we will explore various immigration topics and the journey of foreign nationals as they seek to become employees, executives, entrepreneurs or investors in the business tapestry of the United States.
41: National Justice for Our Neighbors
I interview Rob Rutland-Brown is the Executive Director of the National Justice for Our Neighbors, a nonprofit organization headquartered in Springfield, VA just outside of Washington DC with satellite offices throughout the country. National Justice for Our Neighbors is a United Methodist ministry of hospitality that welcomes immigrants by providing affordable, high-quality immigration legal services for low-income immigrants, engaging in advocacy for immigrant rights, and offering education to communities of faith as well as the public.   There are two ways you can help. Click the links to find out more Volunteer Donate   Show notes can be found at:
Dec 18, 2015
32 min
40: Spanish Coaching for Immigration Attorneys
Danny Kalman of LanguageBird discusses his experaince inlearning launges, what to do (and what not to do) and private spanish coaching for immigration attorneys   Show notes:    Limited Time Offer: Danny is offering 25% of a monthly subscription of langage bird for those that contact him through the show notes page.    
Jun 16, 2015
39 min
39: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Expansion with Mercer Cauley
*News Flash* I'll be at the American Immigration Lawyers Association annual conference in DC in two weeks. More info below!   In today's episode we talk to Mercer Cauley of North Carolina about the expansion to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.   More info, show notes, and a way to contact Mercer to recive the offer mentioned on the podcast can be found at the link below.  
Jun 2, 2015
42 min
38: Leveraging Your Voice
In this special bonus episode, I describe how Immigration Leaders can leverage the power of their voice to build their community Since relaunching the show last week, and launching an open call to action for Leaders within the Immigration community to come on this show and our upcoming video panels, I have received a lot of questions that boil down to two categories. Why would I want to do this? How do I go about doing this? I actually covered both of these, a much more, in an article I wrote for the EB-5 Investors Magazine. So I re-purposed that article, threw in some updates and bring it to you here. Show notes for this episode  Resources: A great Microphone is the ATR-2100 A great Webcam is the Logitec C920 Be a guest on this podcast or video panel Start your own legal podcast
May 26, 2015
28 min
37: Welcome Back Immigration Nation!
Our new website   Join our core group of Immigration Leaders sharing great advise through written articles, audio interviews and video panel discussions
May 19, 2015
28 min
36: Russell Ford: Immigration in Higher Education
In this episode we talk to immigration attorney Russell Ford on immigration issues with higher education staff and educators as well as the different challenges for administrators and professors.   Show notes at:   Subscribe via iTunes or Stitcher to get the next episode when it is released
Feb 24, 2015
38 min
35: Jessica Stern: CRImmigration
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Feb 10, 2015
39 min
34: Greg Siskind: Executive Actions on Business and Employment Immigration
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Jan 26, 2015
35 min
33: Michael Cataliotti: Sports & Entertainment Immigration
Michael Cataliotti is a transactional attorney practicing primarily in the areas of business immigration, entertainment transactions, and corporate governance for U.S. start-ups or expansions. Michael advises clients from such industries as food & beverage, music, fashion, film, television, technology, and digital media, as well as countries across the globe. He represents musicians, artists, photographers, authors, directors, producers, screenwriters, and celebrity talent in a wide-array of immigration matters, and both corporate and entertainment transactions involving start-up and established companies related to their respective industries. In this episode you will hear: A more specific detail about Sports and Entertainment Immigration. What makes Entertainment Immigration unique as it concerns a very specific handful of visa options. Sample story that didn't work out when the Applicant submitted a fabricated video performance as evidence. Effects of fabricating materials or falsifying evidence: Will be under close introspection every time he/she applies thereafter. No longer applicable to apply for Business Visa Different visa options for Artists, Entertainers, Athletes and Performers H1B - Temporary workers and trainees O - Temporary Workers of Extraordinary ability P - Athletes and Entertainers Nuances such as itineraries and petitioning entity Benefits and Ideal Persons for O Visa: Also known as Elite Visa for Artists or Individuals with extra ordinary abilities Anyone who gained a strong reputation, recognition or acclaimed from outside sources such as Journalists, Dentists Dancers, Choreographers who have worked with number of different sources, have gained a strong reputation in their home country or anywhere. The beneficiary is not seeking a permanent residency or Green Card Not necessary to have plenty of money to apply. With 3-5 pieces of independently published recognition Maximum of 3 years duration of stay. Not ideal for Young upstart Musician or Music Producer who is behind the scene. Benefits and Ideal Persons for P Visa Athletes, Entertainers or Individuals with significant international recognition in their industry. Does not require much evidence to apply. More or less 1 year duration of stay. Athletes are allowed to stay longer than Artists. Signed to a reputable company and with tour schedule. Michael's parting thoughts: For any beneficiaries, Even if the trip is cheaper or easier and more convenient, it is NOT ideal to go to Canada or Mexico to have an interview due to a number of boarder crossing issues, unless you're a Canadian national or Mexican. It is significantly easier and recommended to go elsewhere like Europe, East Asia, Middle East, South America, Costa Rica or England to have an interview.        "Never give up hope. Always realize that there are options available in every scenario, it might not be the most ideal but there are solutions to every problem and we're here to figure them out with you." Michael specializes in: Sports and Entertainment Immigration working with International Athletes as well as Entertainers, Artists and Performers. Providing the best visa solution to visa problem for Sports and Entertainment Industries. Act as cheerleaders to Clients. Keeping in touch with Public Relations Companies or Marketers or TV Agents. Collaborating with other Immigration Attorneys.   For a limited time, Michael is offering a free, 30 minute initial consultation for anyone seeking his firm's immigration services.  To take advantage of this offer, please contact him via our show notes page.
Jan 20, 2015
38 min
32: Layli Eskandari: Immigration Action Plan Announcement from President Obama
Immigration attorney Layli Eskandari shares the recent Immigration Action Plan Announcement from President Obama   Show Notes: Reach out to Layli Eskandari and her Immigration team  email: website: 
Nov 20, 2014
23 min
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