UPWARD Dogology
UPWARD Dogology
Billie Groom
UPWARD Dogology is a proven effective methodology for working with dogs over the age of six months to address unwanted behaviours, decrease aggression and anxiety and easily integrate rescued dogs into our urban lives. In this 4 part mini-series, Billie uses real life examples to explain why Positive Reinforcement Training (PRT) is often limiting, ineffective or counter-productive with dogs over 6 months. Billie takes us from the shallow waters of PRT to the murky waters of Negative Reinforcement Training and finally into the calm, clear and deep waters of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Billie Groom, successful Dogologist, author and dog rescuer for thirty years, thrives in an industry where many professionals struggle to succeed. She knows how to reach the cognitive side of the dog’s brain from working with thousands of dogs and has successfully taught her methodology to hundreds of clients every year for over two decades.Billie lays it on the line in a grassroots style that clears the mind and opens the to door to a whole new way of viewing our dogs and our approach to working with them. Enjoy your learning journey! NOTE: The episodes following the 4 part mini-series are stand-alone episodes. The info in these episodes refers to the info provided in the 4 part min-series, so it is recommended to listen to the first 4 episodes prior to listening to the stand-alone episodes, (Journey of a client and their dog/ SnipPets piece)
Season 4, Ep 1-Special Guest - Chica Curtis, the force behind Cause4Paws rescue org. in Mexico.   SnipPet - Why "NO!" is sometimes effective - and sometimes not.
Jul 14
27 min
Season 3, Ep.4- Impulse Control - Why do we need it?
What is Impulse Control and why do we need it? The answer may not be what you think
Jul 7
18 min
Season 3, Ep.3-Counter-Conditioning: Studies using a Mental Positive Stimuli. Aggression rehab using Counter Conditioning (Part 2 of 2)
Counter Conditioning Part 2 - using mental positive stimuli How addressing leash reactivity can help solve aggression to humans.
Jun 30
16 min
Season 3, Ep.2-Counter Conditioning: How effective is this new trend? (Part 1). Evidence Based and Scientifically Proven Methods
Counter Conditioning - how it is adapted to address anxiety and aggression in dogs over 6 months. (Part 1 of 2) What are "evidence based" and "scientifically proven" methods?
Jun 23
17 min
Season 3 Ep.1- Positive and Negative Reinforcement, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Recap of 4 part mini-series/Season 1) Can Your Dog Remember Doing Bad Behaviour?
Welcome to Season 3 where Billie dives deep into trending methods such as Counter Conditioning and Impulse Control and sheds some light on why our views of dog training may be barriers to success. Oh - true or false? Dogs cannot remember hours after doing a bad behaviour? Find out!
Jun 16
19 min
Season 2, Ep. 6:Learning Journey-Dog Dynamics within a household. SnipPet-Choosing a trainer or behaviourist based on your needs
Billie takes us on the Learning Journey of Cam and Lynn and their dogs Molly and Max who are having some issues - Molly is snapping at Max, but is it Molly who needs the training? Feel over-whelmed by the diversity and number of trainers and behaviourists? Get the low down on how to find the right one for you and your dog.
Jun 9
16 min
Season 2, Ep. 5: Learning Journey-Fear/Anxiety. SnipPet-emaciated dogs with food; the honey-moon period; the gentle leader
In this episode, Billie introduces us to Kelvin and his dog, Zeus. Zeus is nervous of new people coming into the home or on walks if they pay too much attention to him. And then, due to an incident, afraid to go on neighbourhood walks. The SnipPet piece touches on 3 topics - emaciated dogs, the honey-moon period, the gentle leader
Jun 2
16 min
Ep #4: Learning Journey-Unpredictable Aggression toward Humans. SnipPets-Convincing Commands to entice good behaviour
UPWARD Dogology episodes contain a Learning Journey and a SnipPet. The Journey describes the process, challenges and successes with a client and their dog. The SnipPets are tidbits of info, tips, “what’s trending”, opinions and advice from experts on...
May 26
17 min
Ep #3: Learning Journey-Jumping/Nipping/Stealing objects. SnipPets-How perception effects dog's behavior.
Follow the Learning Journey of Dana and Leslie who adopted Sasha, who at 11 months was returned to the rescue organization twice for annoying habits such as jumping, nipping and stealing objects
May 19
14 min
Ep #2: Learning Journey-Food Aggression/Resource Guarding. SnipPets-Elevating Trick Training to a useful exercise.
Billie takes us through the learning journey of John and his dog, Samson, who displays signs of food aggression and resource guarding. The SnipPet piece talks about elevating a common trick to a useful exercise.
May 12
13 min
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