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Coaching The Coach
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CTC Episode181
Today we talk Steroids. And why they are crap!
Dec 12, 2022
21 min
CTC Episode 180
Dec 6, 2022
41 min
CTC Episode 179
Nov 16, 2022
22 min
CTC epidode 178
Nov 16, 2022
29 min
episode 177 of CTC
In this episode we’re taking a look at how to utilize the resources around you to be a more effective leader, and for a research we looked at the differences in volume load and rest interval time Volume Load Rather Than Resting Interval Influences Muscle Hypertrophy During High-Intensity Resistance Training Longo, Ariel Roberth1; Silva-Batista, Carla2,3; Pedroso, Kelly1; de Salles Painelli, Vitor1; Lasevicius, Thiago2; Schoenfeld, Brad Jon4; Aihara, André Yui5; de Almeida Peres, Bergson1; Tricoli, Valmor2; Teixeira, Emerson Luiz1,2 Author Information Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research: June 2022 - Volume 36 - Issue 6 - p 1554-1559 doi: 10.1519/JSC.0000000000003668
Jun 2, 2022
26 min
episode 176 of CTC
In this episode we take a look at what it means to be a leader in your field, or at your job
May 30, 2022
47 min
Episode 175 CTC
May 29, 2022
56 min
Episode 174
In this episode we talk more about knowing when to progress your clients, we look at a study on whether or not you should use lifting straps, and a little bit of motivation Magnitude and Reliability of Velocity and Power Variables During Deadlifts Performed With and Without Lifting Straps Jukic, Ivan1,2; García-Ramos, Amador3,4; Malecek, Jan2; Omcirk, Dan2; Tufano, James J.2 Author Information Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research: May 2022 - Volume 36 - Issue 5 - p 1177-1184
May 2, 2022
30 min
episode 173 of CTC
In this episode we look at how to progress your clients, during story time we look at how to get over completely embarrassing yourself in the gym, and finally we look at a study based on using reps to failure. Muscle Failure Promotes Greater Muscle Hypertrophy in Low-Load but Not in High-Load Resistance Training Lasevicius, Thiago1; Schoenfeld, Brad J.2; Silva-Batista, Carla1,3; Barros, Talita de Souza4; Aihara, André Yui5; Brendon, Helderson4; Longo, Ariel Roberth4; Tricoli, Valmor1; Peres, Bergson de Almeida4; Teixeira, Emerson Luiz1,4 Author Information Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research: February 2022 - Volume 36 - Issue 2 - p 346-351
Apr 26, 2022
34 min
Episode 172
New format featuring 1. Main coaching topic of the day 2. Story time 3. Study review 4. Motivational minute Study Referenced: Session Rating of Perceived Exertion as an Efficient Tool for Individualized Resistance Training Progression Gomes, Rodrigo L.; Lixandrão, Manoel E.; Ugrinowitsch, Carlos; Moreira,
Apr 19, 2022
39 min
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