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Update screwup
With the latest iOS update, 14.4.1, I am unable to see the latest episodes. The last one available is from 04-26-21. Today is 05-03-21. This issue has not been fixed as of 05-14-21.
Tio Joey
Great show problems with Apple app
This is a great show iPhone podcast app does not consistently update this podcast. Please get Apple to pay attention and fix the bugs with its podcast app.
CB cyclist
I used to like them
Up First was my top pick from the many sources I get my news from. However it’s hard not to notice their biased journalism these days. It’s heartbreaking that they don’t cover what’s really happening in Israel right with all the Israeli/Jewish settlers stealing homes from Palestinian families and how it’s legal to do that made by Israeli government. To paint the picture as Israel and Palestine are just at war with each other erases why there’s retaliation in the first place and who actually has an army and military resources and U.S support over there. Other media is covering this and yet when I turn on Up First it’s barely mentioned in detail. It’s clear where they stand.
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Pro-Israeli bias
Coverage of the Palestinian conflict is one sided to the point of being almost unbearable. They mention Palestinians throwing rocks at cars, not the car attacks by settlers before. They mention conflict over evictions, but not that Palestinians have no recourse in the system, even though legally east Jerusalem is not Israeli territory. I’ve listened to npr my whole life and this is incredibly disappointing.
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captain fartman
Start your day informed
A quick way to catch up on important news while you are doing your morning routine. Brief, informative, it cuts through the chatter and chaff of the 24 hours news cycle to get you caught up on what you need to know.
Losing faith
I’ve been a daily listener for years. Maybe I’ve overlooked this before because I love NPR but this morning I heard a very deceiving lie. I hated it when Trump just made up his own ‘facts’, please don’t do the same.
No longer ‘up first’
I used to listen during my workout, but now it is getting posted long after 6:00. Please restart posting at 6:00
Ridiculous! Words, to be useful, need to mean something. Imagining any amount of common ground worthy of news between one who wants to “reimagine” police by abolishing the institution and one who “reimagines” police by enhancing training was a waste of time, if not a cynical manipulation of words to normalize an agenda. I wonder where NPR’s editorial staff stands on this one...not really. Disappointed again.
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with all due respect
love your show, love your work. news, real news, is needed more than ever.
First thing I listen to each morning with my coffee. Love it!
Bite Size News with a quick punch
Life moves fast in NYC Sometimes all you have is fifteen minutes And this is perfect for that Quick timely news
Stay Informed
The First thing I listen to in the morning !!!
Get over trump
Let’s move on. I have loved this podcast for years because I felt it was mostly neutral and an unbiased approach to news. Since the election this podcast still can’t let go of trump. Don’t give him air time. Focus on what is going on and not your grudge against him. This is coming from a person who can’t stand him. We all want to move on with our lives. Go back to unbiased news PLEASE. I love this podcast— don’t ruin it!
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Okay but very liberal
Getting more liberal it seems
Hosts are definitely left leaning and consequently the topics they choose to report are heavily biased. If there’s a white cop/black man shooting you can be sure that’s the number one thing they’ll talk about for the next couple days. Still giving it 3 stars because the facts they report are mostly accurate and it’s well formatted.
No Longer Unbiased
I have been listening for years. Up First sparked me to become knowledgeable about and invested in politics after years of trying to avoid the news. I am currently looking for a new unbiased daily news source. I am a liberal, but I want unbiased news. Towards the last year of the Trump presidency, I stopped considering Up First to be unbiased, but hoped it would get better when a new president took office. However, I do not perceive the same critical tone of Biden that was taken with Trump. Own your bias, or work harder to rid your program of it.
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Love it! ❤️
Awesome podcast!!
Every morning!
My daily dose of accurate reporting. Thank you, NPR!
Great Daily Listen
Great podcast to stay up to date on important news. Quick enough to listen to in the morning and great factual reporting.
Clearly bias
As somebody who listens to both sides of the political spectrum and tries to stay objective with the news, this podcast painfully leans left. They are a defacto propaganda engine for the Democratic Party. The only republicans they like are squishy ones that agree with liberal democrats.
Best news show
I’m so inspired by the hosts and educated by the great guests ❤️
Leftist narrative delivered with a soft library voice
If your aim is to stay up to date on what the leftists deem to be correct for Americans to be afraid of , offended by, or angry with, then this is a great daily sampling from NPR. I grabbed this podcast by suggestion of a coworker who listens religiously. I had low expectations but I was still hoping for a left of center news source that was focused on reporting facts NOT shaping my opinion of the facts. Instead I get constant fear pandering on COVID with random statistics dripping with leading comments aimed at making me afraid of another surge and terrified to send my kids to school. I get the typical “hate the cops” but “feel bad for every criminal that RESISTS arrest” narrative followed by a strong dose of race baiting and anti-American sentiment- daily. The only difference from the random corporate narrative sources is that NPR talks with a quiet library voice. They keep the anger and passion at a low while telling me how to think and feel. Go back to reporting facts, not trying to shape my world view.
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First stop for news
The top news of the day, presented in a non biased manner.
Love this podcast, but...
Can you please ask your correspondents to swallow their spit or something before they start talking? The mouth noises are out of control. Your hosts are fine but the people you bring on can be hard to listen to. Especially Carrie Johnson, but others too. Drives me nuts (misophonia over here)...
Of course you don’t have to wear a mask outside.
If you had any sense in your head, you would have known all along that you didn’t need to wear a mask outdoors. 😂 I feel so bad for people who have been scared into wearing one on the street or god forbid jogging and cycling.. silly people
New York Democrat
Every day, easy listen
This is the podcast that I listen to every day! It’s a quick listen and gives you the info of the day you need to know!
Articulate, Fair, Balanced and Informative
A true breath of fresh air,
Great start to the day
Couldn’t imagine my morning without it.
Up first
Maybe Rachel Martin could stop beginning everything she says with “I Mean”. It’s annoying. I mean I’m sure she means it or she wouldn’t say it. 🤨🥴
Listen to it every day
As important to my morning routine as coffee.
Has lost any journalist integrity
Listened every day for years, but today your reporting on the Columbus shooting making the police the story is the last straw. A young girl had such mental health issues she was attempting to stab numerous people. Our country failing that girl is the story and we will never get better if people keep focusing on the wrong thing.
This podcast has gone too far left
They used to be unbiased but they are now have gone über woke. Ick. Democrats are really shooting themselves in the foot with this
Deleting your podcast
Deleting your podcast I feel it’s too one sided
It’s gone downhill
It’s used to be my morning podcast for news, but sadly it’s followed the lead of most ‘journalist’ news stations these days. They don’t just report the news, they color it with their own commentary and feelings. Accuracy is not paramount, but their feelings are. Unsubscribed and looking for something else to fill the gap of professional journalism.
Starting to consider taking it out of my morning routine.
Up first has been part of my morning routine for a while. I liked the hosts a lot more before, however lately they’ve been more biased with their opinions. I just want to hear objective news from the source. I am starting to get annoyed at the reporting - the only shootings we hear about are if it is fits the liberal media’s narrative (black man shot by white police officer). I am glad Derek Chauvin was convicted because he committed a murder, however is that really the only story you can report on in a day?
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NPR = Reliable, Trusted News
I’ve been listening to the Up First podcast for years now. Love everyone’s work there and many thanks!
You are bad
I’ve stopped calling you news. You’re a biased propaganda machine trying to stoke anger. You should all be ashamed.
A daily listener
I start every day with this podcast and have since it first aired. I appreciate the succinct roundup of headline news and for the most part, I appreciate the hosts’ attempts at bringing a professional human element to the show. However, Rachel Martin tends to overdo it with the empathizing sounds, tone of voice, and general attitude as she is reading and interviewing. The news sounds as if it’s physically painful for her to read - which is understandable since there is a lot of negative news out there. But we rely on news anchors and hosts to be solid and unwavering. We don’t need to hear someone act out their feelings about the headlines. Despite that, still a big fan and will continue to be a long term listener and supporter!
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Eases me into my morning… usually
I was disappointed by April 20th’s episode. The sound clips that were played were disturbing without any trigger warning. That is not what is expected with Up First. Usually the podcast is conscientious about the delicateness of the morning and will either choose not to play certain clips or will give us a heads up for what we are about to hear. I listen to up first as part of my Echo’s daily flash briefing. The hosts’ calm voices and simple theme music eases me into my day. I get enough baseline info to know what’s going on, and enough to know what I might want to deep-dive on later (after my coffee, of course).
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Steve Inskeep
I truly enjoy this podcast and it has been a part of my morning routine for longer than I can remember. However, I feel like Steve Inskeep delivers too much of his personal views when he is telling his portion of the episodes. I feel as though the news should be as unbiased as possible to allow the viewer/listener to get the information and develop their own opinions about what’s happening. Tainted relaying makes this harder for the listener. Again, I absolutely love the show for sure! Just wanted to get it out there.
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Best way to start your day
Up First is the first thing I listen to in the morning. Every important topic of the day is covered and I feel well informed and slightly smarter each time. Give it a try, it’s worth your time.
So far left it makes Fox look sane.
A show by and for woke Cultists. That’s all you need to know.
the Mad Hermit
No more bonus episodes
Instead of releasing bonus episodes in the Up First feed create a NPR Sunday Sample feed that takes 20 minutes from whichever show needs to be featured.
I’m a liberal, and I don’t like how left-biased the show has gotten.
This show is supposed to just present the facts and news. It’s not a program that is supposed to have “analysis.” But it is completely colored by the political bias of the hosts. The local reporters that contribute don’t have this issue. But the hosts do. I don’t like Trump at all, I didn’t vote for him last time and I won’t vote for him this time, but I don’t need to hear the hosts constantly taking shots at him and making snide remarks about him. Please just report on events and stop being so biased. I’m smart enough to draw my own conclusions. Editing to add that for the month of April 2021, this program has been nonstop omission and twisting of facts. They’ve reached new levels of awful “reporting.”
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Love the show but-
I want to know and believe it’s important to know about the difficult things going on in the world but can we PLEASE have more consistent coverage about something besides death/shootings/other violence? An effort to include a story about something neutral or even optimistic would really be appreciated. Not asking you to edit away real life, just to cover all of it without what seems to be an increasing focus on the most upsetting parts of it.
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They parrot the mainstream narrative just like everyone else.
They lied about the Adam Toledo video. What they described is not what happened in the video. This is a good check on how biased your news source is.
An essential podcast
Knowledgeable, summarizing latest news It makes part of my morning
Same same
Great reporting, but it’s the same stories every day for weeks on end.
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