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NPR's Up First is the news you need to start your day. The three biggest stories of the day, with reporting and analysis from NPR News — in 10 minutes. Available weekdays by 6 a.m. ET, with hosts Rachel Martin, Noel King, David Greene and Steve Inskeep. Now available on Saturdays by 8 a.m. ET, with hosts Lulu Garcia-Navarro and Scott Simon. Subscribe and listen, then support your local NPR station at donate.npr.org.
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Perfect show to start your day with
A great short and to the point news show to start the day with. The reporting is balanced and the length is perfect for a short commute.
Non partisan reporting of the news
Clear cut reporting of the facts of the day’s news. No added opinions on topics. The journalists do a great job of removing their political leanings out of their reporting.
NPR bias
Can NPR get through one day without showing and defamation against President Trump, and our taxes go to pay for you.
Peter Waldo
LOVE the pod but particularly thrilled about the addition of local news addendum!
Too biased
I love how I can listen to the top daily stories in 15 mins but please keep your personal opinions to your self. I’m not even a Trump supporter but it’s very annoying to listen to your biased tone. So unprofessional.
Hosts are so white
Never forget?
I listen to Up First most mornings and appreciate the concise objective. I’m aware it is liberal leaning and take that into consideration. But today is September 11, and I’m shocked that it wasn’t even mentioned. That day changed our country and it seems really disrespectful to skip over it.
Clearly a Left Agenda
I can’t believe it. There was no acknowledgment of the 9/11 attack today. Even though this is not current news I expected at least a small acknowledgement at least to say that was the last time America was united. It seems all the news to know about is negative POTUS or news about Democratic candidates. The hosts clearly show their bias through opinions or other comments expressed.
Gene the man
Overtly Leftist??
I love the format of the show and appreciate that I can get an overview of the news every morning but the reporting and opinions have become so far left and anti-Trump recently that it’s obvious that the reporting/opinion-ing(?) is politically motivated. Time to move on and find a new news podcast I guess.
Too biased
Looking for news, not opinions and half truths
Good start to the day - but is getting more biased
I have been listening to this podcast for over a year and it is a great way to stay informed. However, it has become more and more biased. Especially Steve, as he continues to get lean further left with each month. I am independent and am looking for news that isn’t skewed.
Propaganda Central
Please listen to yourself. What has happened to you? I’ve been a fan and supporter of public broadcasting my entire life but you all have allowed your rage for Trump to drive you off the cliff and you have become nothing but a propaganda arm of the left. He has broken you. Your credibility is shot. Journalism is officially dead and our nation is paying a costly price for it.
One half of the equation
Tilts left but lacks the histrionics of most headline news forums. If there’s a conservative outlet with quality and integrity comparable to NPR, I’ve yet to find it. (Believe me, I’ve looked.) Suggestions?
Hillcountry Dave
A smart use of resources to distill important stories
This is a clever repackaging of three segments from each day's Morning Edition broadcast, but that doesn't make it a bad thing. When I don't have the time/inclination to listen too the entire show, I like that the segments about the biggest stories of the day are available in this convenient form. It's part of my daily morning routine!
Great way to start the day!
I love this show, the hosts are always informed and professional but also can be funny and witty. Highly recommended!
Good way to start the day
Great, quick summary of the news to start the day!
Girls Gotta Rate
The Way to Start My Day
Could not start my day without listening to this podcast. Thank you so much!
Unconscionable bias
Don’t waste your time if you looking anything close to objective reporting.
Good start too the day.
I have agree with some of the complaints on here. Seems a little biased. The reporting really needs to have the highest level of integrity to stay relevant, but you know that. So stop giving the conservatives the ability to complain please.
Mybalz-es Hari
The best!
My “go to” spot for the daily news. I wish it was available on Sundays too.
Does the job
Good news show
useful app, bad update
Unconscious bias
Unconscious bias. Microinequities. It’s the placement of a sigh, or the opinion in the form of a “hmmp” at the end of the story, or the chosen emphasis (“and THAT was on Fox News”). The premise for the show is great - 15 minutes or so of today’s top news. The obvious bias is disappointing. Just report the news - no need to tell us how to think - or your opinion.
Just News
Great way to start the day. Super professional and always reliable. Love it!
VIP Baller
Just enough
This podcast is the best way to avoid constantly paying attention to the news, which can be stressful. This is just enough.
Must get, it it awesome
Unscrupulous or Inept?
As a centrist I find it unbearable how badly the pod and NPR at large shill for leftists. It leaves one to wonder if they are even aware of how biased their programming is or if they are have more Machiavellian tendencies. NPR personnel, please get out of you progressive bubble.
Imbalance Reporting
In the reporting about Michael Forest Reinoehl, you cast a compassionate frame around him, speaking of his grieving family, the fact he was a father, and describing him as being on the side “racial justice protesters”. In contrast, you referred to his victim as a member of a “far right-wing group”, three times in this episode. I’m a centrist that leans towards left news organizations. But please avoid the imbalances like these, especially when describing the victims of violence.
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Biased- shameful
Tax dollars used to create divisiveness. No integrity to reporting facts and showing both sides of an argument. Overtly biased to a political agenda using your tax dollars. Essentially using tax dollars to promote a political party and their agenda. NPR is complicit in omission of facts, slanting ever story, and always seem to have the daily Democrat talking points memo. Shame On CPB
Why suddenly so biased.
Seems to suddenly be more biased as of late.
Love it!
I love this podcast because it highlights that main news headlines in a quick and engaging manner! I get daily news highlights while getting ready, making me feel like I am not completely unaware of what’s going on in the world when I don’t have time to watch the news.
You’re making me a Trump voter
Stop calling our country racist. Please stop the bias that is becoming far to obvious. You are losing credibility in the eyes (ears is more accurate) of this independent. Just be better at telling the truth. Please. I don’t like the orange man but I’m beginning to trust you even less. That’s pretty bad.
Increasingly Partisan
NPR has steadily grown to from a reasonably reliable news agency to a partisan spin machine. There’s less facts and more opinion being presented to the listener.
Am I Wrong, Am I Wrong
News with an anti-Trump agenda!
This podcast used to be very well done and was a favorite listen on my daily commute. Over the last 6-8 months, unfortunately it has become increasingly biased against our president. Steve Inskeep’s tone and jab comments about the POTUS are disrespectful and disappointing! Completely turned me off of this podcast. I’ve had enough and I’m taking my support elsewhere.
Didn’t used to be this biased
I have listened to npr for over ten years. Only recently has it become this incredibly biased. Shame on you for losing your integrity.
Well produced, but content has slipped
I love this show and the fast pasted production. It just keeps leaning more and more to an obvious political direction. I was impressed how centered it was in the beginning. Today, more than a third of the program was about how some former defense employee didn’t have a good feeling about her old boss. Really??? Had TMZ vibes. Just give me data. Also, the sarcasm and disgust of the reporters in their tone gets old. Some better than others. Might check back post COVID.
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Up First fantastic
I’m so grateful for being able to listen to Jace and the fine reporting of Rachel Martin, Steve Inskeep and the whole team.
Fast Aging Activist
Somebody was swallowing their beverage HARD throughout today’s episode.
Russian agents are saying that Joe Biden is too far to the right! No one but a Russian agent could possibly believe that!!!! NPR, here’s a tip. Stop taking the FBI’s news releases at face value. Love the show though. Thank you’
Bias Reporting!!!
They claim that they have bias-free reporting, but all they do is bash Trump! I’m sick of it. Not listening anymore.
Cory Jo
Long time listener, no more.
As part of my daily routine I listen to NPR, I’m a centrist with a slight right leaning. NPR and the people at up first are left of left, it’s bias on politics is ridiculous.
They’ll list charges for right leaning groups, but not a peep about left leaning groups
Been listening to NPR for years, but it’s hilarious they list detailed backgrounds of right leaning individuals associated with groups, but any left leaning criminals, groups etc they’re all saints.
I’m a liberal, and I don’t like how left-biased the show has gotten.
This show is supposed to just present the facts and news. It’s not a program that is supposed to have “analysis.” But it is completely colored by the political bias of the hosts. The local reporters that contribute don’t have this issue. But the hosts do. I don’t like Trump at all, I didn’t vote for him last time and I won’t vote for him this time, but I don’t need to hear the hosts constantly taking shots at him and making snide remarks about him. Please just report on events and stop being so biased. I’m smart enough to draw my own conclusions.
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Keep those bonus episodes up
I’ve been listening to this podcast for a few years, and your bonus episodes have been enlightening, particularly The Summer of Racial Reckoning episodes. I was even proud of hearing that my employer is a sponsor of NPR, especially since I trust this broadcast much more than the popular news outlets. Keep up the amazing work, and thank you for educating and challenging me.
Used to be good, now just editorializing. I miss the days when NPR would just give facts n not their opinion. Why are taxpayer dollars funding this partisan trash.
Way too biased.
Politically,I am left of center and I am a huge fan of NPR. When this podcast was released I was excited to have a dose of real news every day but this podcast has travelled so far left they are bending the truth to oppose Trump. Very disappointing. I am not a Trump supporter but I still would like the facts not a left opinion. Shame
I have listened to NPR for forty years for objective insightful news. You have lost your edge. I am gone. RGB 1948
RGB DC Leader
Concise, Clear, and Fact-based
I listened this morning for the first time. It was what I have been searching for - summary of the important events, given in a calm and rational way. No inflaming of passions, although the events described were very disturbing. Thanks, NPR!
News with an agenda
I used to consider NPR a fairly well thought through news organization. Every media outlet has biases- I understand that and try to feed my news monster with multiple schools of thought. In the last couple years, however, I have seen NPR slip into all out war against our current president. (For whom I did not vote and likely will not in this election). I am highly disappointed with the lack of professionalism displayed with the snarky tone of this podcast. I miss the days of informational news broadcasts with professional reporting.
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Unsubscribed After 4 Years
This show is incredibly well produced and gets a lot of news across in a short amount of time. Over the last 6 months the show has become increasingly biased against Trump (especially the weekend edition). I’m not necessarily a Trump supporter, but the blatant bias makes it difficult for me to trust anything they say. Stick to the facts! That being said, it’s a great news source if want the Democratic Party to shape your thoughts and opinions...
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Michael Brimhall
Report the news not your opinion!
I’ve listened to up first everyday for over 2 years. I am saddened and hurt that this election season this group as flipped from reporting truth and facts to reporting part of a story and giving their personal political opinion. It’s sickening. It does not appear this group will get back to reporting factual - un-opinionated news anytime soon, so I will be unsubscribing. In addition to this, why include a click from Jacob Blake’s father and not his mother? His father brings about negativity towards police over a situation that wasn’t a sign of police brutality - again check your facts before reporting. His mother on the other hand is praying for our police and asks the rioters to stop destroying our world. It’s so frustrating and unfortunate that this is what it’s come to - I can no longer tune in every day. I am disappointed in the staff at NPR for allowing this to happen.
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