Untitled Podd
Untitled Podd
Kourt & Brie
2 best friends talk random stories
Episode 17!
Two best friends practically yell at eachother for 40 minutes
Dec 3, 2020
41 min
Episode 16!
2 best friends talk stories and yell at each other
Nov 26, 2020
39 min
Episode 15!
Two best friends talk random stories and yell at each other
Nov 16, 2020
37 min
Episode 14- Brie’s dad tested for COVID!
Two best friends yell at each other for 40 min
Nov 9, 2020
35 min
Episode 13- Bonkers
Two best friends provide chaos for 40 minutes and provide some class A content for y’all.
Oct 31, 2020
33 min
Episode 12- Special Guest: Andrew
Our good friend Andrew comes on and talks with us!
Oct 28, 2020
39 min
Episode 11- Finally got back to it!
Two best friends talk stories of why they took a short break from the podcast, making plans & plans for halloween
Oct 24, 2020
37 min
Episode 10- Special guest: Cass!
We invite a very special guest, our dear friend Cass, on the podast and interview her!
Oct 19, 2020
39 min
Episode 9- Crocheting, Family members & birthday planning
two best friends talk everything from work stories to Brie crocheting a hat to her family coming in and not knowing we are recording an audio podcast
Oct 18, 2020
37 min
Episode 8- Work stories, Taco bell, Mom
Two best friends talk things from work stories to her mom coming in and going over the curb in the taco bell drive through
Oct 15, 2020
38 min
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